Mukasey refuses probe of Bush aides

This is bullshit. (Excuse my plain English…)

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Mukasey Refuses to Order Grand Jury Probe of Bush Chief of Staff, Ex-White House Counsel

Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused Friday to refer the House’s contempt citations against two of President Bush’s top aides to a federal grand jury. Mukasey said White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former presidential counsel Harriet Miers committed no crime.

As promised, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she has given the Judiciary Committee authority to file a lawsuit against Bolten and Miers in federal court.

“The House shall do so promptly,” she said in a statement.

Mukasey said Bolten and Miers were right in ignoring subpoenas to provide Congress with White House documents or testify about the firings of federal prosecutors.

“The department will not bring the congressional contempt citations before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute Mr. Bolten or Ms. Miers,” Mukasey wrote Pelosi.

Pelosi shot back that the aides can expect a lawsuit.

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Bush would never appoint ANYONE to US Attorney General that wasn’t going to cover his ass watch his back.

And, as far as George W. Bush, (and his entire Administration – yes, that means you too Mr. Cheney), having to answer to anyone – including ALL Americans and members of Congress – this is what Bush has to say:

“This one’s for you!”

Here’s two words for Speaker Pelosi: INHERENT CONTEMPT!!

Enough with all the pussy-footing around! Stop wasting precious time and money!

Inherent contempt

Under this process, the procedure for holding a person in contempt involves only the chamber concerned. Following a contempt citation, the person cited is arrested by the Sergeant-at-Arms for the House or Senate, brought to the floor of the chamber, held to answer charges by the presiding officer, and then subjected to punishment as the chamber may dictate (usually imprisonment for punishment reasons, imprisonment for coercive effect, or release from the contempt citation.)

Concerned with the time-consuming nature of a contempt proceeding and the inability to extend punishment further than the session of the Congress concerned (under Supreme Court rulings), Congress created a statutory process in 1857. While Congress retains its “inherent contempt” authority and may exercise it at any time, this inherent contempt process was last used by the Senate in 1934, in a Senate investigation of airlines and the U.S. Postmaster. After a one-week trial on the Senate floor (presided over by the Vice-President of the United States, acting as Senate President), William P. MacCracken, a lawyer and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics who had allowed clients to rip up subpoenaed documents, was found guilty and sentenced to 10 days imprisonment.[5]

MacCracken filed a petition of Habeas Corpus in federal courts to overturn his arrest, but after litigation, the US Supreme Court ruled that Congress had acted constitutionally, and denied the petition in the case Jurney v. MacCracken.[6][7]

Presidential pardons appear not to apply to a civil contempt procedure like the above, since it is not an “offense against the United States” or against “the dignity of public authority.”[8]

You don’t need to go through the Attorney General or Justice. Please, just DO IT!!

Clinton the Feminist?

I think most of you, by now, know I dislike Hillary Clinton and her fake feminism. I am hoping her militants start deserting her after this wonderful nugget of political C-4 from MSNBC. I know it is music night but this article kind of ticked me off.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has declined to return $170,000 in campaign contributions from individuals at a company accused of widespread sexual harassment, and whose CEO is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record, federal campaign records show.

The federal government has accused the Illinois management consulting firm, International Profit Associates, or IPA, of a brazen pattern of sexual harassment including “sexual assaults,” “degrading anti-female language” and “obscene suggestions.”

In a 2001 lawsuit full of lurid details, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that 103 women employees at IPA were victimized for years. The civil case is ongoing, and IPA vigorously denies the allegations.

“This is by far, hands down, the worst case I’ve ever experienced,” said Diane Smason, one of the EEOC lawyers handling the lawsuit. “Every woman there experienced sex harassment, they were part of a hostile work environment of sex harassment. And this occurred from the top down.”

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R.I.P. Buddy Miles

Truly one of the great rock drummers, Buddy Miles, died earlier this week, age 60. Although he probably gained the most recognition from his work in Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies, I wanted to acknowledge the music he created earlier when he co-founded The Electric Flag with the brilliant guitarist, Michael Bloomfield. This is a particularly fine video from one of the my favorite (short-lived) bands of the late 60s. The singer is Nick Gravenites, Harvey Brooks on bass and Barry Goldberg on keyboards. Buddy is not wearing his trademark American flag shirt but was still looking sharp. The band cooks.