Countdown: Mukasey’s FISA Fables – Lies or Admissions?

Crooks and Liars

Crooks and Liars posted Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s tearful remarks about 9/11 and the ongoing FISA battle in Congress last week, and on Tuesday’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow dug deeper into what was either a series of lies from the AG or an admission of gross negligence on the part of the Bush Administration leading up to that tragic day.

Mukasey claimed that the U.S. received a phone call from a terrorist safe house in Afghanistan prior to 9/11, but couldn’t trace the call because the FISA laws were too restrictive — which is, of course, a lie. Mukasey was a Federal Judge, he knows that. Olbermann says that someone in the House or Senate needs to haul the Attorney General in and question him and find out whether he was lying to make a political point, or if the Bush administration really did receive such a call and chose not to act on it, leaving the country vulnerable to attack.

Maddow:”…Oh please, just let him have just been lying, because if he was telling the truth here, if there really was a call from a known al Qaeda safe house in Afghanistan to the United States before 9/11 which the Bush Administration did not tap and trace? That is huge news and we ought to get some answers about why we were left so unprotected and surprised on 9/11. Let’s hope that he was just making that up.”

These are their two obvious conclusions:

(1) Either Michael Mukasey is admitting to gross negligence on the part of this administration, or,

(2) Michael Mukasey is lying.

There is of course a third option that is left unspoken..

The option that our government WAS aware of all the warnings, AND all the intelligence, and actually took steps to block investigations or reports that could have stopped it, thus allowing the attacks to happen. Shortly after 9/11, the attacks were referred to more than once by people within this administration as “an opportunity“.

Yes, I know I am straying into murky water here..

Nobody wants to discuss this option because the implications are just too terrible to absorb or comprehend.. Yet, its the elephant in the room. It really has to be considered and discussed given ALL the coincidences, admissions, evidence, discoveries, etc.. that we now know looking back, and with ALL the events that have taken place since then. We are beginning to understand just what this administration is capable of, what direction they are trying to take this country, and how little they are considering the people of this country in their plans.
(As in So….)

Is this option really so far fetched given the lengths this administration has gone, and the steps that they have already taken (unheeded), to get their wars?

To subvert our laws and the Constitution?

To break international law through secret renditions and torture?

Through manufactured evidence (forged documents) pushed in order to invade another country, to lie and manipulate this country into a war with a country that posed us no real threat?

To cover their tracks by destroying records, videos, and over ten million emails that might expose anything they have been involved in?

By firing anyone and everyone that might not be totally loyal to their cause (without question)?

By politicizing our US Attorneys and Department of Justice so nobody would ever investigate or prosecute them?

By heavily gagging someone (Sibel Edmonds) who worked with the FBI translating top secret documents right after 9/11, that through her discoveries could expose people very high up in our government who were selling our nuclear secrets on the black market?

An administration that could ‘out’ a top-secret CIA operative (Valerie Plame Wilson)? A person who’s job it was to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon in order to keep America safe?

Or how about the secret meeting of all the ‘energy’ people with Dick Cheney shortly after taking the White House where they discussed (in secrecy) divying up Iraq (finding suitors) and their oil resources – BEFORE 9/11?

Or an administration who spied on, through illegal wiretaps, Americans without their knowledge BEFORE 9/11?

Or leaders who could order something like “Shock and Awe“? Where the first 50 sorties flown in Iraq, 0% hit their supposed targets. ZERO % (according to the Pentagon). But according to human rights watch and others, some 5000 plus Iraqi civilians were killed and countless others injured.

What is “Shock and Awe” anyway? What was it intended to do? And did they REALLY miss all 50 targets? Are we that inept, or, is that a better response from the Pentagon than saying those 50 sorties did exactly what they were supposed to do? (Terrorize the population of Iraq).

And if these people are capable of using WMDs to terrorise the people of Iraq with no regard for human life, why should we not believe they would be
able to do the same thing to us? After all, they wrote about the need for a “New Pearl Harbor” type event to get this all underway in “Rebuilding
America’s Defenses
“. Why, after all these lies and misstatements and complete fabrications… why don’t we simply take them at their word?

Better yet, read Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine“. Its eye-opening and disturbing…

Then, also consider the consequences of intentionally using depleted uranium in our weaponry used in Iraq – the VERY long term consequences to the country (Iraq) and to our soldiers who are living and fighting there for this country (and their families here at home).

I could continue on with this list, but it may take a week for you just to finish reading it if I do…

This administration has lied us into a war where now over 4,000 US soldiers have been killed, hundreds of thousands (if not over a million) Iraqis have died, with no plans of leaving any time soon. The war has shifted a tremendous amount of wealth away for our nation into the hands of private corporations – friends of this administration. Our military is depleted and now on the verge of being broken. It has left our country vulnerable in many ways.

There has been a tremendous shift of power and resources in this country since 9/11 that would never have been able to take place WITHOUT 9/11. This was all done with little or no resistance and absolutely no oversight or accountability. This could not have happened without the events of 9/11.

I am not even touching on the VERY long list of documented occurrences found in numerous sources (including the MSM) that took place leading up to and on that morning of 9/11, that point to the likelihood that many people had warnings of what was going to happen on 9/11 before it actually happened. How about considering all the numerous bizarre coincidences of that day (and that day only) that had the nation’s guard down in terms of airspace and missile defense – that absolutely defies logic and tests credulity.

How about all the key people who weren’t at their jobs JUST (as in ONLY) that morning (many scheduled ahead of time) that contributed to creating even more confusion, or kept them out of harm’s way.. Or the fact that then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was shouting orders within hours of the 9/11 attacks (“Best info fast. Judge whether good enough [to] hit SH at same time – not only UBL [Pentagon shorthand for Usama/Osama bin Laden],” the notes say. “Tasks. Jim Haynes [Pentagon lawyer] to talk with PW [probably Paul Wolfowitz, then Mr Rumsfeld’s deputy] for additional support … connection with UBL.”) Or, that this president has done nothing about going after the ‘real’ purported planner of the attacks of 9/11: Osama bin Laden, in fact he doesn’t seem to give him much thought at all, except of course when the administration suddenly comes up with new ‘tapes’ or recordings from OBL at perfectly timed, most opportune moments.. Why is that..? If you go to the FBI website, OBL isn’t even wanted for the attacks of 9/11 because they have no actual evidence of his involvement. Yet, every single person in this country believes he was responsible. Why is that..?

Because we were told by the same people who lied us into a war, lied about torturing, lied about spying on Americans, etc….?

Why do we keep expecting this administration to tell us the truth? (Isn’t the definition of insanity?)

When do we as a nation stand up – WAKE UP – and start asking more questions?

Could 9/11 have been our “Shock and Awe” or execution of “The Shock Doctrine” for the United States in order to kick-start this huge shift in power and resources and change the direction of this country in their march to build an ’empire’?

There is so much more to this story than just nineteen guys on a few planes with box cutters who happened to get REAL lucky that day.

We as a country still need to have that discussion.

One good resource is the book “The Terror Timeline” by Paul Thompson. Its a VERY thick book with a lot of tedious details, but it was all gathered from the MSM and public documents, both US and internationally – all referenced. He has done a tremendous service with all research and hard work. Thompson has a website where he has continued to add to this timeline at Cooperative Research History Commons. Its not theory, its not conspiracy; it’s history. Pieces of the puzzle; lots and lots of tiny ones, all lined up.

There is no one thing you can point to and say “SEE!” – it is a matter connecting all the dots. He chronicles year by year, day by day, minute by minute. It is extremely thorough, well indexed, and contains some very interesting information.

And, because it isn’t questioned in the press, or in the halls of Congress, does that mean it didn’t happen? Have we learned anything?

Another good NEW source of information:
David Ray Griffin’s new book: 9/11 Contradictions (review on Global Research).

Thanks to Willyloman for his help and input on this post.

10 thoughts on “Countdown: Mukasey’s FISA Fables – Lies or Admissions?

  1. Great article muse.

    When Keith O started to put the pieces together, and was saying that if you took all the other “misinformation” into consideration as well, I really though for a moment that he might step WAY outside the lines and suggest… oh I don’t know… maybe a new investigation?

    But instead, he timidly, almost sheepishly put forth the notion that “maybe this is guilt for having dropped the ball in Sept. 2001.”?

    All of this information we now have about 9/11, and we are back to the “incompetance” excuse?

    If Keith O will go so far as to call Bush a liar and a fascist on the air, perhaps there is hope that one day he will connect some of the dots that Muse has laid out.

    Maybe someone will.

  2. Fabulous article Muse. I think you hit the nail on the head with the 3rd option. After everything, everything!, how can we not connect the dots? Nice piece of journalism on your part, Muse.

  3. Thanks. There is just so much more I could write but I don’t know where to stop.
    What is that saying? The devil is in the details.
    And boy, are there a LOT of details..

  4. Fabulous job Muse and Willy, I cannot believe the number of people who refuse to even look at the evidence based soley on the fact that they believe no one in the US would harm US Citizens. This administration has proven again and again that they only care about greed and power. I know many people that refuse to believe because it would shatter their view of what this country is. I know my view was shattered and I feel that I am adrift in what I believe this country means to me. I truly hope we have someone to lead us out of this mess and bring justice to those who have brought us so low. As I have read about Hitler’s Germany and the subsequent attempts to bring justice to the leaders that brought evil , many of which never saw justice because they were deemed useful in fighting Communism. I am jaded in believing the same will happen here, where justice will be circumvented in order to spare the conscience of the people of the United States. Just like they won’t tell us how bad the airline industries planes are and how bad our meat or water is in order to spare us. Once again I applaud you.

  5. “Could 9/11 have been our “Shock and Awe” or execution of “The Shock Doctrine” for the United States in order to kick-start this huge shift in power and resources and change the direction of this country in their march to build an ‘empire’?”

    Naomi Klein thinks so. Fascinating post. Must spend some time on it.

  6. It’s funny how these same people just keep popping up all around this issue.

    Mukasey, which Olbermann kind of refers to when he says he should know something about that day, Mukasey was the judge that ruled in favor of calling the attack on 9/11 two seperate terrorist attacks… and that gave Silverman an additional 3.1 billion dollars in insurance.

    and here is another example of where names just keeping popping up in the official story-line.

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