Good Morning from Europe – Has the Democratic Party lost it’s mind?

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It beggars belief. There is a President with, as many see it, the worst record ever. There are two unpopular wars going on, which said President has started and then abysmally bungled. As a consequence the economy is sliding into depression! In just about any country the next Presidential elections would be a slam dunk for the opposition party. Add to that a popular candidate who motivates more voters than ever to take part in the political process, amongst them the notoriously politically unmotivated fun generation. A landslide victory would be a given.

Enter the Democratic Party:

Instead of grabbing the momentum of a candidate’s popularity and gathering steam to get a mandate for very painful political decisions necessary to get out of the mess the coutry is in, they focus their discussions and their money on internal bickering. Florida and Michigan, Superdelegates, you name the issues. They allow a trailing candidate, some 600’000 votes behind in the popular vote, to dictate their agenda. Unbelievably, they stand aside and look on disinterestedly, while the trailing candidate damages the leading candidate and the prospects of the whole party along with it.

Thus they accomplish the unaccomplishable. Losing the general election to the unloved Presidential Party’s unloved candidate.

Having said this, let’s have a look at what is keeping the European media busy:

French voters have given President Nicolas Sarkozy a piece of their mind. They used the opportunity of council elections as a day of reckoning. The French are decidedly unhappy with the way their President has kept up during the first 10 months of his presidency and handed many candidates of the Presidential Party UMP a stinging defeat.

But back to the US primaries:

Wlliam Kristol sees his NewYorkTimes column printed on the International website of Der Spiegel. He advises John McCain on how to win the Presidency:

McCain should keep following Danton’s injunction: “Il faut de l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace.”

Danton was killed under the guillotine by his revolutionary buddies.

The Guardian’s Michael Tomasky asks: “Can Obama attack a woman without looking like a bully?”

So Obama is going to have do a unique kind of negative campaigning. It will have to be somewhat polite and high-minded. It will have to steer clear of any possibility of being interpreted as misogynistic. Yet at the same time, it has to be tough enough so that he can prove he’s president-tough.

That’s quite a tightrope. The slightest mistake and you can be sure that the Clinton campaign, not widely known for its sense of shame, will exploit it in ways that you and I can’t even begin to imagine.

The Telegraph is quoting Senator Obama, who clarified his position on a double ticket:

After bouncing back from defeats last week to claim an easy victory in Wyoming at the weekend, Mr Obama said: “You won’t see me as a vice presidential candidate. I’m running for president. We have won twice as many states as Senator Clinton, and have a higher popular vote, and I think we can maintain our delegate count.”

The Independent is diggin deep into history, connecting Teddy Roosevelt, a bear, a political myth and the current race, throws in Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley and Bo Diddley for good measure and comes up with a story about Mississippi and its primaries, here.

Finally The Times finds the harshest words yet for the democratic infighting, which they fear may well end in bloodshed.

Caucuses in Wyoming on Saturday had a sevenfold increase in the numbers taking part compared with 2004, while Democrats also celebrated winning the Congressional seat vacated by Dennis Hastert, the former House speaker — a victory some compared to toppling Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad.

Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, yesterday said that such results showed why his party was on course to defeat John McCain, the Republican nominee-elect, in November’s general election. He added, though, that elder statesmen might yet have to talk to Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton “about how to make peace and the convention work”.

The very real blodshed in Iraq, however has made the headlines again today, where five US soldiers have been killed by a suicide bomber and a key Sunni tribal leader died as a result of another suicide bombing.

There is so much at stake! The Iraq war is and remains at the center of most of the problems that will have to be solved to end your country’s descent into crisis. John McCain has already stated his position, when it comes to that war and Democrats are right now wasting another four more years!


10 thoughts on “Good Morning from Europe – Has the Democratic Party lost it’s mind?

  1. As much as I’d like to see the Dem nomination settled, as a nation that has aspirations toward following the rules and being fair, it’s essential to let the process play out as designed rather than forcing an early conclusion for convenience.

    In addition, it’s not clear to me that the delay plays into McCain’s hands. As long as this situation continues, McCain cannot get any meaningful media time. Virtually 100% of the media is focused on the Democratic race, which leaves the right wing sitting in an echo chamber.

    That said, it will be a pleasure to see Hil go away for good.

  2. Fantastic, EV. I love your stuff — keep it up!

    BTW, love the guillotine reference — Kristol is such a dumbass.

  3. Winsley, welcome here!

    gorn, yes and no, yes a democratic process,playing by the rules to find a candidate takes as long as it takes and I’m fine with that.

    What is happening here is different. This is as someone at Huffington Post said a political suicide bombing. Hillary is willing to blow her political career to smithereens and take the other candidate and the party with her. Her reactions ring of the “woman scorned”.

    The Democratic Party has a right to protect itself from being abused as a nomination maker.

  4. While the La Monde piece is in French, there is a link to a UK piece in the Independent.

    It’s nice to see another Bushie (although not his biggest supporter, but one who follows in the LET THEM EAT CAKE [which is appropos considering 🙂 ] approach to humanity] getting the boot.

    Handing him a big defeat is another defeat to the greater disease of screw everyone politics.

    Good riddance, President Sarkozy. No great loss.

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