Hillary Clinton is using the Wright controversy against Obama

You’d never know they were running for the same party. Hillary Clinton is using the Wright controversy to try and get superdelegates on her side. No wonder the Tonya Harding comparison keeps being brought up.

It’s bad for Obama and it’s no good for her. Why? Obama has closed the super delegate gap and is now even with Clinton when it comes to endorsements. Moreover:

Obama, an Illinois senator, has the support of 99 Democratic U.S. lawmakers and governors, compared with Clinton’s 96 — a dramatic turnabout since the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, when Clinton, a New York senator, had more than double Obama’s support within this group, 91 to 43.

But still, Hillary Clinton won’t let go of her dream, maybe just because she doesn’t know how. It is not in her personality make-up to give up, even if she is just not good enough:

Perhaps what propels Mrs Clinton more than anything is a determination to prove she can be as good at politics as her husband, who she once said “makes it look so easy”. But months on the hustings have shown she lacks his legendary political talents.

This personal trait still makes up the biggest problem for the Democratic Party. If there is no decision from outside, she will take them down with her. This has ceased to be a question solely of listening to what the voters have to say. It is and remains a question of what Hillary Clinton feels she is entitled to have. And as with a spoiled child clamouring for chewing gum at the supermarket check out line, an adult has to step in and tell her she can’t have it. Or, else:

By late summer, a rested John McCain will try to reassure Americans that he will run their country just like he ran his campaign. A wounded Barack Obama will have won a Pyrrhic nomination. And an angry Hillary Clinton will be gone – but the latest addition to the Clinton legacy not forgotten.


5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is using the Wright controversy against Obama

  1. Somebody in the Dem party needs to find their spine and tell the Clintons NO.

    The party cannot allow her to continue with this game. This is getting serious now…

  2. Yep! And we still have 7 plus month’s of this campaign to go….

    Good morning Lady Z and all…Alter net has a good little post this morning about Rachel Maddow and the twit Scarbo…A video clip there…Hardly watching TV lately, to much junk to wade through so it’s a good thing some one else catche’s this stuff and put’s it up…

    Good weather finelly here and I’m out side more than in…Lot’s of weight and worries to loose…..Blessings all, gonna do a bunch of planting and hugging tree’s…

  3. Hey WitchyOne! Hug a tree for Amber, Lisa and me!!

    On a sadder note, my parents, in their 80’s, lifelong democrats, say they won’t vote for Obama because of the Wright thing, and “Michele is too radical”, whatever that means.
    I am still working on them, hope to shame them into it by showing that if enough Clintonistas stay home and McCain wins, their now 14 year old grandson will most likely get drafted and sent to the Iranian front.
    Geez. hate to do stuff like that, but feel it is my duty.

  4. Back at ya RUCerious, will do….Cold but sunny here this morning….Fishing is slow, no one catching much because the water is still to cold….

    Hug’s to sweet Amber from me and sloppy kisses from the Bear…Blessings

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