Some magnificant Photos From Tsarist Russia


This is an excellent montage of photos taken in the early 1900’s using filters to achieve color photography. Page down to my 11:25 PM comment on 02/28/2008 to see the link. All other comments relate to a problem with a shadow link to TP.

203 thoughts on “Some magnificant Photos From Tsarist Russia

  1. All posts from February 25 at 5:29 PM to February 28 at 1:22 PM and any later posts. Since, noone else seemed to have a problem, I closed the site and reopened it. Now the posts are back. Must have linked to a shadow site that had the gap, but why?

  2. Shayne,

    Not to be indelicate, but where do you think the saying, “On the Rag” came from?

    There was no Stayfree nor Charmin back then.

  3. Yep, Zooey.

    I decided the Biscuit pic wasn’t cute enough, then I got crap about the gargoyle, so I found this pic of miniblue. It was that or a pic of miniblue on a playground turtle with a “T” on it, or an old pic of me with Santa Claus. I think I’ll save that one for the holidays.
    The turtle pic may make an appearance.

  4. True!!!

    Thanks! The wedding is only a passing ritual in which I’m not interested at all, being such an atheist, but the beginning to live with another person, and seeing her, all day…all the time…I can’t wait…


  5. How do you think the spomge feels, Shayne – sponges are alive you know.

    Reminds me of the old joke the bear and the rabbit having a dump in the woods.

    Bear says to rabbit, “Hey rabbit, does the shit stick to your fur?”

    Rabbit says, “Why yes, Mr Bear, it does”

    You can guess the punchline.

  6. Terry,

    Totally after her dad, and not just looks. All the way down to the way she holds a pencil. All I asked for was for her to have my blue eyes, and that’s about what I got.

    Like Bill Cosby said, “God has a sense of humor.”

  7. Hmm, true, my son is a carbon copy of me. It really ticked his mom off but at least I knew he was mine! And Terry’s (my son) first word was daddy. That was insult to injury. Second words were French fry and the third was his mothers given name.

  8. Juan,
    That was the sweetest, most romantic sentiment. She’s a lucky girl.

    Thus, I will save my bitter, jaded, sarcasm for another time and wish you all the very best.

  9. Zoo, yeah, unless it is a shower…you don’t want to go there. You know it is a romanceless relationship when you are…um…evacuating in front of your SO.

  10. sabyen91,

    That’s funny. Not for your wife, of course, but still funny.

    Miniblue being just like her dad is why I stopped after one. I knew the next one would be like me and then I’d be in some serious shit!

  11. tb,
    Actually, back then the “rag” was about five layers of linen and woolen cloth sewn in a pad about 3 inches wide. The outer side was coated with lard or paraffin in order to keep the outside from leakage. It was a gross assemblage that served for about three centuries until a pressure bandage for troops developed during WWI was picked up by Army nurses as a solution looking for an application. That became a money maker for Kotex until Tampons came along.

  12. You got yourself a smart woman, Juan. πŸ˜‰

    It’s good to keep a little mystery in every marriage — as long as it’s not “where were you last night?” or “waht happened to all the money?” πŸ˜†

  13. No way, Juan.
    You are in the throws of love and passion.
    I wouldn’t ruin that for anything.

    Of course, I’ll probably send jaded remarks to Zooey on her facebook! Not about you, of course, but about my failure in that department.

  14. True:
    You are in the throws of love and passion.

    Are you kidding? Well, obviously I feel something very strong for her, but the days of feeble anxiety when a girl passed by and thinking about flowers and songs and blah, blah…have gone. I feel good around her cause she brings peace to my heart and joy to my soul (ughhhhh…hallmark moment).

  15. Sabyen, jeez, that kid was brutal (from a mother’s perspective). Makes me glad I have dogs! πŸ˜‰

    Juan, I take it congrats are in order, so CONGRATS!

    Hi all. πŸ˜€

  16. Juan,
    In Tsarist Russia, here is the link to the entire gallery and how it was collected. I think I posted it here before. You may have missed it. It is one of the most amazing photographic collections that I have ever come across in my life!

  17. Wow, there are some gorgeous pictures in there, Walt. They have some of the most interesting architecture. It certainly has a lot of middle-eastern or perhaps, Indian flavor. Would be an interesting topic to research.

  18. Joanne, thank you very much.


    I will send you all pictures of the whole show…

    *waving arms in the air “you know you make me wanna shout!!!”*

  19. So, you are in your LAST THROES, Juan?

    I like to think I still have some Friedmans ahead of me.

    Yes, Walt, you had already. Sorry.

  20. Joanne, I am right there with you. Then again it works for some people. Apparently not for many of the incredibly opinionated people that are on this blog…like me.

  21. Oh, I know, Zoo. I am thrilled that he still gives me hugs and kisses and tells me he loves me at 10. I am not looking forward to the teenage years.

  22. Zoo, but I am DAD. My family was close. I still kissed and hugged my grandfather until the day he died but I can’t say it wasn’t embarassing at times. I am also glad that is the way it went.

  23. Hey juan, if you ask me the best thing you can hope for in a relationship is peace. Expecting the passion to last forever is asking for trouble. Just my opinion though.

  24. I’ve been trying to keep the focus on the toilet fmr the start, Shayne, but juan has Walt and I trumped….. can’t fight cuteness…. too strong…

  25. Sabyen, not a thing wrong with being opinionated! I LOVE IT (as apparently do many others who have given me kudos at TP…thank you, thank you very much [my inner Elvis just popped out]). My jaded is DEFINITELY showing there.

    Alas, I do not suffer fools gladly.

    Question…why doesn’t TPZoo link to Steve Benen’s That’s one of the best blogs out there.

  26. Hmm, I disagree, Shayne. Maybe I am still a hopeless romantic but I think the best you can hope for is a yin to your yang. Have you seen those old geezers that still hold hands after 60 years of marriage? I am a huge cynic but that always puts a smile on my face.

  27. Expecting the passion to last forever is asking for trouble. Just my opinion though.

    I agree. I have this friend at the University. We did Bachelor’s degree together and we complained all the time about the lack of women (Engineering Faculty, of course) Later he began living with a girlfriend and one day he told me:

    Man, she wants to do it all days. When do I get to masturbate?

    Heh. Sorry if that was too much.

  28. I would say the best thing to hope for in a relationship, what will make it last forever, is trust, respect, tolerance and never forgetting that you value the relationship…even when it sucks.

  29. Joanne, I agree, but if other Critters are like me the pool isn’t very deep. I can’t stand vapid and most of the population is just that. Intelligence and a quick wit are not widespread traits.

  30. Oh the hand holding and cuddling thing is good. But the kind of passion you get when you first start going out with somebody, that doesn’t usually last. And if you expect it to and you’re disappointed, well lots of times people go looking for that somewhere else.

  31. Sabyen, I am exactly the same. When that guy did one of those camphone video of his grandparents in love a couple years back, I thought that was the cutest thing ever! That they still loved each other so much was AMAZING! (Juan, I wish that for you in spades, btw. I may be jaded but I am another hopeless romantic. And LMAO at the story!)

  32. And if you expect it to and you’re disappointed, well lots of times people go looking for that somewhere else.

    It is said that the best way to keep kids away from having sex is to marry them. I agree.

    I’m not a romantic when it comes to couple’s relationship, I’m a romantic of social causes.

  33. “I told you so” should NEVER be a part of a couple’s vernacular.

    And Sabyen, NO KIDDING! I can’t find anyone that I want to have a 2nd date with let alone anything else. Finding someone intelligent, informed, and good (inside, values and mores) is virtually impossible. Finding someone who can handle my intense political opinions? Fudadabadit! πŸ˜€

  34. Have you seen those old geezers that still hold hands after 60 years of marriage? I am a huge cynic but that always puts a smile on my face. -Sabyen91

    Me, too! They’re always short little couples (poor nutrition from the depression, I suppose) who are arm in arm, or holding hands. My jaded surface layer just melts.

  35. I hear that, Joanne. A strongly liberal atheist is tough to get along with when you aren’t already predisposed to like that type.

  36. I find Joanne that even though my husband and I vote for the same people it’s not usually for the same reason. And he is basically the last person I talk politics with because small differences turn into a big deal.

  37. It’s a lot easier to find a man who likes an atheist than it is to find a man who likes a bible thumper. At least in a big city I think. My husband was raised Baptist but hasn’t been to church except for weddings and funeral since we met.

  38. Shayne, I can’t keep my beliefs to myself when I have an SO. So it has to be someone I can actually talk to about the taboo topics…and someone I can disagree with respectfully…not a troll πŸ™‚

  39. Sabyen, you are completely right! If you can’t discuss your innermost thoughts with your SO, there is a potential gap…and a little gap now creates a Grand Canyon over time.

    Jeez, how philosophical am I tonight?

  40. Well, Shayne, I have never tried to find a man that liked atheists so I have no idea what you are talking about! πŸ™‚ I have dated a Mormon and a Southern Baptist so maybe I am self-destructive!

  41. You’re probably right JP. When I first met my husband I was swimming in a bottle of tequila and argued with him all the time. After a while you pick your battles. But in the beginning it has to be somebody you can argue with.

  42. I find it hard to date anyone who is religious beyond going to church with the family on holidays. I don’t begrudge anyone their beliefs but, for me, I can’t reconcile science with faith…and that great wit of mine ain’t always appreciated if you catch my drift.

    I think organized religion is downright evil.

    And a nano nano to you! πŸ˜‰

  43. There was this book that I think is out of print that was called “Some Men are More Perfect than Others” which talked about how nobody will give you everything you want so you need to find somebody who will give you what you need.

  44. I’m with you joanne. I’ve always felt that when somebody starts a church that didn’t bad mouth other religions or sects and didn’t ask you for money and was there to help it’s members instead of trying to get something from them I’d sign up but I probably wouldn’t.

  45. Night night, Sabyen.

    And NO ONE is perfect! You just have to love their imperfections (ok, be able to tolerate them). It’s part of the package.

  46. Actually, I think the Unitarian Church does that. My friends in Canada go to one and I spent the holidays with them last year so we went to a couple of their services. It was acceptable as far a churches go.

    But I still don’t like the whole organized thing. It just creeps me out.

  47. sabyen91 was JPark over at TP before registration. But he lost his name in the deal and I always forget if its sabjen or sabyen because I have mad cow or something like it.

  48. So, TtT,
    We can put all of those people in the military and pay them $23,000 per year and another $23,000 for hazardous duty pay and still end up 300 billion bucks ahead. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. All those Blackhawk types can return back home and abuse their wives, thus feeding the system of cannon fodder for W’s gradification.

  49. Zooey, no you didn’t and I didn’t take it that way. Besides…if the fly fits and all….

    Yeah, at first I wondered what got into my friends! Having known them for 15 years when they got into it I thought WHAT CULT IS THIS?? But it’s a way to make friends and it works for them. Not my cup of tea but….

    And Stepford Wife would never be one of the first, oh, 1000 things anyone that knows me would think of me, church or not.

  50. I was depressed and disappointed to read that Obama said he wouldn’t stop using the mercenaries, just hold them more accountable. I think it sucks that such firms are allowed to be financed by my tax dollars.

  51. The Unitarians do a great job focusing on the “love” aspect of religion. And they don’t do the “believe every single word of the bible” thing. Extremely liberal — Jesus would probably go to church there. πŸ™‚

    Not me, of course.

  52. And they accept everyone. No one is off limits because they’re gay or black or purple or have six eyes. Yes, those people will definitely make the cut when we are all in the throes of rapture.

  53. You are correct iamjustjoanne, The U.U. have fellowship’s all over….I was a member of the one in Missoula, Montana and it was great…They spend their time doing great thing’s for the communety and member’s, discuss polatic’s, joy’s and concern’s and diffrent faith’s in a research level rather than relegious practice..Met very well educated and concerned people there…The best thing of all was we alway’s ate after the gathering’s and played beautiful music…Our fellowship was the first welcoming fellowship of the State..We openly embrased gay and lesbian couples into our group.

    Great photos Walt…Use to print lot’s of B&W with colored filter’s to get those affect’s, also did a lot of oil tinting B&W photos……

    Many Blessings to you and your new wife Juan, may you be friend’s and lover’s alway’s…….Blessings all

  54. Evenin’ all!

    Another record-breaking day? Well, cool!

    I remember those photos… the Russian ones. Walt ran ’em months ago. Very cool, Walt…

  55. Yeah… Ms_Joanne is fun when she’s on TP.

    We (she and I) get along well.

    So, what’s behind the raging surge in viewers here?

  56. Wolf Girl… howzitgoin?

    Hey… I’m always hungry… it comes w/ the turf, so to speak…

    Stop bathing? For heaven’s sake… why?

  57. What’s a “cognito”, and why is she in one?

    Is that like a burka or sumpin’?

    Or, by chance, is it sumpin’… ahem… edible?

  58. Welll… if that’s the case… soap or wine… by all means, go w/ the wine…

    You know what they say… wine will get you thru periods of no soap better than soap thru periods of no wine!

  59. Some seal? Oh, I’ve always got some seal in the fridge… uh… you don’t mind “aged” a bit, do you?

    I like it better that way, myself… t’ink of it as a gourmet treat!

  60. Ummm… I actually use the fridge to keep t’ings from freezin’ up too much…

    Only the smart ones, Z… only the smart ones…

    Cleanliness next ta godliness? Hah!

    Yer much more like ta see God after a big box o’ wine than a hot bath…

  61. That….is….brilliant!! Wow. Survival of the fittest is WAY cool.

    I’ve seen God — he ain’t so much. Kinda dumpy. One eye looks off to the side. Nice guy, though…

  62. Right… the thing is… seal is chewy enough as it is. Freeze it and then thaw? Like chawing on rubber…

    And does God prefer soap over wine? I… doubt… it!

  63. You need to get yourself a nice crock pot, with a loooong cord. Set it up in the morning, and when you get home in the evening, there’s a nice tender pot of seal waiting for you.

    Just be careful! You might not be familiar with hot…

    Hell, God was hitting me up for change. I told him I gotta keep my change so I can get my own stash. He tried to muster up some lightening, but he was tired that day. I’m pretty lucky that way.

  64. Hot??? What is this “hot” you speak of?

    Funny… I’ve heard of this “crock” you mention… but folks use the word differently around me…

    They’re allus saying, “Oh, what a crock”… or, “Boy , that sure is a crock full…”

    Have any idea what they mean? A crock full of yummy tender seal?

  65. Just wait a couple years, you’ll learn about the “hot.” And um, endurance swimming — it’s the latest thing. You might want to hone your skills.

    See? All this time you thought they were being rude, and they were just trying to feed you. I’m sure that’s what they meant. πŸ™‚

  66. And does God prefer soap over wine? I… doubt… it! – TRoS

    We agree again TRoS, maybe we should just start hunting together.

    Yeesh Zooey, that lazy eyed god did have his son, cough, turn water into soap did he?

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