Murdoch’s finest slam Barack Obama, ridicule Hillary Clinton

Where do you go to my lovely?

The Times was for me and still is, mostly, one of the standard bearers of solid conservative journalism. More an institution than a newspaper. The heroes of my childhood, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Lord Peter Wimsey read “The Times”! If it was printed in “The Times” it wasn’t “news” it was “The Truth!”

“The Times” they are achanging…

Obama victory will prolong US racial divide, says British equality chief!

“In truth, Obama may be helping to postpone the arrival of a post-racial America and I think he knows it,” Mr Phillips wrote. “If he wins, the cynicism may be worth it to him and his party. In the end he is a politician and a very good one: his job is to win elections.”

A disclaimer, that Mr Trevor Philips is a controversial figure in Britain right at the end of the article does little to disconnect the paper from the incredibly blatant and stereotypical nonsense that Mr Philips utters. It is made into a headline and made for the headline readers in the hope that it will stick, it is ultimately: Propaganda.

The name of Farrakhan pops up, too, unsursprisingly. But as Bob Cesca said:

During last night’s Democratic debate, and apropos of nothing, NBC’s Tim Russert asked Senator Obama whether he “accepts the support of Louis Farrakhan.” Again, it’s the illusion of balance. But it would only have been balanced if Russert had just previously quizzed Senator Clinton about something equally as ridiculous. For instance, “Senator Clinton: do you accept the support of Ann Coulter who said she’d vote for you over Senator McCain? Ann Coulter once called John Edwards a fag, and she said that Jews need to be perfected. Ha-HAH! Gotcha!”

On the other hand Senator Obama can count himself lucky, he is taken seriously enough to be considered a dangerous left wing threat.

Senator Clinton is less lucky, she has become the target of their ridicule. Her stumbling over the new Russian leader’s name Medvedev in Tuesday’s debate was called her Dubya moment yesterday and this is a calculated insult. Today a smirking foreign editor shows Senator Clinton how it’s done.

Many, like myself, crave for substantial journalism and seek it in newspapers with an untainted reputation for solid journalistic handicraft. We will have to seek elsewhere. Because, however positive my impression of Senator Barack Obama, I would like to see relentless scrutiny of his and every other politician’s doings. That is why the press is called “the fourth estate” not the “fifth”. They are to be our watchdog!

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