Another Revolution

The video quality leaves something to be desired, but here’s another “Revolution” from the greatest San Francisco acid rock band.


7 thoughts on “Another Revolution

  1. Pretty good Gummitch, I give it a 73% cause I can’t dance to it.LOL..

    Didn’t the Beatles make a record called “you say you want a revolution”.? Or was that just some of the word’s not the name…I liked that one…It was easy to hum and dance to….Blessings

  2. witch1 and gummitch…

    Do you remember The Last Poets and their poem “When the Revolution Comes” and how about Gil Scott Heron, “When the Revolution Comes it will not be Broadcast”?

  3. witch, here ya go…

    And to answer the question you asked in an earlier thread, I’m back for now in my hometown in southern VA looking after my visually impaired mother.

  4. Thank’s neokei17…..I like that one, easy to dance and sing along…Besides the memories…Never been to VA..Do hope all goe’s well with your mom..

    Nope on both Cat’s, don’t know about them….Blessings

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