She thrusts her fists against the post and still insists she sees the ghost.

The ghost being, of course, her nomination. Now, let’s go visit predictions, temper tantrums and delusions:

Predictions being opinion polls. RealClearPolitics has them all and Pennsylvania is where we will have a closer look:

Poll Date Sample Clinton Obama Spread

RCP Average 03/24 – 04/01 – 48.3 42.3 Clinton +6.0

PPP (D) 03/31 – 04/01 1224 LV 43 45 Obama +2.0

Rasmussen 03/31 – 03/31 730 LV 47 42 Clinton +5.0

SurveyUSA 03/29 – 03/31 588 LV 53 41 Clinton +12.0

Quinnipiac 03/24 – 03/31 1549 LV 50 41 Clinton +9.0

Read the full chart, here. And if you liked that, North Carolina, here, should put a large smile on your face.

Temper tantrums. Bill Clinton obviously had one, while meeting superdelegates in California:

But as the group moved together for the perfunctory photo, Rachel Binah, a former Richardson delegate who now supports Hillary Clinton, told Bill how “sorry” she was to have heard former Clinton campaign manager James Carville call Richardson a “Judas” for backing Obama.

It was as if someone pulled the pin from a grenade.

Delusions: It is highly delusional if Hillary Clinton thinks she can run a campaign on unpaid bills. Oh…Well, your country is run that way for eight years now. I have to change that sentence: She is highly delusional if she believes she can be any good for a country in economic troubles if she can’t even handle the budget of a primary campaign. See, that’s better.

It’s highly delusional, too, if Senator Clinton thinks she can get away with sticking her head in the sand over tax returns any longer. I have not forgotten the promises. Today is next week, where are the tax returns?

Delusions can happen to anyone, so I sincerely hope Al Gore knows about this. An official and public denial by Al Gore would be a major embarrassment for Barack Obama.

I really thought I could escape the drama of the Democratic Primaries, by just sticking my head in the proverbial sand for two days and pray it will go away. That was a delusion, too.

Have a good day Everyone!


5 thoughts on “She thrusts her fists against the post and still insists she sees the ghost.

  1. EV – how could you stay away from all this excitement. Ha! This long drawn out primary season is becoming boring. It’s the same poopy, only a different day.

  2. And may I add this… Hillary referred to herself as “Rocky Balboa” from the famous “Rocky” movie. Does this mean that she is expecting to get beat up by this campaign? I know she referred to not giving up, like Rocky. But come on, there are different ways to look at the story. Rocky did have a bloody nose and a bloody lip and a huge black eye. But he won in the end. If Hillary’s campaign ends up with a major debt AND she doesn’t get the nomination or elected as president, she will still have to pay off the campaign debt through fund raising and then she will have to start all over again with raising funds for another Senate campaign. So if she doesn’t quit, like Rocky Balboa, her career could still end up bruised, battered and bloody with nothing to show except that she didn’t quit.

  3. Terrific, Cats. If Clinton wins the nomination, we’d have Rocky vs Rambo. I guess if we can have The Terminator in California, we can have Sly Stallone in the White House.

    “I wanna kiss ya. You don’t have to kiss me back if ya don’t wanna.” – Rocky to Adrian, or Hillary to Bill?

    “Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe.” – Rambo, or McCain?

    “Rambo isn’t violent. I see Rambo as a philanthropist.” – Sly Stallone musing on Rambo. Sounds like Dubya’s view of America at war, no?

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