The Debate – European rehash

Be careful what change you wish for. An energetic woman in the White House? The British have their experiences:

This aside, let’s look what Gerard Baker, the “Times’ “ US correspondent who had the pleasure of sitting through both the Republican and the Democratic debates has to say about yesterday evening:

Both candidates had evidently decided that, five days from what could be the dispositive day of the Democratic primary – Super Tuesday – was no time to take a risk.

(…)The most memorable moment was her cleverly rehearsed line that “It did take a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush.” It was concise; it was funny (by the low standards of Democratic humour) and it (almost) rebutted one of the strongest arguments against her, that the Clintons represent a dangerous dynastic tendency in American politics.

(…)Obama’s best moment was definitely on the Iraq war. He was effective in countering Hillary’s repeated claim that she will be “ready on day one” to take on the national security burdens of the presidency by saying he was “right on day one” about the war, in opposing it from the outset. Among anti-war Democrats, there’s not much doubt he continues to have the greater credibility.

But in the end Baker finds:

Who knows? My own guess is that the race is now tight enough that it probably won’t be resolved one way or the other next Tuesday but will go on for at least a few more weeks. If that’s the case it means tonight’s long-awaited debate, the much anticipated smackdown that turned into a civil exercise in political gentility, was probably as inconsequential as it was unenlightening.

There is a whole lot of US primaries coverage in British newspapers, “The Guardian” measure momentum in money, and true Obama has reached a record landmark in January, when he raised more than $32 Million“The Independent” has already moved on to Georgia., where Hillary Clinton is seeking to get votes on Obama’s turf. “The Telegraph” looks at Obama’s impact in the political scenery when it comes to Middle America warming to his candidacy. They see Obama as the clear winner.

Lots to read. So pick up a cup of coffee, latte, capuccino or any other of your favourite poison and enjoy yourselves.