It’s over!

It is over for Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t even have to wait out March 4th, she should just watch a rerun of the debate, but I expect she knows already. Whatever semblance of a campaign she will engange in until Tuesday, she has definitely run out of options.  Barack Obama managed to be the one with the Presidential aura yesterday evening, while Hillary Clinton was the complainer. Here are some quotes from English online sites of the European newspapers:

“Der Spiegel” (featuring Maureen Dowd)

Beating on the press is the lamest thing you can do. It is only because of the utter open-mindedness of the press that Hillary can lose 11 contests in a row and still be treated as a contender.

“The Times”

However, Mrs Clinton’s attempts to argue that she would be stronger on foreign policy than her counterpart appeared to have been undermined when she stumbled over the name of the new Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev, while predicting that he would not be an independent leader.

“The Times” is calling that her “Dubya” moment. Ouch!

“The Telegraph” 

Barack Obama strengthened his case to be president with a strong performance in what could prove the final debate with Hillary Clinton in their epic battle for the Democratic nomination.

“The Independent”

Right now, she is stuck in a Greek tragedy she seems unable to interrupt. Since Super Tuesday on 5 February, Senator Obama has won 11 contests in a row to her zero. Her campaign has spiralled into recriminations, firings and confusion. Her chances of catching up are now slim. She needs to win Texas and Ohio and, because of the delegate maths, by large margins. In the Lone Star State she appears to be in a dead heat with Obama. Latest polls show her holding on to a lead in Ohio, but it, too, is shrinking fast.

“The Guardian”

Clinton did not have the luxury to appear relaxed. Her campaign has cast the next set of primaries as a last stand. If she cannot extract wins in Ohio and Texas next week – by convincing voters she is prepared to fight for their economic interests – Clinton may well be out of the race.

“The Economist”

IT HARDLY seems possible, but there have been no fewer than 20 televised debates in the long struggle to settle the Democratic nomination. The latest was in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday February 26th. For Hillary Clinton it represented a final chance to unsettle Barack Obama ahead of the next round of primaries, and she failed.

It may be tragic to see an ambitioned and intelligent woman lose the chance to become President of the United States of America. But, it is more tragic for young men and women to lose the chance go on living at all, children to lose the chance to get to know their fathers or mothers, because of a war this woman voted to authorize. I am perfectly at ease with Hillary Clinton’s political demise. “Europeanview” wishes you a good, happy, healthy and safe day, take care!


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  1. She should have never started whining about press coverage. When she mentioned the SNL satire and asked Barack if he needed a pillow, the audience booed her. That was her “Bush” moment. Having a temper tantrum.

    Health Insurance – neither candidate mentioned how people who get rejected by insurance companies for “pre-existing conditions” will be covered. I heard mentioned, many times, solutions to deal with the “cost” of coverage but not the “rejection” of coverage. There are many people that don’t have insurance and are being charged a fee by the State for not having insurance because no insurance company would provide coverage. What happens to the person with diabetes that gets refused by insurance companies? What will Barack do to help these people? What will Hillary do to help these people? This is a real problem and needs to be addressed.

  2. Mandate the insurance companies to accept anyone for a certain basic coverage, give them free range when it comes to the surplus coverage and make the basic coverage include all preexisting conditions. Switzerland works that way and believe me insurers are still not broke.

  3. Thanks EV, this was very interesting. I really appreciate the views of the people and press outside of the US. I agree. I think its all over for her. She was trying very hard to look calm, measured, and in charge last night, but it wasn’t working. Her intensity level did not match the painted plastic smile on her face. She was trying very hard to control the debate, the pace, the subjects, the amount of time she spoke, the moderators, etc.. It was actually getting infuriating to watch. I appreciated the part where Williams couldn’t get her to stop talking/interrupting and mid-sentence they cut to commercial..
    She also made me think of myself, when I am getting after my kids about something when I am really mad, and I have been going on too long about it, and their eyes glaze over and their heads go down. I could feel everyone on that stage doing it. She was lecturing people – her intensity barely restrained.. She was trying to frame her own message, and frame Barack’s positions too before he had a chance. He handled it all very well, in a thoughtful and measured way. That is more the temperament I want to see in a leader.

  4. My husband and I spoke afterwards and he said neither of their health plans is perfect (and neither will likely be made into law – because they can’t just put out their own legislation and pass it themselves..), but he said Barack’s plan would work much better in a general election.

  5. Thanks, EV. I wonder how many insurance companies will buy into a “mandate” of any sort.

    As someone posted someplace :), Hillary and McCain are the past and Americans are eager to look to the future. Barack Obama represents the future. It’s over for both Clinton and McCain. Barack responds in a thoughtful manner and he is really good at disarming his opponent in a calm and controlled manner. I like when Barack stated “there is a bit of ego… ” It was good to hear him admit that. I work closely with local and State politicians and there is a certain amount of “bragging” that goes on. When it comes to self-love, no one comes to the boy Bush.

  6. Hey when did those cormorant fly in? My most recent trip failed to yield either of the two species possible in NE. Maybe the bird watching is better here.

  7. NH but I was just on a crazed birding trip on Cape Cod. I have already seen Great Cormorant on the coast on an earlier trip this year but have yet to check off Double Crested. It is a give me bird once the Spring arrives but still the faster I check them off the better. I am part of a yearly competition

  8. becoming the next president will be like becoming captain of the Titanic as the waters reach the bridge.

    US dives into recession:
    Dollar hits new low:
    Oil hits new high (Turtle predicts $4 gallon by July 4th):
    Inflation at 1% a month:
    Foreclosures and price drops accelerate:

    “It’s going to be a bumpy ride, take it away Ernie!”

  9. It’s over alright.

    “Hold on to your butts” – Samual L Jackson
    “Yeah take it away Ernie, it’
    s going to be a bumpy ride”

  10. William F. Buckley died today at age 82……

    The witch is out for awhile, chore’s……Blessings all

  11. Great roundup, EV. Wow, Hil’s butt must be stinging from the ass-kicking she took — in the debate and now in the press.

    TtT is right, our next president will be taking on a thankless and horrendous job. Sadly, Kucinich has dropped out, so it has to be someone else. If it’s between Obama and McCain, it’s no contest. It has to be Obama.

  12. Terry – you mean to tell me that Bush lives in his own fantasy world? May we survive.

    Americans are optimistic by nature and can be innovative. The next president will have a daunting task ahead of him and will need Americans to come together and work together. Uniting people is one of the skills that Barack Obama would bring to a presidency. I just don’t see crowds gathering around McCain.

    And it’s time for Hillary to pick up her marbles and go home. There’s still work to be done in the Senate.

  13. Cats asks: “What happens to the person with diabetes that gets refused by insurance companies?”

    According to the plans stated on their web sites, these people would be covered.

    Obama: “Guaranteed eligibility. No American will be turned away from any insurance plan because of illness or pre-existing conditions.”

    Clinton: “Available: No discrimination. The insurance companies can’t deny you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition.”

    As far as I can tell, McCain doesn’t address the issue. This is the closest I saw before my eyes glazed over: “While we reform the system and maintain quality, we can and must provide access to health care for all our citizens – whether temporarily or chronically uninsured, whether living in rural areas with limited services, or whether residing in inner cities where access to physicians is often limited.” It’s very vague, and his ‘plan’ overall really boils down to ‘stay the course’.

    None of these plans address the core problem of the US healthcare system, which is allowing the fox to guard the henhouse. Of the three, Obama’s strikes me as the best.

  14. So OK, here’s my soapbox.

    The last two times there has been a major oil crisis sparked by war in the ME, we’ve had one of those Bush c***s in the office of US president. And frankly the US got what they deserved for letting the Bushevik crime family get away with it.

    This time, in a time of deep economic woe and crisis, there might be an inspirational leader in office. What if he kicked off a New Deal? what if he kicked off a Manhattan Project for energy independence? What if he kicked off a New Apollo project?

    Might work, or might not:

    Kunstler has a great point: the difference between the 1930s or 1960s and now – “We’re not heading into a recession but a major depression, worse than the fabled trauma of the 1930s. That one occurred against the background of a society that had plenty of everything except money. Back then, we had plenty of mineral resources, lots of trained-and-regimented manpower, millions of productive family farms, factories that were practically new, and more than 90 percent left of the greatest petroleum reserve anywhere in the world. ”

    Oh f***

  15. Terry – the local family farms are coming back and the new factories or energy alternative businesses can hire both the WalMart workers and the laid off educated white collar workers. Big Pharmaceuticals are laying off scientists. These scientists can use their knowledge in green industries. If all Americans had affordable or free health care, then our nation could tap into the many innovative Americans that stay in corporate jobs just for the “benefits”.

    Brazil is off of imported energy sources. We can do it to. It takes a strategic plan (Bushites are not capable of strategy) and a graduated implementation.

  16. Terry – you have a young son. I have young grandchildren. Let’s give them hope. Let’s do what we can to change things.

  17. Thanks, gorn, you gorgeous silver back, you.

    News flash… the Obama campaign has arrived in Pennsylvania. We start our training on Saturday morning. The campaign is asking for 5 hours/week commitment until April 22. I think Hillary will be dropping out of the race on March 5, my birthday. It will be the best birthday present 🙂

  18. I heard Obama explaining why he picked his plan on some talk show. He said if he was starting from scratch and nobody had insurance he’d do it differently but since some people have insurance and don’t want their coverage to change this is the way to accomplish the mission.

  19. Maybe Gorn but I take points away from the people of Ohio for making this guy a big enough personality that he gets to introduce McCain.

  20. Cats, Brazilians use about 1/20th the energy of an average American…. (2005 source).

    Another analysis of the upcoming energy gap (maybe or maybe not a representative sample) is here:

    Another way to look at projected oil demand goes like this: world demand today is 85mbpd and in 2020 it is supposed to be 118mbpd. That is the equivalent of finding and developing 4 *four* NEW Saudi Arabias in 12 years….

    Its either that or demand retreats to meet supply – where I come from that would be a Depression – capital D.

  21. I guess I am getting closer to Kunstler’s position – known over on the Oil Drum as ‘Defcon1’.

  22. Obama is the man for the job this time, with all the headaches he will inherit from the Bush/Chaney neocon war profiteering machine. Clinton should consider herself lucky not to have won. Whining about it makes it worse. And she is a very good Senator by all accounts, so she won’t be jobless. Time for her to step away graciously.

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