White House destroyed computer hard drives


The AP reports that yesterday in federal court, the White House disclosed that older “computer hard drives have been destroyed,” the latest revelation in the controversy surrounding missing White House e-mails from 2003-2005.

This news should hardly surprise any of us, since this administration does exactly what it pleases, when it pleases — law be damned — but this really makes me angry.

From the AP article on Yahoo:

The White House revealed new information about how it handles its computers in an effort to persuade a federal magistrate it would be fruitless to undertake an e-mail recovery plan that the court proposed.

“When workstations are at the end of their lifecycle and retired … the hard drives are generally sent offsite to another government entity for physical destruction,” the White House said in a sworn declaration filed with U.S. Magistrate Judge John Facciola.

Oh yeah, just your everyday disposal of computer hard drives — except it’s the WHITE HOUSE, and they know they’re supposed to keep frickin’ EVERYTHING. But they don’t want to keep everything, because this administration is more crooked than any we’ve ever had before, so they simply do not.

[U.S. Magistrate Judge] Facciola proposed the drastic approach of going to individual workstations of White House computer users after the White House disclosed in January that it recycled its computer backup tapes before October 2003. Recycling — taping over existing data — raises the possibility that any missing e-mails may not be recoverable.

But the Bush administration didn’t simply tape over existing data — OOPS!! — they sent the hard drives outside the White House to be DESTROYED. This behavior is an acknowledgment of guilt, and it’s covering up crimes we probably don’t even have a clue about yet.

At a House committee hearing last month, a computer expert who previously worked at the White House called the e-mail system “primitive” and said it was set up in a way that created a high risk that data would be lost from White House servers where it was being archived.

Under pressure to provide details about its computer system, the White House told the congressional committee that it never completed work that began in 2003 on a planned records management and e-mail archiving system. The White House canceled the project in late 2006 and says it is still working on a new version.

Of course Bush’s email and archiving systems are “primitive” and at high risk of losing data! It’s their stated intention (see the Bush Presidential Lie-berry) to be secretive about EVERYTHING. Bush has been in office for over seven years, and they’re still “working” on an email archiving system? Give me a break!

Wake up, America!!

It would be costly and time-consuming for the White House to institute an e-mail retrieval program that entails pulling data off each individual workstation, the court papers filed Friday state.

Damn right, it would be expensive — and worth every single penny. Get started. Now.


7 thoughts on “White House destroyed computer hard drives

  1. I have every email that I have received or sent since 1984 when I first went on the WEB. They are on my current computer’s hard drive. This is my 7th machine.

  2. It would be costly and time-consuming for the White House to institute an e-mail retrieval program that entails pulling data off each individual workstation, the court papers filed Friday state.

    This is complete and utter bullshit. It wouldn’t be that hard at all, wouldn’t take that much time and somebody straight out of college with a CS degree could do it.

    Once again, they count on the general populations ignorance.

    The dumbing down of America continues.

  3. Spudge,

    Would a “retrieving emails for dummies” post be fairly easy to write and understandable? I’d love to have something like that on the Zoo, if you’re interested.

  4. Zooey,

    It would all depend on the email system utilized. But I work in an IT deparment for a local school system and this type of thing happens somewhat frequently. An administrator will “lose” an email and then the techs are called on to retrieve it.

    Spudge_Boy is on the money here. For any tech responsible for their email system, this is a trivially simple matter to accomplish. The fact that this task has been made impossible to accomplish makes this a criminal matter. If only someone in Congress would remember the oath that they took….

    Yea, I’m not holding my breath on that one either. 😦

  5. The course guide that our county adult education uses covers managing E-mail.That includes archival, which does not require any new software for email products that follow the standard Windows Graphics User Interface Standard which has existed since Xerox invented the first GUI.

  6. I admit to not having good computer skills, but I know enough to save important emails. There are often times when Iwant to check on something sent or received years ago, and there they are, in files (probably not in the most efficient filing system) in folders, and easily retrievable.
    Destroying hard drives is thumbing their noses at the public – like Cheney saying, “So?”
    (meaning “waddya gonna do about it?)
    Where are the backup tapes? Even my small association keeps back ups off site.

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