Reverend Wright Was Quoting Fox News Interview

Who would have thunk it? As it turns out Reverend Write was quoting a white man. That’s right he was quoting career U.S. diplomat Ambassador Edward Peck. And where did the Reverend hear Ambassador Peck speak? Well on Fox News oddly enough. Edward Peck served 32 years in the U.S. Foreign Service and headed up the mission in Iraq under Presiden Jimmy Carter.
Ambassador Peck joked that he wouldn’t be invited back on Fox News.

Here is Reverend Wright’s complete speech given not long after 9/11 it seems when tensions were particularly high. But he offers a “faith footnote” to the ambassador attributing all these “horrible” comments to him. The pertinent part starts at about three minutes into the video.

More from Sam Stein at The Huffington Post.


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  1. Forgive me, but you may have misunderstood the “faith footnote”. From the article:

    “…he prefaced his remarks as a “faith footnote,” an indication that he was deviating from his sermon.”

    I understand that to mean that the remarks that followed, the ones that caused such a stir, were not meant to be taken as part of his regular sermon, but rather his own personal opinion on the matter. If this is correct, then the right-wing is totally off-base to say that Barack Obama attends a church where the pastor “preaches” these things. Only the sermon part would be “preaching”. The rest would be known as “exercising your First Amendment rights.” And perhaps all these white people going on TV to complain about it should first listen to the whole thing, in context, and see if maybe they could understand why the pastor would say those things. Instead, his (and Obama’s) critics jumped on the words “God damn America!” This was, of course, wrong of them.

    One of the greatest freedoms we in America enjoy is the constitutional right to stand up in public and say, “God damn America.” And I will defend with my life his right to say those things.

  2. Anderson Cooper’s blog also has information on the sermon. What we all heard was completely out of context and purpose.
    It took this long for the full video to get circulated; it took this long for Ambassador Peck to speak out.

  3. And how many will see it? And how many days before Fox and friends (other networks) stop talking about it? FIX what they have said?

    Few and never.

  4. He’s not the only one in this country who does it. Have you heard Pastor Hagee talk from behind the pulpit?
    What about Pastor Falwell? There are LOTS of ultra conservative fundy churches that preach politics. Lots of Catholic priests also mix politics and social issues into their homilies.
    This is nothing new. Wright was pretty raw and angry, the part quoted frankly outrageous, but not unique. It was also out of context and looped nonstop over and over and over.
    Wright is condemned, but people like Hagee, Robertson, Falwell, etc.. are praised and hailed.
    Makes no sense whatsoever.

  5. muse,

    I agree that ALL churches should keep politics out of the church house. But I have not seen anyone condemn Rev. Wright for mixing the two. I have seen Hagee, Robertson, and Falwell condemned for it though. In fact, I could be mistaken, but I think Zooey has in the past said that certain “fundies” that do it should lose their tax exempt status.


    Thanks for the link. That was exactally what I was talkng about. Have you seen anything that says Wright is worried about his former church losing it’s exemption? Just curious. If so, I would like to see it.

  6. I haven’t seen that Wright’s church has 501(c)(3) status or not, and I’ve not heard if he’s worried.

    As far as I can tell, he’s not advocating that his parishioners go out and vote a certain way, he’s stating his opinion about America’s part in 9/11, i.e. the chickens coming home to roost.

  7. Frankly, it’s a moot point unless we know if that church bothered to get 501(c)(3) status — which they don’t have to do.

    I don’t have time to download and watch those videos.

  8. You know, I am not defending anything Rev. Wright said. Frankly, some of it was so offensive and outrageously inappropriate that there is no justification for saying those things in a church.
    My point earlier is that he is not alone in his outrageousness and inappropriateness when it comes to things said in the pulpits of some churches in this country.

  9. So hackerbob now you’re defending Bill Clinton? Or your voting for Hillary? Or are you just here to argue as usual. As far as most of us here are concerned all churches are too involved in politics and they should all lose their tax exempt status. So if that’s your point you’re rather preaching to the pulpit aren’t you.

  10. Apparently, I am alone in my feelings. I am nowhere near as offended by Wright’s comments as I am to many of the atrocities that have been done by us, in our name, or covertly throughout the world to various populations

    And I would bet that I have said things that would piss off people by far and away more than Wright did. Different but nonetheless offensive to some people.

  11. I agree, MizzJ. I don’t find the truth offensive.

    It’s interesting that Rev Wright’s sermons are called offensive, but a certain Rev Shaeffer was embraced by the Republican wingnuts after his sermons — which said the same things.

    Oh yeah — Rev Shaeffer is white.

  12. I looked at the link MJ. It’s pretty clear that a white reverend can say anything but a black reverend better know his place. And white people get indignant when they are accused of racism.

  13. Yep, people get mighty upset when an uppity black man says the same thing as a “respectable” white man.

  14. Everything that is going on this last week is nothing but pure racism.

    I do have to say that I was shocked and amazed (and almost proud) that two of the Fox people finally said Enough!

  15. I am totally with you…but it was at least unexpected.

    That they did it over Obama is more of a shock since we saw Hillary buddy up to Murdoch last year.

  16. For anyone who gets cable or satellite, have you noticed that both the History channel and National Geographic have become the Bible channels? I understand it’s Easter season and all, but History especially…it’s been weeks already.

  17. I am not worried about churches becoming involved with politics so much, but I am worrird about politicians who USE religion as a method to foment war. Hagee is just such a man whos talks of armageddon [war] in the middle east will bring Ihouse to earth. The neo-cons dont care about Hagees, or Falwell, or Roberts other than their views as useful for empire or hegemony and eternal war.

  18. Well, Joanne, I feel the same about McCain and Hagee who thinks many white people, black people, brown people and jewish people, must die for Jesus’ return.

    How is asking GOD for the death of thousands of others not only racist but sociopathic? And Hagee thinks he will be saved by fomenting war? Good luck Mr Hagee, your gonna need it.

  19. We’re all going to need it. I doubt the countries that are currently sustaining all of Bush’s little wars (and our economy) are going to continue to do so.

    I think if McCain wins we will be forced into a massive depression quickly by the other nations.

    And god help if we invade or bomb Iran. I think the time will come when the bombs are dropped on us just to make us stop.

  20. Zooey, that is very good to see. It saddens me to no end to see an honest, decent man get run down like this. This whole thing is making me sick to my stomach. Someone who finally MIGHT do something for the people of this country.

    I always liked Hillary until lately. And I would still vote for her over McCain or not voting at all. This is a desperate situation. But I hate her tactics. I hate what she is doing to Obama. I am GREATLY put off by her desire for power. To be honest, it scares me.

  21. I’m skeptical about polls because Hillary’s people when they call into Air America are particularly vehement about their dedication to her. And I believe if polled they’d say they’d support anybody but Obama at this point.

    Americans have the chance to elect somebody who can bring us all together and they choose not to do it. It’s unbelievable. I guess Hillary fans love the divisiveness of W.

  22. And others have brought up that she is a very divisive herself, just because the goopers railed her for so many years. She’s not your cookie baking woman and they really smeared her for a long, long time. That’s not her fault but it is what it is.

    I fear that her being on the ticket will create problems with dems getting a veto proof majority which we desperately need.

  23. Brad, granted that the rightwingers are doing what they do best, but Hillary basically saying McCain is better equipped to be president than Obama? She congratulated McCain on his wins during the last primary but never as much as said boo to Obama winning the states he did.

    Might as well be smears.

  24. I don’t see how Hillary is to blame for this. I agree that Rev. Wright’s sermons have been blown way out of proportion, but the only politician who actually used them was McCain (via a staffer). People just assert this stuff. Last night people were already assuming it was her fault Obama’s passport files were accessed. There was not a shread of evidence for that and now it’s been proven false. But people will just keep saying it, just like they will keep saying Obama’s pastor is a racist. It’s the same dirty stuff and it comes from the same place: the media.

  25. xis, I don’t believe for a second that all that is being thrown at Obama is coming from the Right. Not for a second.
    The Clintons are quite good at this, and they don’t like to lose.

  26. Hillary basically saying McCain is better equipped to be president than Obama?

    They are politicians, they lie.

    She congratulated McCain on his wins during the last primary but never as much as said boo to Obama winning the states he did.

    They are politicians, they dont have friends, they have associates.

  27. xis, I don’t believe for a second that all that is being thrown at Obama is coming from the Right.

    I didnt say he Hillary was doing nothing, I said she is doing little to Obama

  28. I know, Brad, but she is doing this against her own party.

    She is the party of HRC. Somewhere along the line she stopped being a dem.

    If she loses the nod, I almost expect to see a McCain/Clinton ticket.

  29. Well, DB, I understand what you say and rumors travel faster than light and once a dupe gets that in their head their pittbull lips wont let go

  30. Oh, it’s OK, I don’t mind the epithets. I picked my name because I am a professor with a Yale Ph.D. and Duke J.D. but my male colleagues on a listserv at the university where I teach actually called me stupid for exercising my freedom to support Clinton. I see the feeling is basically universal. Support Clinton=stupid. I don’t find it divisive or anything. I am probably a racist too. In fact, on one blog was called a reich winger and anti-gay even though I am a lesbian and active with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Now, what I actually said, Zoo, is that I don’t see how Hillary is to blame for the Rev. Wright issue breaking, not for Rev. Wright doing anything. I know you are smarter than I am and doubtless better educated, but reading is required.

  31. Do you know who Mark Penn is? (Hillary’s top mouthpiece)?

    Look at the companies that Burson-Marsteller represents:
    * Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, a firm owned by the Abu Dhabi government; PR Week reported in August 2007 that “the contract runs through January 31, 2008, and is worth an estimated $802,250, including fees and expenses” [21]
    * Action Performance Cos.
    * Allergan: Botox
    * American Public Health Assn.
    * Blackwater USA via Crowell & Moring
    * CDW Government Inc.
    * Cephalon Inc.
    * Chicago Office of the Mayor
    * Citizens Flag Alliance
    * Colombia [22]
    * Coach Inc.
    * Dubai 2003
    * Entergy Corp.: Indian Point nuclear power plant
    * Exelon Corp., including the New Jersey Affordable, Clean, Reliable Energy Coalition
    * Foundation for Clean Air Progress
    * Housing & Construction CA
    * HP
    * IGN Entertainment Inc.
    * Indonesian Government
    * Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity [23]
    * Iraqi National Congress
    * JAMDAT Mobile Inc.
    * Miller Brewing Co.
    * Lincoln Park [24]
    * Novell [25]
    * Optimus Inc.
    * Orbitz
    * Philippines, The
    * Presidential Climate Action Project [26]
    * Public Utility Commission of Texas
    * Qualcomm
    * R.R. Donnelley Financial
    * SAP AG
    * Sony Electronics
    * SRI [27]
    * State Farm
    * Stellar Internet Monitoring
    * T.D. Jakes, Bishop
    * Texas Assn. of Business
    * think3 [28]
    * UNITA (anticommunist group led by Savimbi)(Source: Julie Gozan, MultinatinalMonitor, April 1993.
    * U.S. Treasury Dept.
    * Union Banka (UB)
    * [29]
    * YukosSibneft Oil Company

    Mark Penn is the Worldwide Chief Executive Officer

    Here is some history:

    Established in 1953, Burson-Marsteller has its roots in a one-employee business started by Harold Burson in 1946. Operating as Harold Burson Public Relations in office space provided by one of his two clients, he marketed himself as a business-to-business specialist based on his pre-military three-year association with a large engineer-builder (which became his first client). By 1952, his firm had a dozen clients and five employees, including Elias (Buck) Buchwald, who retired 50 years later after serving as Burson-Marsteller’s No. 2 executive for much of that time.

    Notable Clients


    B-M worked for both the Nigerian Government and Royal Dutch/Shell during and after the Biafran war. Reports of instability and genocide at the time had hurt Nigeria’s international image, they hired B-M to discredit these reports[citation needed]. The relationship continued long after the Biafran war. From 1991-2 the Nigerian military junta paid B-M’s lobbying subsidiary, Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly (acquired in 1991) over $1m in fees.


    After the invasion of East Timor around 200,000 people, one third of the population were murdered, the Indonesian government has also been accused of genocidal policies against the peoples of Irian Jaya, amongst many other human rights abuses. In 1996, BM was hired by the Indonesian government to clean up its image. B-M does however deny handling the issue of genocide in East Timor.


    BM worked for the Argentinian military junta led by General Jorge Videla, which seized power in a coup d’état in 1976. B-M’s job was to improve the country’s international image and create the impression of stability to attract foreign investment. During Videla’s reign, 35,000 people ‘disappeared’ and thousands of political prisoners were tortured. Videla is now serving a life sentence for murder. Harold Burson commented that, “We regard ourselves as working in the business sector for clear-cut business and economic objectives. So we had nothing to do with a lot of the things that one reads in the paper about Argentina as regards human rights and other activities.”

    Saudi Arabia, et al.

    B-M has worked for a host of regimes with appalling human rights records including the notoriously repressive and corrupt government of Saudi Arabia, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, and the governments of Sri Lanka and Singapore. Three days after the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York, in which 13 of the 16 alleged suicide bombers were Saudis, Saudi Arabia again hired B-M to ensure that its national image remains untarnished.


    In 2007, reacting to claims that they killed several Iraqi civilians without cause, the US based private security firm Blackwater hired Burson-Marsteller subsidiary BKSH to scrub their tarnished image.


    In September 2007 the firm was retained by struggling mortgage lender Countrywide Financial to promote a public relation effort entitled “Protect Our House” aimed at addressing the firm’s image following its downsizing and increased rate of foreclosures.

    This is Hillary Cinton’s chief campaign strategist. Shouldn’t that reflect on her in some way? Reflect her values? Show where her support and connections (and priorities) lay?

    This bothers me a LOT.
    She has paid Mark Penn and his firm $10 MILLION dollars! Penn wants to destroy Obama.

  32. I don’t think Hillary was behind the Wright thing at all.

    And I hzve no problem in the least with Hillary supporters as long as they are respectful and don’t go all OBAMANIAC and stuff.

    Fair and open discussion is one thing. And I, and I think everyone, is all for that. But there are many here (myself included) who prefer Obama to HRC.

  33. dumblonde sez:
    Now, what I actually said, Zoo, is that I don’t see how Hillary is to blame for the Rev. Wright issue breaking, not for Rev. Wright doing anything. I know you are smarter than I am and doubtless better educated, but reading is required.

    No, what you actually said is “I don’t see how Hillary is to blame for this.” See? I read it, and I could find it again. Cool, huh?

    Actually, I’m a college sophomore, but yeah, I’m better educated and way smarter than you.

  34. I don’t think Hillary was behind that either (though I believe she is behind lots of other things). Sean Hannity has been bragging on FOX that he is the one who broke that story. Ridiculous..

  35. Its Mark Harmon…people say, all too often, we look alike, even though I dislike his shows, and I didnt have a pic on my hardrive.

  36. I’m happily married here so don’t take this wrong.. I have always loved Mark Harmon. Great choice for a picture. 😉

  37. Near Chicago, close to the IL/WI border.

    I was in your neck of the woods last week. Houston. Downtown. (yuck. I hate being downtown anywhere.)

  38. I should change my pic to Nicole Kidman. Someone came up to me last year and asked if I was her. If I had been drinking something I am afraid I would have blown it out my nose..

  39. Well 1dumblonde, as the mother of a blond child and the wife of a blond man I find it interesting that a Ph.D. would choose to continue stereotyping any group of people. I guess you learned as much at Yale as our glorious president did. And I guess it’s safe to assume you are also a legacy.

  40. Muse, that’s like me and Sandra Bullock I had three people say that and I do not see it, at all.

  41. Have you had a lot of plastic surgery muse because Kidman looks kind of “tight”. But I’ve seen your picture and you are prettier. 🙂

  42. I do have to say it is a bit odd that a woman would want to perpetuate that kind of awful stereotype.

    Sounds more Regents to me.

  43. Hey MJ, when Zooey gets to Chicago the pizza is going to be “ON HER” isn’t it? 😆

  44. Shayne, if you have any questions about tightness, just watch Eyes Wide Shut.

    No doubts shall remain.

  45. I dont find it odd really, its like a reverse psychology thing.

    Tell someone your a mechanic and they thinks your greasemonkey….playing the part..ya know?

  46. muse, you should have smacked whoever said you look like Nicole Kidman — she looks very brittle. I’ve seen you in person, and you look way better.

  47. “Eyes” came out in 1999. I don’t remember it so much. But it seems like after “Cold Mountain” released in 2003 she had quite a bit nipped and tucked.

  48. That’s right Zooey, when you get to Chicago you’ll be ducking, from flying pizzas, woohoo!

  49. Hey MJ, when Zooey gets to Chicago the pizza is going to be “ON HER” isn’t it?


  50. I must admit I am of want to hear what Dumblonde has to say since she comes from an elite university and perhaps what some of her classmates think of politics today.

  51. Eyes was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Granted, I don’t see movies too often but it sucked, unless you are into full frontal Nic.

    And I HATE Tom Cruise. Always disliked him until his meltdown. Then I REALLY REALLY came to hate him.

    Katie Holmes is a stepford wife. Just look at her eyes in any photo.

  52. Zep, dumblonde was a fake. No JD alive would be able to walk away from an undergrad calling them stupid.

    Just sayin’

  53. Zooey, you better wear more than a shower curtain. It’s still cold here.

    That said, it snowed like a mofo today so a shower curtain would have been pretty appropos. 😉

  54. I don’t know, Z. I didn’t read what she said that way. It wasn’t an undergrad it was coworkers. And they said it because of her thoughts on HRC.

    But I find it hard to accept that a college professor would belittle herself calling herself dumb blond. And a lesbian to boot allowing a stereotype like that? I find that a bit too over the top.

  55. Zep, dumblonde was a fake. No JD alive would be able to walk away from an undergrad calling them stupid. -Z

    Messing up all my fun…grrrratsafratsabeetlebugging….

  56. I am talking 10″ here. (DO NOT COMMENT!)

    I could see nothing but white for most of the day when I looked out the window. Almost total white out conditions.

  57. I need to sign off and get to bed. I’ll switch back to the giraffe in the AM if I can remember where I stuck that photo..
    Night folks.

  58. Well, I do believe I am going to crawl into bed, cuddle with the dog, and catch a PPV.

    Take care all. Enjoy your evenings and sweet dreams!

  59. Goodnight, MizzJ. 🙂

    I’m outta here as well. I’m not getting any studying done, so I might as well start fresh tomorrow.

    Goodnight all!

  60. It’s the duty of a minister, as far as I understand it, to to analyze what he considers sinful actions and to condemn those sins. Rev. Wright is hardly the only figure to criticize America’s war in Iraq and other actions, here and abroad. Should ministers not provoke their congregation, shake them out of their complacency, move to think and act differently? Some might not like Wright’s style or the extent to which he pushes his points, but he’s doing his duty as he sees fit to do it. It’s certainly not my style.

    A question: If Rev. Wright were not closely associated with a presidential candidate, how much attention would these “controversial” sermons be getting?
    Victor Kulkosky

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