US ‘deploys nuclear sub to Persian Gulf’

via: PressTV (March 23, 2008)

A US nuclear submarine has crossed the Suez Canal to join the US fleet already deployed in the Persian Gulf, Egyptian sources say.

Egyptian officials reported that the gigantic nuclear submarine along with a destroyer crossed the canal on Friday.

Egyptian forces were put on high alert when the navy convoy was passing through the canal, informed sources revealed.

Earlier on Thursday, a US Navy rescue ship crossed the canal to enter the Red Sea.

An American destroyer has recently left the Persian Gulf, heading towards the Mediterranean Sea.

The deployment comes as recent reports allege that US Vice President Dick Cheney is seeking to buy the support of Middle East nations for launching an attack on Iran.

US officials, however, deny that Cheney’s Mideast tour is linked to a possible military attack on Iran.

According to latest reports, a major part of the US Navy has been deployed in and around the Persian Gulf during recent months.

The fleet includes not only a vast array of weapons, including nuclear weapons, cruise missiles and hundreds of aircraft but also rapid reaction forces.

Put this together with Admiral Fallon’s sudden so-called early retirement (firing), and then this:

via: PressTV (March 19, 2008)

Cheney: Iran might be next US target

A senior aide to the US Vice President has reportedly said a military option against Iran over its nuclear program is on the table again.

Vice President Dick Cheney is again talking about possible US military action to shut down Iran’s nuclear program, the Israeli website DEBKA quoted the aide as saying.

The official added Cheney had told US troops in a military base in Iraq that “Iran has got to be very high on that list (of the countries that might be attacked)”.

The remarks came ahead of the talks Cheney was to hold during his 10-day tour of the Middle East, which began Monday, March 17 in Iraq.

The report added that Cheney is again talking about possible US military action to shut down Iran’s nuclear program, citing military and political sources in the region.

Cheney stopped over in Oman Wednesday, after two days in Iraq. He will travel to Saudi Arabia and will be in al-Quds next Saturday. He is also scheduled to visit Ramallah and Turkey.

According to the report, Cheney would emphasize the Bush administration’s decision to distance itself from the National Intelligence Estimate indicating that “Iran has halted its nuclear arms program in 2003.”

The report has undermined the position of hawkish politicians who were beating the drums of war with Iran.

Cheney will also underlines that “the administration now buys British, German, French and Israeli intelligence estimates that Iran is indeed pressing forward with programs for building nuclear weapons, warheads and ballistic missiles for their delivery.”

The report added the Americans will need the cooperation of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey to mount a military attacks on Iran.

Israel was notified by the White House that the Iranian issue had been added to Cheney’s regional agenda at the last minute, DEBKA quoted informed sources as saying.

BUM bum BUM bum BUM bum BUM bum…. (Can’t you hear those drums a drumming??)

Perhaps they aren’t going to pin their hopes on a McCain presidency to finish the job they started, either that or they are hoping that by starting this war with Iran now they will give McCain the edge in the upcoming Presidential election (with McCain supporting bombing Iran). Are they going to try and do something before Bush/Cheney leave office?I can feel it coming. Sure as the rain in Oregon. It is pure and utter insanity.

Then of course you have Dick Cheney ‘borrowing’ the Sultan’s 60 foot yacht to go ‘fishing’ off the coast of Iran last week… The height of arrogance and show of “in your face”…

From Global Research: “6 Signs the U.S. May Be Headed for War in Iran” (from March 12, 2008)

And yesterday, from the Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel: “One Foot in the Grave: Iran Attack Nearer, More Likely Than Most Suspect

A very important, very disturbing — and almost entirely overlooked — piece appeared on Juan Cole’s Informed Comment site this week. It was a guest column by William R. Polk, laying out, in copious and convincing detail, the evidence indicating that the United States will indeed launch a military strike against Iran, most probably before George W. Bush leaves office.

People have been warning of this for a year now. People need to wake up NOW! Before its too late!

This is NOT in the best interest of America. It is NOT what American’s want or need. It will destroy our country, our economy, our security, OUR MILITARY, our stability. These people are insane and they must be stopped from going through with this.

There IS NO better time than now for IMPEACHMENT!!

Congress, what in the hell are you waiting for???

6 thoughts on “US ‘deploys nuclear sub to Persian Gulf’

  1. Cheney does this thrust and swagger routine every time he goes over there.
    The last time he strutted up a red carpet on an aircraft carrier.
    He hobnobs with the oil lords and lounges around on the gold damask couches, all the while begging and pleading like a destitute peddler: “Please sell me your oil, I’ll give you money, guns, anything… just please give me my oil fix…and we’re practically neighbors anyways, you know, Haliburton and me and Dubai…..”
    Maybe this time they’ll drop him onto the nuke sub a la ‘Red October’.
    Oh, probably not…the static discharge from this stunt would knock out even the most heavily armored pacemaker…

  2. Well, I guess I am done with ThinkProgress forever now. Their topic on the 6 degrees of seperation pointing the finger at Obama for the State Dept Passport breach has got me really pissed, when you consider they didn’t mention his historical speech.

    I know they are tied to the Hillary camp now, but that was too much.

    So, I decided to post something about that and found that my old password doesn’t work.

    So, fuck them. I don’t ned to sign up again. Their bias has shown way to much these days.

    They need to change their name to ThinkHillary.

    Progressive my ass. If they were truly progressive, the head guy wouldn’t have gone to work for somebody as unprogressive as Republican lite Hillary.

  3. Heh. Spudge, I’ve been calling TP the “McCain Watch Blog.” It’s frickin’ all McCain all the time over there — apparently there are no other candidates!

  4. TP has really lost their way.

    If they were truly progressive, they would recognize that Obama’s speech was progressive. He was talking about the country progressing past our racist inbreeding. He was talking about the country coming together to make it a more perfect union.

    Hillary could counter that speech with a speech on gender inequality. But, she doesn’t have it in her.

    And no, I don’t mean the speaking part, I am talking about her ability to see thing from other people’s points of view. As proof of this, why does she feels the need to belittle Obama’s supporters?

    She acts just like that little turd rhf on TP in that thread. No better than a republican. Hence Republican lite or at this point, I am going to move her up to Liberman’s spot and call her a DINO.

    Proof? Liberman loves McCain and Hillary thinks McCain would be better than Obama.

    That’s Nuckin’ Futz!!!!

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