President Bush Booed Loudly Throwing Out First Pitch

via: Think Progress

President Bush delivered the first pitch tonight at the new Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. to a resounding chorus of boos. After being announced, Bush was showered by boos as he strode to the mound. Even after Bush delivered the pitch, the jeering did not let up until the President disappeared from the field. Watch it:


5 thoughts on “President Bush Booed Loudly Throwing Out First Pitch

  1. Just hilarious. Take a gander at the expression on his face as he heads for the mound and turns his head sideways.
    Petulant frat brat look…

    And that pitch would have sent a right handed batter to the dirt.

  2. Music to my ears. How ANYONE could possibly cheer that criminal is beyond me.

    He’s only going to be able to live in that bubble for so long. I hope that he will one day grasp the loathing so many around the world feel for him. As I doubt that any criminal court will ever touch him (goddamnitall), his knowing that he is the bigest screwup in history would be enough to warm my heart.

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