20 thoughts on “dbadass’ music night selections

  1. Nope.
    I sent you a FB message.
    Just ax it, if that’s OK.
    But look at the additional info I gave on the cat video…. rawr…..

  2. OMFG, dbadass!
    You jacked my idea!

    I was going to do a Squeeze song, followed by the Squeezebox song.
    I couldn’t think of a third “squeeze” song, so I did something different.

    This is just wierd.

  3. They are little dudes who live under the ground. The big ones, as you saw in the video, are trying to catch them, the bastards!

  4. But the Fraggles were always eating the Doozer’s construction. Yea, yea Fraggles are all cute and everything but they are really oppressing the Doozer race.


  5. I don’t watch the videos, except on rare occasions. 🙂 It would take all night to download them.

    What did the little fraggles ever do to the big fraggles?

  6. Nah-Uh.
    The Doozers have no interest in co-existing with the Fraggles. Their answer to the problem is senseless violence toward fraggles.

  7. true, would you want to peacefully coexist with someone who literally consumed everything you had every worked for?

    And besides, the Doozers are about 6 inches tall. Compare that to your average sized Muppet.

    I have to admit, I haven’t seen the show in about 20 years, but I believe that that’s how things went…down in Fraggle Rock.

  8. The fraggles will still be victorious, neoke17.
    They’re too cute and fuzzy for anyone to hate… except maybe *you*.

    So tell me about your childhood……

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