Celebratin’ the special ladies of the zoo

I am about as “country” as a cheese blintz, but I like my country music as twangy and shit kicking as I can get it. Which is how I stumbled upon Elizabeth Cook who, besides being a cute little filly, has got a great set of pipes. She sounds like she grew up way outside the ass end of nowhere listening to really old country radio stations. For some reason, this first song just sounded like Friday Night at The Zoo.

This one is just a classic and she’s got the twang part down real good.

Just about the twangiest guy ever:


5 thoughts on “Celebratin’ the special ladies of the zoo

  1. Thanks, gummitch.

    I’m kind of a bluegrass/old tyme/country music fan. I don’t like this country western “rock n roll” stuff which the first song reminds me of though the words can be considered a compliment to us women here at the zoo. The second song by Elizabeth is really nice.

    Now for the third song… I never get tired of listening to Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Love his voice, his singing style and he ain’t bad to look at either. I saw him perform live at Singer/Songwriter event in Philadelphia a few years ago. He share the stage with Shelby Lynne and Patti Smith (wow, she really rocks).

  2. Thank’s gummitch, the first one was cute, first time I had heard any of these…I’m more a Willie Nelson, Allison Kraus, Brook’s and Dunn fan…To many more to mention that are and are not country….

    Doe’s any one remember David Rose’s The Stripper,? alway’s liked that or Susie Q by CCR… So much great music, not enough time to listen to it all…..Just finished my chores for the day…..Blessings all

  3. You have probably played it but Pink has a song called “Dear Mr. President” that would fit this catagory.

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