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It is a bit eerie the quiet that emanates from the Clinton campaign during the last few days. Here’s the reason. Despite her fundraising record, she is not able to spend all the money. It is earmarked for the general election. Most of her contributors have maxed out on their contributions and now gave for a new cycle, the general election. AP reports:

[…] reports filed with the Federal Election commission late Thursday showed that Obama set a single-month fundraising record, with more than $55 million in contributions.

Both Democrats ended up with more than $30 million in the bank, but Clinton can’t use two-thirds of her cash on hand because it’s only for the general election. That and her debt left her with less than $3 million in the black. The debt doesn’t include the $5 million she lent her campaign in January.


Wealthier contributors to all three presidential candidates have donated for both the primary and general elections, doubling their allowable giving from $2,300 to $4,600. But the general election money can only be used in the fall. Whoever loses the nomination would have to return that money to the donors. Clinton has been the most aggressive at raising general election money, with nearly $22 million in the bank. Obama has $8 million set aside for the fall.

UPDATE:And just for the hell of it, she lied about her campaign funds, too!

UPDATE II: As hilzoy points out in the comments section, the author linked to in UPDATE I most probably has his facts wrong. Remains the fact, that Hillary Clinton is down to 3 million for the primaries.


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  1. Wow. I thought Hillary would be the most politically savvy candidate EVER. She’s running this thing like she’s totally clueless!

  2. Hard to believe HRC would lie about fundraising, huh? And to make it sound like she was getting all that support from the “little people”, too. Sniff. She’s such a scrapper! Fighting back against the huge advantage of that black guy with the funny name.

    There’s nothing like a sense of entitlement to blacken the soul, at least.

  3. Al Giordano is wrong about this one. The LA Times story he’s relying on says: “She collected $34.6 million in February, pushing her total to $173.8 million. That includes $10 million from her Senate campaign account and a $5-million personal loan. Clinton owes consultants and other vendors an additional $3.7 million.”

    The $10 million from her Senate committee and $5m loan are part of the $173 total, not her Feb. fundraising. (I’ve just been slogging through the financials in order to post on them myself.) She does, in fact, seem to have raised $34,471,877.59 from “Individuals/Persons Other than Political Committees”, not including either the $10m or the $5m.

  4. hilzoy, thank you for pointing this out. Accuracy is important, On the other hand there remains the fact, that most of the funds donated are earmarked, that leaves her 3 millions for the primaries, a pittance. It found this curious, because it is exactly what one of the commenters at the Washington Post blog The Trail said immediately after the numbers were public.

  5. There was a time when I would have felt sorry for her because at that time I liked both her and Obama. In the past two months I have seen a side of Hillary that is very unappealing. Today her husband made even more divisive comments for Democrats, indicating only McCain and Hillary are deserving of the final race.
    When is anyone going to tell her that she has to quit now? She will ruin the party, hand the presidency to McCain because she and Bill are too selfish to see the truth.

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