Time Magazine: Is Al Gore the Answer?

Time Magazine is speculating whether Al Gore could be the one to break the deadlock in the Democratic Primaries:

Let’s say the elders of the Democratic Party decide, when the primaries end, that neither Obama nor Clinton is viable. Let’s also assume—and this may be a real stretch—that such elders are strong and smart enough to act. All they’d have to do would be to convince a significant fraction of their superdelegate friends, maybe fewer than 100, to announce that they were taking a pass on the first ballot at the Denver convention, which would deny the 2,025 votes necessary to Obama or Clinton. What if they then approached Gore and asked him to be the nominee, for the good of the party—and suggested that he take Obama as his running mate? Of course, Obama would have to be a party to the deal and bring his 1,900 or so delegates along.

Unlikely, imho, but even more unlikely is the combination Al Gore / Hillary Clinton, as Rep. Tim Mahoney seems to think:

If either Clinton or Obama suggested to a deadlocked convention a ticket of Gore-Clinton or Gore-Obama, the Democratic Party would accept it, Mahoney said.

Who can seriously believe Hillary Clinton would serve as Al Gore’s VP and Al Gore could be excused for not trusting Hillary Clinton, given his experience with her, when she ran for NY Senator and Al Gore for President in 2000:

Before Hillary officially established her exploratory committee, she began directly competing with the vice president for money, sometimes even at his own fund-raising events. When Tipper’s friend Melinda Blinken and a group of women planned a Gore fund-raiser in Los Angeles, Hillary insisted on being invited—over the objections of the event’s organizers. Hillary then shocked the vice president’s supporters by soliciting donations for herself in front of Tipper.

As much as I admire Al Gore, the decision will have to be either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as nominee for the Presidential race. And it better be quick or McCain will be your next President.


12 thoughts on “Time Magazine: Is Al Gore the Answer?

  1. I greatly admire him, but if I were him, I’d rather not accept such a mission. I’d like him to endorse Obama, however, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Oh, sure, ev. Blame the Americans, why don’t you? 😀

    Just kidding, of course. I still wonder if John McCain was raising campaign contributions from non-Americans when he was “fund-raising” in London. I did not catch teh specifics of which group or whatever he was raising funds for, so I assumed it was his own campaign. If so, I thought non-Americans could not contribute to our elections. (Otherwise, Bush would tell the royal Saudis to give McCain a billion dollars. Okay, give the Republicans a billion dollars. Obviously, he can’t, or he might try.) Who, exactly, gave money to McCain in London (if it was for him; if it wasn’t, it doesn’t matter.)

  3. Technically, it’s not too late, but I can’t imagine either Obama or Clinton signing on to this. And, really, why should they? They’ve both been doing the work, raising the money, making the speeches — and in some cases, making shit up — while Gore’s done nothing toward the election.

    I also remain unconvinced that he’d be a much better campaigner than he was in 2000.

    An endorsement, however, that’s another story.

  4. I think the “big dogs” are waiting until there can really be no doubt about who will get the nomination to endorse either party.

    It’s not as if they couldn’t know now, it just has to be more clear to the American public.

    I’m glad they’re waiting. With this screwed up primary system we have, it would be nice for the states voting last to have some idea that their primaries matter.

  5. nwmuse
    March 27, 2008 at 6:46 pm · Edit
    Wouldn’t that be something if Gore and Edwards came out together to endorse..

    I’m sorry, but this made me think of Sen Larry Craig and his immortal welcoming words at a press conference where he was about to deny being gay, “Thank you for coming out today.”

    I’ll go to bed now. Good night, all.

  6. Wayne, this is so weird. You mention Larry Craig’s coming out party (heh), and he just happens to be on the front page of the newspaper I’m reading.


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