Good Morning from Europe – 353 days and still no impeachment in sight

Good Morning to our news-roundup. And there are news, the ones I dread most. More violence across the globe.

The surge is working? Many doubted that in the first place. Now recently the attacks and the violence have gone up again. There were 19 beheaded bodies found in a field close to Baghdad on Tuesday. A day earlier five US soldiers lost their lives in a single attack in Mosul, Northern Iraq. Today two female suicide bombers killed more than 50 people in Baghdad’s pet market.

There is this other war: Afghanistan. The danger of Afghanistan falling back into the hands of the Taliban is known to the Pentagon. To counter the ongoing insurgency there, the Pentagon unilaterally decided on military force as a solution. Defense Secretary Gates has written an eight pages letter to his German counterpart Jung in which he tries to coerce Germany into sending combat troops into the South. To tell you a secret: Jung can’t. There are constitutional restrictions, which require a parliamentary vote on military missions. And the Germans are holding their constitution in high esteem. Given Germany’s violent history in the 20th century and the lessons learned from that, there is no way that Jung could get Parliament to agree to combat operations, even if he wanted to and Gates knows that.

Officials at the German defense ministry have called the Gates letter an “outrage.” The Americans, they say, are fully aware of the special circumstances — conditions imposed by the German parliament — under which German forces currently operate in Afghanistan.

If a personal word is permitted. I would never hesitate to support extension of the peace-keeping mission in Afghanistan. It helps the people there. But I will be damned, if I agree to our young men and women to shoot and maim or to be shot at and maimed, just because the Bush Administration wants to keep some of it’s legacy from looking like the mess it is. It may just be an idea to look at the US politics and change that, instead of coercing other countries into taking part in a failed strategy.

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6 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – 353 days and still no impeachment in sight

  1. The surge worked perfectly – what are you talking about? It quelled violence in Baghdad just long enough to get Iraq off the news agenda and give the Republican candidates space to campaign.

    What, wasn’t that the purpose of the surge?

  2. ev,

    I agree that we should not be sending our troops into harm’s way just to protect George Bush’s legacy, but I am not a fan of using violence as a means to resolve disputes. While I initially supported the use of force in Afghanistan following the attacks of 9/11, I came to realize that my support for that had come from pain and not from any rational sense that it would do any good. If going after bin Laden and al Qaeda was the goal, a small commando force could have done the job better and more efficiently. The invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq were, of course, completely and utterly unjustified, no matter how many lame excuses the Bush supporters throw out. (For example, it is absolutely NOT true that “everybody” thought Saddam had WMD; and even if he did, that was not justification for the US to, for all practical purposes, unilaterally invade Iraq.)

    Violence begets more violence, and the only way to break the cycle is to refuse to continue it.

  3. Wayne, but the US and NATO broke Afghanistan and now instead of owning it, taking responsibility and putting it back together again, they decided to break it even more. Germans won’t be a part of that.

    I agree with everything you say about violence.

  4. toasterhead, but Iraq will be back before long if things go on like now. Moreover, the troop reduction will not take place as anticipated.

    OT: I am pondering the possibility that McCain gave Giuliani the promise for a job as AG to get his endorsement. *shudder*

  5. OT: I am pondering the possibility that McCain gave Giuliani the promise for a job as AG to get his endorsement. *shudder*

    ev, a mere “shudder” doesn’t begin to cover it. It would be a slap in the face to the entire legal system to have a man with such poor judgment be in charge of enforcing our nation’s laws. (Would he appoint Bernie Kerik as his deputy AG? Or would he give him some other job that did not require Senate confirmation?) Actually, to tell the truth, conservatives, by their very “anti-government” nature, are ill-suited to be put in charge of government. But, as you said, that’s another topic.

  6. If the wars continue in their current state, then McCain will not be elected president. McCain promised the Americans more wars and less jobs and with higher paying jobs being shipped over seas, I don’t believe that Americans are going to support any candidate that promises less jobs.

    Last night, I believe it was Hillary that stated that the illegal immigrants are competing for low paying jobs. WTF? Americans don’t want more low paying jobs. We want more high paying jobs.

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