Breaking News – “Taxi to the Dark Side” Wins Best Documentary

This movie beat out “Sicko” for best feature length documentary and will be airing on HBO before the November election as noted at Think Progress.  The film is about an innocent Afghan cab driver who was tortured to death by officials of the United States at Bagram Air Force Base.  The Discovery Channel had broken it’s contract to air this film before the election and possibly they will be questioning that decision now.

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33 thoughts on “Breaking News – “Taxi to the Dark Side” Wins Best Documentary

  1. This is good… and HOW do get the rest of the country to grow a pair and stand up to these sadistic fascists?

  2. This is fantastic.

    As important as Sicko is, I’m glad this film got the prize. People are already paying attention to the healthcare crisis. Now it’s time for them to wake up some more.

  3. I have to say, so many times the folks in Hollywood don’t do the right thing. Seems like they did here.

  4. Ya know, it has been inferred that the reason CBS was willing to run that Siegelman piece tonight was because it’d get buried by the Oscars.

    Fine… mebbe that’s true. That just means MORE folks were watching “TTTDS” win its Oscar. Oscars usually do a LOT for a film at the box office. This prolly means FAR MORE people will end up looking at it than if it hadn’t on that Oscar.

  5. Also Jon Stewart made a joke about no Iraq war films doing well but there were two other feature length documentaries and at least two documentary shorts that got nominated. The short that won was about gay rights but I think it involved a female veteran of the war.

  6. No Country for Old Men won best picture. It was really good for anybody who hasn’t seen it. But 3:10 to Yuma was the best cowboy film made in a very long time.

  7. You’re probably right TRoS (I hate to have to admit that) but it will probably get wider distribution in the theaters now that it won and people who don’t have HBO might also see it before the election.

  8. I was looking earlier to see if any awards had been given out yet (it was too early), but all I saw is that Angelina Jolie is showing a “baby bump.”

    **eyes rolling**

  9. That does make sense TRoS but it also wasn’t beaten out by a lot of football hoopla so it’s hard to say. I think the media and the entertainment people were all feeling as encumbered by the heavy handedness of this administration. Maybe they are all seeing light at the end of the tunnel and will continue to do more speaking out.

  10. Even my husband who likes to play devil’s advocate to my liberal persuasion was left speechless by the 60 Minutes story. Yay!

  11. Aw shucks Shayne… don’t worry… you’ll git LOTS of practice admitting I’m right, an it’ll be a little easier each time!

    You’ll prolly be pretty good at it after a while!

    Yes, it will get far more attention for that Oscar.

    GOOD! This country needs to WAKE UP and look at what it’s become in such a short length of time.

  12. Shayne: But 3:10 to Yuma was the best cowboy film made in a very long time.

    I’m speechless. Well, no, because I never am, but oy gevalt, this was the dumbest cowboy film ever! Worst plot holes, worst character motivation ever. “I’ve got you now, I can go free but I, a psychopathic killer, respect your need to impress your son so much that I will dodge a million bullets, shoot all my henchmen and give myself up for the noose just, well, just because I’m maybe not a psychopath at all, but a winsome Australian actor who regrets throwing telephones at clerks.”

  13. Shayne, I do feel a certain righteous outrage finally coming about on the part of more and more people.

    I noticed that the Dems are now staging pro forma sessions every time Congress adjourns, just to make sure the Toy Emperor can’t do any more recess appointments.

    And I was so encouraged when they let that nasty domestic spying bill expire rather than cave one more time to the pressure.

    I didn’t see the 60 Minutes piece about Siegelman but I’ve been following it online for months now. I did read the little it of transcriot that BnF posted, about the GOOPer who was offended. That’s what this wil ltake – the more people who decide to put principle over party, the better off we are.

    I’ve never seen anyone here or at TP defend Jefferson (in LA) simply because he’s a Dem. All I’ve ever heard is oflks wish he’d just RESIGN.

    Did anyone happen to see the truly nasty commercial the GOOPers put together to make it look like we’re all in anger because of that?

    Sheesh… who are the real terrorists here? What did Bill Kristol say this morning? When in doubt, go w/ the fear? Talk about UGLY!

  14. “…because I’m maybe not a psychopath at all, but a winsome Australian actor who regrets throwing telephones at clerks.”


  15. OK gummitch, and might I say I am NO Russell Crowe fan, but I still thought it was very entertaining. Well, and I didn’t have to pay to see it since they sent it to my kid. It’s easier to be charitable when you’re not paying for it. But I’m also not much of an expert on cowboy films so I really have no expertise on the issue. My bad.

  16. gummitch, my daughter thought Juno should have won everything so you’re not alone. Of course she went to see it without me … sniff … they grow up so fast.

  17. Yeah, we are going to get hit…again. All this snow is making me very tired. The positive ,though, is that it warms up when it snows.

  18. I never did see Brokeback Mountain. When they had the segment on about movie people who passed away they had Heath Ledger up last. It is so sad. Now I can’t see it for a while. Here’s what I think about his death. You know how they’re always talking about people who eat and even drive while asleep on these new sleeping medications? Well what if instead of eating or driving you’re sleepwalking has you taking more pills? Am I making any sense?

  19. Oh, I’ve been wrong, once or twice…

    The last time? I remember it well… the fall of ’83…
    a Tuesday… in September…

  20. You have to see it, Shayne. People made it out to be just a gay sex movie, but it’s more about not being able to love who you love, and be who you are, because you happen to love someone of the same sex.

    If you’re not bawling your eyes out by the last scene, you’re made of stone.

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