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Today Bob Dylan won a special music citation. The citation for the 66-year-old Dylan noted his “profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power.



  1. Good catch Shayne,……..I didn’t realize he and I are the same age….Wonder if he would like a candy bar and ride in an old woman’s truck….LOL.Nah, not likely….Blessings

  2. That’s funny, witch1.

    I could never get past his (to me) incredibly annoying singing voice.
    I know he is loved by millions, and his lyrics probably touch us all. I just wish someone else would record them. 😉
    *waiting for angry responses*

  3. No anger coming from my way Lady True…..To each his or her own..Few people like all the diffrent kind’s of music I do, opra and classical along with some country…..Music is like food for the soul and every one like’s something a little diffrent…..Blessings

  4. No I didn’t hear about that….Kind of took the day off, it was a miserable wet day and the Bear and I took a log nap…Sound’s interesting..

    OT.Did any one here see Phil Donahue and Fucker Carlson on the show after K.O.?..That was interesting…Want to see the documentry Donahue is pramoting…..Blessings

  5. Saw a little local new’s about the protest’s on the Golden gate bridge today…..Not much on all the live’s we are loosing in Iraq…..It’s just Monday, another dreadful week with all the evil in charge…..We diserve lot’s of Blessings now…

  6. Bobby was my hero when I was a teenager, his voice is raspy and he sings off key, but his message is ‘unique’.
    Once upon a time, ya looked so fine, threw the bums a dime, in your prime, didn’t YOU?

  7. That’s my favorite one too RUC, but I was trying to prove that he was really good when he was young. Alas, sniff, he’s still unappreciated around here, sniff, sniff, sniff …

  8. Quiet night, sorry…Kind of like yelling fire in the theater….LOL….Night all….Blessings

  9. OT. Did any one here see Phil Donahue and Fucker Carlson on the show after K.O.?..

    Yup, saw it. I really can’t stand Carlson. I have admired Donahue for a long time. I was really angry when they abruptly dropped him when he spoke truth to power after 9/11 (or was it just asking obvious, simple questions that were on lots of peoples’ minds..)?

  10. Tucker Carlson has always reminded me of a pre-adolescent who didn’t get his way and needed to yell out “neener neener neener…”

    And what was the deal with that bow-tie..?

  11. muse,

    I read a long time ago that Tucker wore the bow tie because in some sort of market testing thing the people could never remember him from one minute to the next — so he started wearing the damn bow tie.

    Now his neck is too fat for it. 😀

  12. I’m working on a letter to Dan Abrams about why he bothers having Tucker on. Tucker is an intellectual midget. I started yelling at the TV almost as soon as he opened his mouth. He was so damned dismissive of Phil Donahue’s movie, of war protests, of any kind of accountability for the lies BushCo used to go to war, I wanted to slap his stupid smug face.

    Not to mention that Tucker’s dad is or was Scooter Libby’s personal attorney. Of course Tucker’s not interested in accountability from this administration! Fuckhead!

  13. Seems like Dylan’s songs continue to be sadly relevant. “Like a Rolling Stone” was kind of his personal rant, “Masters of War” and “With God On Our “could have been written about the things that are happening right now “Only a Pawn in their Game” chronicles events in the past, but speaks directly to the state of our national divisions and the motivation for continuing them.

  14. There’s three of us #1, you, TtT and me. Oh it’s a lonely little club, sigh …

    Edited to say 4 of us, sorry RUC!

  15. OLD as dirt Shayne,…..LOL…All thing’s are relative, even my age….

    Hope all is well in your neck of the wood’s…More grey and rain here…Expect better weather by Thursday….Blessings

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