In 344 days Bush will retire! But who is going to be President?

You are working on it. And this election year harder than any election year before, you are all doing a fine job in going to the polls. You, the people, will provide an answer to this question in 268 days. Until then, no one knows.

You should need two or more candidates first and this year there will not be a coronation or proclamation, but the lengthy process of choosing a candidate precedes the nomination. Even the Republicans who have McCain and a clear frontrunner, chose to vote for Mike Huckabee in large numbers. They are not happy with McCain and look what they do? Execute their right to chose. How dare they?

Barack Obama’s  winning streak first reduced Mrs Clinton to tears and now her top advisers to outright panic. Prematurely and unnecessarily a compromise candidate Al Gore is being considered. The knight in shining armour to relief the democratic party from the painful process of waiting out a perfectly democratic process of choosing a candidate. There is still time and there are as many as 20 opportunities left for one, either Hillary Clinton of Barack Obama, to prevail. And if the Delegates have to decide at the nomination convention, so be it, it has happened before.

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“Europeanview”wishes you all a happy, healthy and peaceful Sunday. If you vote, vote wisely and check our “Fact-Checker” if you’re not sure.


6 thoughts on “In 344 days Bush will retire! But who is going to be President?

  1. The Telegraph article is creepy, especially the business about Clinton leaning on Democratic Congressional leaders to lean on Obama to back off. What the hell is wrong with the notion of a real convention? If she and her advisers honestly think that “party unity” would be enhanced by that kind of backroom dealing (or control by superdelegates, or including delegates from Florida and Michigan), they’re insane. Nothing would do more to alienate liberal Democrats and, more important, independents likely to vote for a Democratic candidate.

  2. I do not want to throw a wet blanket on any one’s hopes, but the Bush Countdown Clock will go to zero at 11 PM EST on January 18, 2009. It does not account for the fact that 2008 is a leap year and appears to assume that the nightmare is over at midnight AST. The cumulative error is 37 hours. I would have problems trusting the Bush team for 37 seconds.

  3. gummitch, Frank Rich has an op-ed on the Clinton campaign, if you want something creepy. Somehow the prolonged primary circus brings the mean streak out in the Clinton campaign.

    Walt. I have wondered about that time thing, but as I am mathematically challenged… 😉

  4. EV,
    I just happen to have a Bush Countdown Calendar. It was always skewed by one day. I also noticed that the hours portion was off because the oath of office is delivered at noon on January 20th as stated in the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. I always considered the juxtaposition of the two 20s to be interesting and a nice memory aid.

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