Hillary’s Math Problem

I know this is from yesterday, but I heard an interview with Jonathan Alter today and this is worth the read. (I wish Hillary would actually read it..)
He wrote this before the results of the primaries were known last night, but what it says still stands.

by Jonathan Alter of Newsweek
March 4, 2008

Forget tonight. She could win 16 straight and still lose.

Hillary Clinton may be poised for a big night tonight, with wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. Clinton aides say this will be the beginning of her comeback against Barack Obama. There’s only one problem with this analysis: they can’t count.

I’m no good at math either, but with the help of Slate’s Delegate Calculator I’ve scoped out the rest of the primaries, and even if you assume huge Hillary wins from here on out, the numbers don’t look good for Clinton. In order to show how deep a hole she’s in, I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt every week for the rest of the primaries.

So here we go: Let’s assume Hillary beats expectations and wins Ohio tonight 55-45, Rhode Island 55-45, Texas, 53-47 and (this is highly improbable), ties in Vermont, 50-50.

Then it’s on to Wyoming on Saturday, where, let’s say, the momentum of today helps her win 53-47. Next Tuesday in Mississippi—where African-Americans play a big role in the Democratic primary—she shocks the political world by winning 52-48.

Then on April 22, the big one, Pennsylvania—and it’s a Hillary blowout, 60-40, with Clinton picking up a whopping 32 delegates. She wins both of Guam’s two delegates on May 30, and Indiana’s proximity to Illinois does Obama no good on May 6, with the Hoosiers going for Hillary 55-45. The same day brings another huge upset in a heavily African-American state: enough North Carolina blacks desert Obama to give the state to Hillary 52-48, netting her five more delegates.

Suppose May 13 in West Virginia is no kinder to Obama, and he loses by double digits, netting Clinton two delegates. The identical 55-45 result on May 20 in Kentucky nets her five more. The same day brings Oregon, a classic Obama state. Oops! He loses there 52-48. Hillary wins by 10 in Montana and South Dakota on June 3, and primary season ends on June 7 in Puerto Rico with another big Viva Clinton! Hillary pulls off a 60-40 landslide, giving her another 11 delegates. She has enjoyed a string of 16 victories in a row over three months.

So at the end of regulation, Hillary’s the nominee, right? Actually, this much-too-generous scenario (which doesn’t even account for Texas’s weird “pri-caucus” system, which favors Obama in delegate selection) still leaves the pledged-delegate score at 1,634 for Obama to 1,576 for Clinton. That’s a 58-delegate lead.

Let’s say the Democratic National Committee schedules do-overs in Florida and (heavily African-American) Michigan. Hillary wins big yet again. But the chances of her netting 56 delegates out of those two states would require two more huge margins. (Unfortunately the Slate calculator isn’t helping me here.)

So no matter how you cut it, Obama will almost certainly end the primaries with a pledged-delegate lead, courtesy of all those landslides in February. Hillary would then have to convince the uncommitted superdelegates to reverse the will of the people. Even coming off a big Hillary winning streak, few if any superdelegates will be inclined to do so. For politicians to upend what the voters have decided might be a tad, well, suicidal.

For all of those who have been trashing me for saying this thing is over, please feel free to do your own math. Give Hillary 75 percent in Kentucky and Indiana. Give her a blowout in Oregon. You will still have a hard time getting her through the process with a pledged-delegate lead.

The Clintonites can spin to their heart’s content about how Obama can’t carry any large states besides Illinois. How he can’t close the deal. How they’ve got the Big Mo now.

Tell it to Slate’s Delegate Calculator.

So, tell me again why this morning she is hinting to the press (nudge, nudge..) that she would be willing to have a ticket with the two of them – as long as she is at the top..? This false ‘graciousness’ really rings hollow (and frankly stinks to high heaven).


282 thoughts on “Hillary’s Math Problem

  1. As I mentioned in a lower post, the Obama email I received said Hillary gained 12 delegates. Let’s say that is optimistic and say she won 20 extra delegates, she is still 100 delegates behind. Just like before last night…it is over.

  2. No matter what any apocalytic pundits say, the supers will not overturn the will of the voters. They know better.

  3. Yeah Abrams on MSNBC the other night said Obama was using math, and Hillary was using feelings or metaphysics.

  4. No matter what any apocalytic pundits say, the supers will not overturn the will of the voters. They know better. – JP

    Good to see your optimism came back. I don’t trust the democratic party to not screw it up. And I can only imagine how much back room stuff is going on. Who has more political clout?

    I hope I am wrong and I will be happy to lose that bet any day of the week (I’d even detail a car [which was my last bed])!

  5. Hils is being quoted on Countdown talking about the supers and how everything should be played out – by the rules…which means supers.

  6. I would say with the defection of a lot of Bill’s people to Obama shows the Dems are not going to rip the party apart by taking the nomination into their own hands.

  7. I read this earlier from someone else, so these thoughts aren’t mine, but I liked ’em.

    Obama came out today to say he was going to get tougher. Great. He needs to dig down and call her to the carpet…which is not the same as going dirty, but calling bullshit when he sees it. He is also going against dirty politics now, so, by the time he goes up against McSame, everything will be old hat and won’t have as much impact.

    An interesting concept. What do you guys think?

  8. Well, that is where I get pessimistic. Dirty politics works. People are sheep. I am disgusted that so many people in Texas and Ohio were swayed by Hillary’s gutter politics but he may have to get nasty to win.

  9. What is a firehouse primary? I just heard Olbermann talking with Chuck Todd and they said that when discussing what might happen in FL and MI.


  10. She stands by “should be played out – by the rules” as long as it benefits her. Other than that, she will sue, try to freeze delegates, try to steal Michigan adn Florida delegates without a fair contest, etc..
    She has to stop this.

  11. Muse, agreed. Her claiming victory in MI and FL last night was disgusting. I suppose I could win the lottery, too, if I picked the numbers after they were drawn (yeah, makes about as much sense as the analogy, eh? 🙂 ). That has to be one of the most pathetic statements thus far.

  12. Hey, Zooey!

    Watch it, I resemble that remark. I couldn’t find X if it was sitting at my feet begging for a cookie. 🙂

  13. Y’all, we just have to make sure we keep the honesty of ALL presidential candidates front and center on the Zoo.


  14. I’m not a critter, but I definitely agree.

    And make sure to get the word out to those who might still be snookered.

  15. Anybody notice the near media black out on these primaries?

    I sure did.

    We have had wall to wall coverage of every single primary and caucus in the race so far, except for the primary where all of the republicans went out and voted for Hillary. I was at home yesterday and spent a lot of time looking for information on what was going on with these primaries and I couldn’t find much. I checked all the usual sites adn went in search of other sites that might have info. All I got was scraps, until “Hillary Wins!” hits the front pages.

    What I saw yesterday was some stolen primaries.

    How about you?

  16. Apparently people were emailing and calling in to Fox all morning that listened to Rush and voted for Hillary – in Texas AND Ohio. (Republicans voting Democrat)

  17. Americans proud of usurping the American system of selecting officials.

    Typical gooper pride. These are people who love torture and taking candy from small children.

  18. Alas, muse, I don’t have the stomach to watch or listen to those people.

    Spudge, I am noodling your question. 🙂

  19. These idiots who are so proud of themselves for being so damn clever — at Rush’s bidding — don’t seem to realize that they will suffer the same consequences we do if we get another halfwit in the WH.

  20. I had started responding to his question but thought, hmmm…that isn’t right…so he is making me think about some assumptions I had.

    Yeah, I tend to over analyze everything. (groan)

  21. And why am *I* doing something to *him*?? He is the one making ME think! That hurts, ya know.

  22. Z,
    If you have trouble with a math problem, just put a $ sign in front of each of the variables. I think that Kay (Spouse) could calculate pi to 300 places with that impetus.

  23. Sadly Walt, I don’t have that motivation. 🙂

    I have to learn through sheer stubbornness and repetition.

  24. Breakdown of what Rush said..

    His goal is to bloody up Obama, and to create chaos. They may not be crazy about McCain, they the party will fight to get him in the WH and do whatever it takes. They think the Dems don’t have the stomach for it.. He also ridiculed the Dems for thinking they were somehow better principled than the GOP because they try to play fair and clean. (I’m paraphrasing). He thinks that doing whatever it takes to win is fair game.

    What a waste of space…

  25. Hey, Those Repubs stick together when it counts. No matter what..
    That is why they keep having the effects they do in Congress.

  26. Ya gotta hand it to the ant-farm organization of the pukes. The benefits of not thinking for yourself.

  27. True. People I know who are of the Republican persuasion have an attitude of “when I need to know something, someone will tell me.”

    It makes me sick!

  28. Sorry to make you think, but these were stolen primaries.

    The republicans stole the primaries for Hillary and she is loving it. They did what she could only dream about.

    But, I will bet dollars to donuts (or whatever civilized phrase that doesn’t have fuck in it) that she knew this was the plan and that is why she never dropped out, even after losing 11 primaries in a row.

    Hell, most of the other candidates, from both parties, dropped out after losing 2 or 3.

    This wreaks to high heaven.

    See, an entire post without me using fuck. : )

  29. “Zooey
    March 5, 2008 at 8:51 pm · Edit
    Y’all, we just have to make sure we keep the honesty of ALL presidential candidates front and center on the Zoo.


    Sorry, Zoo, Hillary stands for everything in politics that I despise. I am certainly going to focus on her. If you want to take me out of the Critter barn until after the election I understand. I have a visceral reaction to her now.

  30. Even the conservative Harper Canadian government has gotten into the smearing of Obama. Sickening.

  31. Spudge, it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t, nor will she ever, have enough delegates. She is yesterdays news.

  32. JP, we just have to make sure we’re clear of the “endorsing any particular candidate” thing in our posts — not necessarily the comments. We’re not kicking you out of the barn!

  33. Eh, ok. I don’t believe I ever said “Vote for Obama” in a post so I guess all is good. 🙂

  34. Yep, yer good.

    We just have to make sure that if Obama does something suspect, we highlight that.

    I haven’t heard of anything yet…

  35. Harper is a Bush wannabe.

    Thankfully Parliament can and does call him on it. And they actually have a spine.

    But he’s giving it a bloody go.

    EuroView…would be interested in the Euro thoughts on Harper, too. Add that to my list of questions, indien u zult.

  36. Joanne, it is funny, Harper made comments about it. He said things to the effect that the leak was illegal and they would investigate. Ever here that before? It sounds familiar.

  37. BTW, the Canadians are supposedly looking into the whole “leak” deal. I wonder if we will see a firing or a promotion.

    THAT will be telling as to just how far to the right Canada has become.

    Hoping to hear back from my friend about this whole deal. I may have to break down and call. (What a great excuse to catch up! 🙂 )

  38. The problem is Super Delegates that are going to vote for her, because she is part of the old way.

    My brother and I had a name for these people when we were younger. We called them “The Blue Haired Gang.” I think it came from a rap song. Probably Public Enemy. This comes from how we as 20 somethings were being represented in Washington by a bunch of old bastards that didn’t really represent us.

    Hillary is part of the blue haired gang. She comes from the old ways of taking bribes and doing favors.

    This is what has always driven me crazy about the stupid republican retards that I chat with on the Internet. They think because I don’t like Bush, that I am a liberal Clinton lover and I am far from it.

    Bill Clinton fucked every American worker when he signed NAFTA into law. There are a lot of people out there that think Bush 1 did it. Bush 1 started it and Bill finished it. That is why they are best fucking friends.

    Fuck Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bush 1 and Bush 2. All of these mother fuckers have been fucking me most of my life. But, I have to give credit to Reagan also.

    I haven’t ever been able to achieve the “American Dream” because of these bastards. All of them. If Hillary Clinton wants to take credit fr the years she was in the White House as experience, I have one question I would ask her.

    “How did the experience of watching your husband fuck every working American in this country make you feel?”

    Follow up question.

    “Out of all of the people in America you fucked, was I one of your favorites?”

    Oh and I am not real impressed with Obama either.

  39. Bush doing what he does best, spread hate, discontent and spreading bad politics to (and on) good countries.

  40. Spudge, I don’t buy it. I can’t believe even Democratic leadership would be so short-sighted as to shoot themselves in the foot like that. Then again, they have proved me wrong before.

  41. JP, I want to agree with you but the dems have screwed the pooch a few too many times.

    All those secret prisons started long ago and Clinton kept them going. I don’t like it and the more I learn about Clinton’s international stuff, I suppose he wasn’t as bad as say Ronnie Raygun, but it was bad enough. You can’t just do whatever you want for whatever reason. Well, apparently you can.

    Clinton screwed Central American workers and companies for Dole and them. When I was in Belize some years back I stayed at a B&B one night and chatted with the owner, a Brit ex pat and he was telling me more about bananas and sugar cane than I ever thought I would care about. It has stuck in my mind for a long time.

    It is not on the scale of invading Iraq for their oil, but honestly, a resource is a resource. How different is it (in concept and theory)?

    I don’t know how different Obama might turn out to be…but I know from what we had and I wouldn’t mind a complete unknown.

  42. I do not believe that the superdelegates will roll out for HRC just because she’s the Establishment. They are politicos and I’m sure they recognize two things: 1. the grassroots of the party would walk away forever if they simply overturned the results of the primaries and caucuses and 2. a significant number of them will recognize that she is the worst candidate to face McCain in November and they want to win. They want to win because it is in their naked self-interest to do so, not because they are progressives.

    Something is going to come out of the convention that is not HRC as Queen. Even if (god forbid) she is the presidential candidate (which I still doubt), they will have to make serious concessions to the Left and to the grassroots, or they will have signed the death certificate for the Democratic Party once and for all.

    Which isn’t the worst result.

  43. Hi gummitch! OT: I ordered the coffee you recommended the other day. It came this afternoon. (Smell’s good..). We try it out in the morning. I’ll get back to you with my report. 😉

  44. Clinton ran to the left but governed center-right. He was not exactly what I would call liberal…Republican Lite, if you will. I am hoping the DLC’s days are over. The people are speaking and what they are saying isn’t pretty for the corporatist “centrists”. Like Spudge says, the SDs will go with the leader of the pledged delegates out of self-preservation.

  45. I think it depends to whom they feel more beholden…the corporate interests or the people.

    Oh. Right.

  46. Joanne, if they want to actually have a party…they will listen to the people. They KNOW it would cause a rift in the party that could send them into the minority for decades.

  47. MizzJ sez:
    Zooey, that stuff is TRES expensive! Something like $100 a lb, I think.

    Oh. Then it must be good. 😉

  48. If I am gonna pay a $100 a lb for anything, it better give me one hell of a buzz! 😀

    And I don’t know about drinking the juice of something that some animal previously pooped out.

  49. Hehe, yeah, coffee is nasty though I have been told I used to put cigarette butts in old, cold coffee and drink/eat it so my tastes are pretty suspect.

  50. IMHO – the Super D’s will not continue to back Clinton as the nominee. They must know that it will be Whitewater all over again and then there will be the investigation into the Clinton’s tax returns. All this during the run-up to the November election. Does the country need this nonsense? I don’t think so.

  51. The Clinton’s made it through all their crap. Why would they want to have all that stuff paraded once again in hit ads all over America, non-stop, all over again.. I don’t get it.

    And, I don’t want to see it all over again.
    Can’t we start fresh and move on?? New ideas?

  52. Uhm, and you did this why, JP?

    I think coffee smells and tastes amazing. I love to sit in a coffee shop just to smell it. Alot of them enhance their scents, too, because people react to much to smells. I do, that’s for sure.

  53. Muse – there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning. Is this coffee you bought “fair trade” coffee? If it is, then it is worth every dollar that you spent because the small coffee growers are making the profits and not the big corporations like Maxwell House and Folgers etc…

  54. I like the smell of coffee but I can’t stand the taste. The only time I ever drank it was when I drove semi for a couple of years. By the way, if there was ever an industry that needs more regulation, that is it. Stay away from semis if you want to live.

  55. My mom used to have card club and mahjong parties with The Girlz and they would drink coffee and have coffee cake and such afterwards, and they would put their cigarettes out in the cups.

    It was soooo gross! It looked disgusting and it smelled disgusting. And, of course, I had to help clean it up. Yuck.

  56. Good night folks. Must get up early and head into the “Big Pharmceutical” office to attend a meeting where the Head of Research and Development lets us all know that there will be more layoffs due to “restructuring”.

  57. It may have been disgusting to look at or smell but it tasted oohhhhhh so good 🙂

  58. Learning is for dummies.

    When I need to know something. I let that urge go.

    davesfortruth appears to be channeling President Botch.

    But you forgot dave – Work is for peasants.

  59. Thanks, Cats! That’s my angel, Roma, who is snoring and twitching at my feet as I type. Doggie dreams I suppose. 🙂

    JP, no shit about the trucking industry. I always pay very special attention to them when they are near my on the highway. Too big. Too heavy. Too many drivers on speed. Too long to stop. Too many too’s…enough to kill ya real quick.

  60. Well, most drivers are pretty good normally but they are all dead tired and hopped up on amphetamines. If they are owners they need to make the money and if they are company drivers they are forced to drive beyond their limits. I was always a company driver and I was taught how to falsify my logs. It is a dirty, dangerous industry.

  61. Zooey, two of my major food groups. I have two bad habits, I smoke and swear…and if you count coffee as a vice, I am the vice queen.

  62. Yes I know work is for peasants Shayne. I try to avoid it as much as possible.

  63. I am in accounting but it is boring the hell out of me. I just got a book called “200 Jobs for Introverts” and I am seriously thinking about getting into the Environmental Science/Research field.

  64. Heh…lemme know about those 200 jobs. I swear I am so bad that when I am home, I can stay here for a week without going out.

  65. There are a whole lot of good interesting jobs in the book. I saw Environmental Science and I stopped. It is perfect for me. And making a difference other than recording whatever the hell my boss wants me to record would be a nice change.

  66. I guess I was channeling the presidunce.

    Zooey the only thing constant is change.

  67. To pretend to be president you have to be rude, abrasive, arrogant, uncaring, born into money, feel entitled to anything anyone else has but are not skilled or talented enough to get on your own, treat science as folly because you are too stupid to understand it, and walk like a monkey with a broom up it’s a$$.

    Who on earth would want to pretend to be THAT?

    And, JP, you’re learning! I like you more every day!

  68. JP, I love my Environmental Science class. It’s so interesting. And there are so many different fields to get into.

  69. It sounds so interesting. As a kid-teen I wanted to be an archaeologist or a park ranger. I guess I should have stuck with what I liked. Oh, well, not to late.

  70. And I would think the “feel good” factor of trying to make a difference would be huge.

    Good for you, dude! Go get ’em!

    You said you are close to Madison and UW Madison is a kickin’ school! No U of I, but then…. 😉

  71. I dropped out of the U-Dub right after high school 🙂 Yeah, it would fill me with purpose…and jeez, I don’t even mean that sarcastically…weird.

  72. I wish I didn’t love what I do as much as I do. I would love to go back to school just to go…and if I could do something that made me feel like I was doing something for the greater good, so much the better, It most certainly would feel good.

    And college is often wasted on the young. My ex went and partied for two years til he left. I went to college for a year before I got married. I was fairly studious but still had my times. When I went back to college as an adult, I loved it, I took it seriously (too much so, I suppose) and it meant an awful lot more to me.

    How old are you?

  73. It’s never too late, JP.

    I started college when I was 47. If you’re not too materialistic, it’s possible to live on very little while you go to school.

    Talk to new student services at your local college, it couldn’t hurt!

  74. What do you do, Joanne? I am 35. I went back to school at 27 and now I am going to again.

  75. , Illinoisan snow looks like millions of little coal mines – JP

    Don’t make me come over there bud!

  76. Zoo, I worked 50 hours a week and had my son full time last time I went to school. I don’t think I will do that again but yeah, I am still a spring chicken. The student loans are going to be my death though.

  77. I am an instructional designer. I design and develop technical training programs for custom computer applications.

    Basically, I am a teacher for corporate America.

    I also do some business process redesign consulting with some of the companies I work with to take their manual or automated processes and plug them into the application I work with.

  78. Wow, that sounds boring, Joanne. To me, of course. It is always a good thing when you love what you do.

  79. Yeah, I am never going to make a ton of money with my interests, which is ok, but having those loans over my head is…not fun.

  80. JP, Google grants and scholarships for adults returning to school. That you are a single parent is huge and if you can write well, which you seem to be more than able to do, you can write what is basically a grant proposal and get free money for school. With no paybacks. They aren’t huge and you may have to get a bunch of them, but it all helps.

  81. Are you backpedaling JP? Are you saying you don’t have a problem with Illinois drivers? Remember you’re testifying under oath here.

  82. Thanks Joanne. I will. Pell grants are nice, too bad Bush cut them. I love Republicans.

  83. What I do totally rocks! I teach people how to do stuff and have a blast with them all week.

    As I always tell them (as I am torturing them to learn some pretty technical stuff), if you’re laughin’ you’re learnin’! And my students do alot of both!

  84. Shayne, he’s actually been a good guy tonight. No driving remarks, well mostly…but not aimed at us. He has been spared the wrath…for now. But we better watch him REALLY closely. Ya just never know. (snicker)

  85. Hmm, that sounds less dull now that you explained it a little. It sounded like you were writing technical manuals!

  86. Not technical manuals, training manuals. There’s a difference. I’m a few wrungs up on the evolutionary scale of that kind of writer.

  87. Goad? Never! I would never do that.

    But I am a woman…so I might tempt you some. (wink wink nudge nudge)

  88. Hey MJ I bought bison burgers for tomorrow. Do you think I should tell the family?

  89. By the way, Zoo, if you are still here. Nice viewing stats yesterday (or part of today, however that works.)

  90. No. Get their reaction first. You might taint what they think of it.

    My ex liked the burgers but didn’t like the stews I made…while I love buffalo in any cut.

  91. Pretty great, huh JP? I think it cuts off at around 5 p.m. PT. Not sure why.

    The last week or so have been the greatest stats we’ve ever had.

  92. I only eat cows, chickens and pigs. Even though I like deer I have to suppress my gag reflex if I think about it.

  93. I used to watch it every Sunday night when I was a kid…right after Dave Allen. That guy was the funniest guy ever. Anyone remember him?

    I saw Spamalot on Broadway when I was in NY a couple months back. Not as good as I had hoped for.

  94. Sure is, Zoo. Great day. Oh, and you have been getting great stats because I joined 🙂 Or it could have something to do with EV!

  95. Ugh. I hate it when I eat something, and then someone says “guess what it was.”

    Even if it was good, I feel like someone played a trick on me.

  96. JP, my dear…you just need me to cook something exotic for ya. I’ll turn you around right quick. I’ve never had a complaint.

  97. No, I don’t know who Dave Allen is. Monty Python and Doctor Who were the only shows my mom would let me stay up late for.

  98. Ugh, Joanne, it isn’t about the taste. It is about my warped mind. I have a food phobia about things, I guess.

  99. What was mentioned on C&L about here today? I saw you mention it but didn’t catch what it was.

  100. Dave Allen did bits like Benny Hill, but higher level humor. He was VERY anti church in many of his jokes and bits. One of his fingers was missing and somewhere along the line in his show when he would do the monologue, he’d sit in a directors chair with a drink in his hand and wave that hand about as he told he jokes.

    He was a truly funny man.

  101. Cool, Z! Thank you!!

    I haven’t seen Dave Allen since before I married which was long, long ago,

  102. JP, ROFLMFAO!

    Hadda get that in there, didn’t ya? You gots a big beaver, big whoop! (snicker)

  103. I swear I was about to finish that last one by saying that we have a big, bad indian which eats your beaver…but I thought better. 😀 😀 😀

  104. Now you have to get C&L to link to one of your stories. You have some good writings here.

  105. That’s awesome, Z. You have scooped them a couple of times. I read several blogs a day; TP, Zoo, TPMM, BradBlog, and CB. I love CB. Steve Benen is very good.

  106. Zooey, could you not tell them how short I am, I’m busy sounding tough. And my munchkin princess just had a little growth spurt and is almost as tall as I am. Whoopee.

  107. You have edit?

    I feel so left out. (pout)

    And how do you see your stats, Zooey?

  108. MizzJ, Critters have a Dashboard, which is sort of the keys to the kingdom. We can see all the behind the scenes stuff, stats, etc.

    It’s where we write from, and build up the various features of the blog. And it’s where I watch the comments — I see all comments on all threads at once. That’s how we know so quickly that a troll has shown up. 🙂

  109. Ah, gotcha!

    Who pulls the Hail to the Chimp quotes? Those crack me up…on one level. Sicken and sadden me on another.

  110. I use Firefox (I HATE Internet Explorer, it’s buggy and a crappy application. I wrote up quite a rant about it on my blog some time ago.) And Firefox has a bunch of add-ons – like you can carry your favorites to any computer you are on – and StumbleUpon is a little toolbar where you can enter the things you like into your preferences and then click and find new sites based upon your interests. It is VERY cool!


  111. It didn’t make sense for me to put up the wrong letters but I thought I got it fast enough.

    Now what’s FWB?

  112. Shayne, Joanne made up the FWB (f*$%ing Wisconsin ba$tard) to make up for the FIB comment. FIB is gender specific. It is f*%#ing Illinoisan ba$tard or b!tch.

  113. One just has to consider the source, that’s all…cheeseheads and all, donchano.

  114. I need to start a dictionary. I think my mad cow is exacerbated by Alzheimer’s.

  115. Nah, it’s Sometimer’s…the stage before Alzheimer’s sets in.

    You’re good for now.

  116. Actually, I rather like WI.

    Did you know (and if I said this earlier, forgive MY case of Sometimer’s) that after 9/11 WI gave more in donations than any other state in the union? I had a place in Plymouth then and was VERY proud to have been a part of that.

  117. Hey, Zooey, you have a stalker on TP. His name is Zooey_Sucks. SUPER! YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

  118. I didn’t know that, Joanne. Wisconsin has a really interesting political history. It is the home of the Republican party (which is actually the Democratic party now, I think, with all the changes). It has a huge progressive wing. And it hasn’t voted Republican for awhile (we are doing better).

    I really don’t like going to Illinois (but it is Rockford, not even Illinoisans like Rockford).

  119. Zooey, don’t know if we invented fried cheese but darnit, I would be proud if we did 🙂 Beer and beer-battered cheese…it brings a tear to my eye.

  120. JP, take note here…I stuck up for my cheesehead neighbors.

    Just sayin’. 😀

  121. That’s at least three or four, JP.

    I don’t know what it is that sets them off, but I’m sure glad it does.

    Limp dicks, all.

  122. Every time I don’t go to TP something interesting happens. What thread is the stalker on?

  123. Well, my friends, I do believe my bed is calling my name.

    Sweet dreams one and all.

  124. I’m heading that way as well — early class — then Spring Break!

    Taunt the troll, if you care y’all. 🙂


  125. More incompetent than most. Still good for a couple of laughs. I need more interests. Night all.

  126. If the stalker comes back…he is into S&M. He has taken a lot of abuse (all earned).

  127. My first comment at The Zoo. Hillarity’s math problem is maybe she’s hinting to be Obama’s running mate. I think he should choose John Edwards. Hello and goodnight all. Back to TP for a little whack-a-troll before I nod off.

  128. Hey, EW. Great job with the blog pimping. Did you see we got on Mike’s blog roundup at C&L?

  129. Good morning. See you all were up late last night 🙂

    JP – you would do very well at environmental science. Lots of detail work and as an accountant, you are use to details. This is an excellent time to become an environmental scientist what with all the problems with our water and air and resources and climate. We need you.

  130. That is a good one, muse. Tells it like it is — and it’s dirty, dirty, dirty.

    Hillary propping up McCain is a betrayal of us, and everything she claims to stand for.

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