60 Minutes on Governor Siegelman’s Prosecution

Needless to say this show was somewhat less than flattering towards Karl Rove, the Bush Administration and the Republican party. Too bad.
Here’s a link to the 60 Minutes transcript and video.

Link to more of the story here.

Link to another post on this subject.


130 thoughts on “60 Minutes on Governor Siegelman’s Prosecution

  1. Wow. I just read the transcript. I’m glad this is finally getting out on the MSM. This is the dirtiest political prosecution, ever.

  2. I just watched it. WHAT a crock of shit!! What was done to Siegelman was wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where you begin. First and last, this was a political whitch hunt. Nothing more. That the judge presiding over the case would have Mr. Siegelman cuffed and manacled, then taken directly to jail speaks volumes about how this case went. They, the Bushistas lead by Rove did not want the public to see how weak this case actually was. If Siegelman had been allowed the standard 45 days for his appeal process to start thats what would have happened.
    What a sad spectacle we have become.

  3. It’s just so horribly sleazy/slimey, isn’t it Jim? It reeks of Rove’s tactics, and they even say he was behind it. It makes my skin crawl.

  4. The last governor of Illinois just went to jail and I can tell you it was a long, long time after his trial ended that he went. And it took about 5 years for the trial to start so he could serve his second term. And people died because he was selling truckers licenses to the highest bidders.

  5. Oh did I mentio that he was a Republican.

    “The corruption scandal that led to Ryan’s downfall began over a decade earlier as a federal investigation into a deadly crash in Wisconsin that killed six children. The investigation revealed a scheme inside Ryan’s secretary of state’s office in which unqualified truck drivers obtained licenses through bribes. As the AP wrote: “The probe expanded over the next eight years into a wide-ranging corruption investigation that eventually reached Ryan in the governor’s office.”

    Just to point out how unfair this all is.

  6. White guys with power and influence do not get dragged away in chains after their trials — even if they deserve it. That was a BIG red flag.

  7. I agreee Zooey. What is more distressing to me is that the public just isn’t paying attention or doesn’t give a damm about whats happening. I remember how outraged people were when Nixon tried to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law and paid the price for doing so. And I wonder…..What happened to that sense of outrage?

  8. Actually, Nixon didn’t pay the price that he should have. He resigned in disgrace, only to be pardoned by Jerry Ford. He should have been locked away and the key tossed into a river as far as I’m concerned.

  9. jimwolf359 sez…

    What happened to that sense of outrage?

    I say… American Idol was born!

  10. If you look at the Watergate era, and then look at today, you’ll see a lot of the same faces. They got away with that shit way back then, and they simply cannot get away with it again. We’re on thin ice as a country, and we won’t survive another round of this — assuming we survive this round.

  11. An awful lot of the same faces from Iran-Contra too.

    Back when the Botch Admin reluctantly agreed to form a 9/11 Commission then tried to run Kissinger in to head it, I knew they were trying to fix it.

    These guys are SHAMELESS. I sometimes wonder how someone like Renzi EVER gets prosecuted?

  12. Pelosi and Reid and the rest of them will let these thugs get away with it this time and the damage will increase exponentially. All because everybody in congress is worried about reelection more than they are worried about the country.

  13. I think we’ll survive. The question is will there be enough of a change in Washington to make a difference. It is all well and good that, hopefully a Democrat, be it Clinton or Obama (my hope actually) wins. Whats needed is to capture an absolute majority in both houses of the Congress so that what has to be done can be done. Its going to take a lot of work and time. Much damage to be repaired.

  14. Ooooh… the “Wolf pack”…

    Just… my… luck… first time I’m here in over a week, and who shows up?

    The Mighty Lemming Hunter!

  15. jim, what in God’s name are we going to do about the deficits that little dry drunk from Hell has run?

    It’s a CRUSHING amount of debt?

  16. Shayne, the fact that the house would not cave to the Whitehouse on the FISA mess gives me hope. Hopefully, they’ll stand their ground when they come back.
    Its the Senate with the Blue Dog Idiots that worries me.

  17. Are you referring to Siegelman, Walt?

    Isn’t that the point? Single one person out and make an example out of them?

  18. Isn’t that the point of just about everything this admin does?

    They don’t have to actually torture, rendition, wiretap, or trump up charges on us — all they have to do is make us believe they will.

    And then set a few examples. They are the real terrorists.

  19. On a bright note, this story does show that there are some Republicans with honor.

    for example,

    β€œHelp me understand something. You’re blaming the Republican administration for this prosecution. You’re saying it was a political prosecution. You are a Republican. How do I reconcile that?” Pelley asks.

    β€œWe’re Americans first. And you got to call it as you see it. And you got to stand up for what’s right in this country,” Woods says.

  20. Every time I get optimistic though Jim they do something that sets me back. Once we have the majority and the White House we have to start weeding out the Dems that act like Republicans.

  21. Hey, you’re not much bigger than a caribou are you whitey? Rodents are just appetizers, I think I’m ready for the main course.

  22. Thats a helluva good question. The level of debt that Bush has run up is breathtaking. Much worse than when his Father stuck Bill Cinton with the bill. Whats most worrisome to me is that so much of the debt that we owe is held by foreign countries, especially China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and others. Whats really bad is the situation with the dollar. It has made importating goods so expensive, especially Oil.
    I’ll say this, if Ben Bernakeke insists on continuing to lower interest rates, we are screwed. It will just kick off a inflationary cycle that will be hard to stop and then recession will be the least of our worries. Japan tried to get out of their recession in the nineties by making their money “free”. Rates fell to ZERO. It didn’t work. Took them 1o years to realize that.

  23. therepublicofstupidity,
    No, I am refering to every resident of our great nation. We are all at risk.

  24. Yeah BnF but Woods retired from his government job didn’t he? He probably had to before he could say anything. Of course there’s no whistleblower protection under this administration.

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  26. Awww… that’s ’cause yer always busy gorging yerself on little micies! Mousies? Meese?

  27. Snowing heavily here in Aspen, Co. We are under a Winter Storm Warning through Tuesday PM. Spring Runoff is going to be interesting to say the least.

  28. That’s what I meant, Walt… Someone like Siegelman is supposed to be an example… that the same thing could be done to any of us, at anytime.

  29. It’s supposed to start raining her in Chicago Jim tomorrow just when all the snow started melting and then after that it’s supposed to start snowing again. I am so over winter.

  30. Big storm on the West Cost today. Strong winds, but thankfully, no snow. Just rain.

  31. WTF happened to ‘Drain the swamp’?

    Seems to me like the denizens of the muck are alive and doing nicely.

    So much for rule of law.

    More like the Soviet Union than the America we should have.

  32. Actually, seals are carnivores.

    Lemmings… yeah… they’re REAL SCARY… those packs are so dangerous…

  33. Yeah, I hear ya Shayne. 25+(!!) feet of snow so far on top of Aspen Mountain. Skiing has been phenominal this season. But….We need some sun.

  34. Well, just to rub it in, 55 -60 this weekend in Seattle, and blue skies with puffy clouds.
    Tet celebration at the Temple today, lots of fun, dragon dancers and fireworks!

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  36. Ohhh, I love the dragon dancers! I haven’t seen them since I lived in the Bay Area. Love those fireworks, too — even though they are a serious hazard.

  37. therepublicofstupidity
    Easter Seals are carnivores? Where does the Easter Bunny fit in this picture? Nite all.

  38. Oh no Zooey! Thats me signing in my Choir, the Aspen Choral Society. That picture was taken 2 years ago during a performance of GF Handel’s, Messiah.

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  42. RUC I thought it was gummitch’s job to rub in how crappy our weather is. Walt’s in Florida and he almost never rubs it in … much … any more …

  43. Hey, I personally don’t rummage around in garbage dumps. It’s beneath my dignity. I prefer sitting back, pop the top off a bottle of Coke, and watch the Northern Lights.

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  45. Gummitch is in Portland, isn’t he? Kind of a NW guy, so I can fill in for him when he’s agone.
    Night Jim! I’m not far behind, as the 4:45 alarm seems to ring before I even fall asleep…

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  50. Unfortunately, I was sick fer days afterwards…

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  51. Kinda proves that far too many people in Hollywood really don’t have good taste, huh? – TRoS

    I thought your story showed that they tasted good not that they don’t have goot taste.

    Thank you, thank you don’t forget to tip the waitress.

    Hey TRoS we’re like Burns and Allen, which one do you want to be.

  52. Damn, Zooey beat me! Sorry I didn’t see your’s Z but it’s still funny I don’t care who you are. That’s my Larry the Cable Guy imitation. I’m sinking to new lows.

  53. It’s her dirty campaigning that really turned me against her. If I like those tactics I’d be a Republican. I don’t like that Terry McAuliff and those two other guys that speak for her whatever their names are.

  54. Sonic rocks. We have a couple of versions of this for the Playstation and I was more or less hopeless. My stepdaughter, Claire, always worked her way up through the levels in record time, which was a source of some aggravation for Alex since guys, as we all know, are supposed to be better than girls at video games. Urf urf.

  55. It is funny that Terry McAuliff has no problem going dirty against fellow Democrats but when he was the head of the DNC the Republicans were off limits.

    Yeah, the other two are real pieces of work (being generous)…Wolfson and Penn. A couple of real lowlifes.

  56. I love hedgehogs, I would NEVER eat one of those.

    cough cough

    Hedgehogs are naturally superior but we don’t always mind being eaten.


  57. It is strange seeing these characters that I grew up with…Sonic, Mario, Donkey Kong…and my son loves them more than I did (I liked my games back then).

  58. Oh ‘fess up, Wolf Girl… you would too eat a hedge hog… if the opportunity were there.

  59. OK whiteboy, wolves eat deer and moose and caribou not rodents. Do you think I’m a coyote or something?

  60. Well since Bushco doesn’t treat citizens who can vote fairly it’s no surprise they wouldn’t be fair to people who can’t vote against them yet.

  61. I’m reading that article you linked to, JP. I just want to strangle someone. Three guesses who…

    I’ll do a post on this tomorrow.

  62. It is repulsive, disgusting and unconcionable (or something that is spelled similarly). But it is definitely Bush’s style.

  63. Make a promise — do nothing.

    Yep, that’s his style.

    One of these guys died in Iraq right after going to re-submit fingerprints for his citizenship application. This is just so wrong.

  64. JP – thanks for the link to the article. Barack Obama made a reference to all these applications that are lingering during the last debate. He said that we are a nation of immigrants and that when he becomes president, he will make sure that these applications get processed.

    The Bushites want to destroy our form of government and return to the days of serfdoms where we can provide slave labor to all those “special” people, the ones that worship Bush. This is why deficit spending doesn’t bother these spend and borrow Republican types. What they failed to realize is that foreign nations can take over our nation’s assets as repayment of debt. But then again, it won’t bother Bush because they won’t come after him once he settles in Paraguay.

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