Hillary Clinton – A study in self-destruction

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I said it here once, twice and now for the third time. It is over for Hillary Clinton, the Zoo’s first Veruca Salt Award winner ever. It is so obvious. There is nothing she says or does, that helps her campaign anymore.

The tall tales she is telling to sell her bid for the Presidency like “Gollywhopper’s Eggs”, are backfiring on her one by one. The sniper fire never happened, she was not instrumental in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, She obviously didn’t oppose NAFTA the way she claimed or she would have fired Mark Penn on the spot after his recent lobbying for a free trade pact. She made up a tale about a health care tragedy and, of course, that doesn’t hold water either. She even had the cheek to claim she had opposed the Iraq war before Barack Obama did so, not true, of course. She had to be sued into releasing her schedules as First Lady and promptly the details debunked many of her claims at experience. The tax returns came in after long delays, after much prompting by the Obama campaign and the blogosphere, and guess what? They showed business partnerships and dealings, quite as expected and not at all in line with Hillary Clinton’s claims at fighting for the average American.

Bill Clinton earned more than $10m from the Dubai-linked firm, Yucaipa Companies, since 2005. The couple has also earned $800,000 in the past two years from InfoUSA, a database company under investigation by the US securities agents for misusing corporate funds.

Of course, why else should they try and avoid publishing the tax returns if the facts would have been favourable.

Just one detail. The Clinton’s have given a sizeable chunk of their income to charity. This is praiseworthy. They gave most of it to their own family foundation. Tax evasion? True, the family foundation has given the money to other, more independent charities (amongst others, the United Church of Christ of Jeremiah Wright fame) but only after Hillary Clinton started campaigning for the Presidency. Opportunism?

The bulk of the cash went to the Clinton Family Foundation and served as a tax write-off. The foundation has distributed only half its money – and most of that was after Hillary Clinton began running for president last year.

Honestly, it is not really necessary anymore to produce the donors list for the William J. Clinton library or the phone logs of Hillary Clinton as a First Lady. With every step she takes, the worst suspicions prove to be correct predictions. If there was anything helpful for her campaign in any of those documents, she would have been ready to produce them on day one. But honestly, I doubt even whether the Senate will have any use for her anymore, if she goes on like this. If she keeps stumbling over her own feet at the current pace she will have campaigned herself into early retirement by the end of June.

The real surprise in this campaign is Hillary Clinton’s deplorably poor performance. I kept waiting for Barack Obama’s first big blunder, but it never happened. There have been news and situations that were decidedly detrimental to his campaign, but he mostly got on his feet again swiftly and competently. The allegedly unsurmountable and formidable Clinton political machine is nothing but a myth.

Earlier in the race, Hillary Clinton would have been able to withdraw for the greater welfare of her party. None of the above would have been dragged in front of the public the way it is now. She would have been able to hold onto her reputation as an intelligent, hard-working politician and an asset to her constituency. Now she comes across as an incompetent and opportunistic loudmouth who will stop at nothing to wriggle her way into the White House.


8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – A study in self-destruction

  1. She’s been riding Bill’s coattails for so long she thinks they’re a full blown tuxedo.

  2. You forgot negotiating opening of the borders in Macedonia – except that they were actually opened the day before she arrived and the somewhat less than subtle race baiting she has been using.

  3. bademus, welcome to TheZoo. I thought about it and then it slipped my mind again when writing. You are, of course, right. Thank you for taking the trouble to update.

    I’m still reading a lot of stuff right now, but it looks like she lied about firing Pig Penn, too. He says he is still on board. But maybe he’s angry and just being a spoiler. We’ll see.

  4. “Less than subtle” is right, bademus. I’d say the race baiting is blatant enough that she’d be hard pressed to get many black people out to vote for her if she wond the nomination. I’d say the race baiting only seems subtle to some white people. If she wins now look at how many other Democratic candidates she hurts now by keeping black voters away from the polls.

  5. The thought of Hillary leaves a tastes of bile in my throat. But I’m having fun watching her destroy herself.

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