The Great Day

Quiz: What ’70’s rock album is this photo from?

The subject must be the ‘original’ Hard Rock Cafe, in some mining town I believe, does anyone know where?

I had the experience of living amongst a predominately Irish community on a small island in northern Lake Michigan.

St. Patrick’s was a week long affair, the day itself was The Great Day…

After trying to keep up on a night of drinking with the Irish sailors I crewed with, they informed me “You just don’t have the genes…” (for drinking)

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  1. I am not Irish so it was never a big deal. Just another in a long list of reasons to drink. One year I went to a Madison Monster’s (now defunct semi-pro hockey team) game. The ice was green and so was the beer. We are all German’s and Pole’s so we use any excuse to drink…even the green stuff.

  2. B’gosh ‘n begorrah, yer good!

    I’m Swedish, so I don’t really want to talk about drinking….

  3. It isn’t the genes, it’s the practice that counts. My husband says I was swimming in a bottle of tequila when he met me. Now I get tipsy on a half a glass of wine

  4. Oh yes, and anything else that happens to flow by.
    They just don’t like to talk a lot about it…

    Hey, where did everyone go!!!
    I should let you all in on the running gag about Swedish men, and their general unwillingness to talk about anything sensitive… I’m fortunate to have enough German and English in my backgound to bring a little ego and some arrogance into the mix.
    Ever heard the term “dumb Swede”? It doesn’t implicate their intelligence, but the tendency to not speak!

  5. Flow by? Hmmmm? I guess the Swedish wouldn’t mind their glug tasting fishy, would they?

  6. Hmm, I am mostly German and English so I have a lot of ego and arrogance and a large slice of Greek so…angry too.

    Heh, my best friend of 20 years is a Swede. He is not much for talking about squishy stuff. πŸ™‚

  7. Shayne, they eat fish that has been soaking in lye!! Fishy beer would be an upgrade.

  8. We soak the dried salt cod in glug to rehydrate it before cooking.
    Now the fish tastes like glug!

  9. Being an Irish woman who could probably drink a decent portion of you under the table, I would say there is some strange predisposition the Irish possess that allows them to hold their liquor.
    Never got into St. Patrick’s Day, though.
    Never drank green beer. Never want to.

  10. That sounds so horrible, Raven! I know some people around here love it. Fish, lye and glug. I am waiting for the fourth horseman.

  11. Well I surely don’t belong here. I have an issue with St Patrick’s Day and salt cod is on of the only fish related items that I don’t really like. There are a lot of things I will not eat for moral reasons but salt cod and bluefish are two I just don’t like.

  12. sabyen,

    I’ve got to know who the avatar pic is.
    It can’t be you – you have a boyish face with light brown hair.

  13. I’m half Italian and also not a salt cod fan, yuck. I do like grits though and they’re soaked in lye. My husband, the southerner won’t touch the stuff because of the lye. Go figure.

    I just saw some knucklehead fishing near NYC for bluefish. I won’t be eating those either.

  14. Don’t tell me he gave us a picture of him we can actually SEE! Now I’m going to have to beat these ladies off you with a stick. Or I could hold a raffle. Tickets, $5, tickets, get your raffle ticket here.

  15. Lye and glug. No clue what either is (I thought lye was acid which could eat through a building or something) but I can’t say it sounds appealing.

  16. I don’t care! From now on that’s you and I’m selling date JP raffle tickets, $5 each. Now zip it.

  17. MsJoanne, it is Ludefisk. Lye is actually a base (the opposite of an acid but just as nasty). Ludefisk is popular in Wisconsin and especially Minnesota. Lots of Scandanavians.

  18. I called the raffle first tb, get in line and give me $5. You can get 3 for $12 though cause I’m a sport.

  19. I don’t care! From now on that’s you and I’m selling date JP raffle tickets, $5 each. Now zip it.

    You know a money making scheme when you see one, Shayne.

  20. Not my problem. To the best of my knowledge that’s you. Didn’t I tell you to zip it, I’ll give you 20% and you get the date, yeesh, what do you want from me.

  21. I have heard of ludefisk but thought I’d pass. I think I saw it in Germany a couple of months back, too.

    And I was going to say you looked amazingly like Feingold. I was about to do that road trip to your house alone (with flowers and candy [wink wink nudge nudge]) ’cause ol’ Russ is definitely a hottie!

  22. BTW, I think Russ is a hottie because of his values. That he looks good is but a plus.

  23. I’ll still take it.
    You’re awfully cute in your police line-up picture!
    (the horizontal lines behind you)

  24. And TB the striped suit! Don’t forget the striped suit. I loves me a mans who’s in prisons.

  25. Heh. Not big on the marriage deal, eh?

    I don’t think I’ll ever get married again.

  26. TB, I don’t ever say never. If the guy who was perfect for me came along, I would. But I wouldn’t settle for anything less than joint happiness forever.

    I am too much of a realist to think that love alone is enough. And after a lifetime of learning and introspection, I know what would make me happy and how to guage if we would be good.

    I do say this, if I ever marry again it would be one of those lifetime things. One little doubt and it wouldn’t happen. We ignore too much the first time around. If I go a 2nd round, I know, well, alot more than I did the first time.

  27. your too kind tb. What a minute tb isn’t gonna cut it. Better go with trueblue.

  28. I’m serious.

    And Ms J, you are very pretty. I don’t want to hear that stuff from you again. Got it?

  29. TB, thanks, hon. I am flattered.

    No one is perfect and I, just like any other person (other than Paris LoSpears) have my own body dysmorphic issues at times.

  30. Tell me.

    And since Paris decided to get new boobs, I think I have to take that back…even those who some consider perfect, don’t think that way.

    For the average person? I just try to remember that I am average and will never do a photo shoot where I might look like Marilyn Monroe (who, these days, would be considered fat).

    Thinking of Marilyn as fat in today’s society actually cheers me up. Unrealistic expectations don’t translate to the vast majority of people.

    Now I just have to think of this daily for a week or so. Do a Stuart Smally or something. πŸ˜€

  31. I *love, love, Love* Stuart Smalley!

    “Normally I wouldn’t say this, but is there any way you can get to a pound cake?”

    I have it on DVD.

  32. Fig newtons? ICK! If I am gonna blow the calories, give me key lime or coconut creme pie or some very fine creme brulee. If I am gonna go there, it needs to be for something really good.

    Figs? (shudder)

    Ok, maybe soaked in some port wine and served with cheese. πŸ˜€

  33. No. I am pop culturally challenged. πŸ˜€

    If it wasn’t a snipped on The Soup or on some site I happened to StumbleUpon, I probably don’t know it.

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