Project Post Mortem I – The vote for war

When the democratic nomination primaries have ended and when, hopefully without a contested convention, a candidate for the Presidential elections in November is found, there will be analysis galore as to why Obama prevailed. No surprise there, I am thinking along these lines since Iowa (admittedly a bit insecure after New Hampshire).

The missteps of the Clinton campaign are manifold and I have been rightfully corrected by our commenter bademus for forgetting two items when I last brought up the subject of Clinton’s ill fated campaign. There is a impressive series of major blunders to be found ultimately instrumental to her losing the nomination battle. And let’s not start with “marrying Bill”, however tempting that is. I’d like to put the start of when everything went wrong at the time when she voted for the Iraq war. You are very welcome to comment and send in your views and, most of all the stories that irked you most and the positive things as well. (Warning: You may see your comment posted in one of the next installments). So, hopefully, by the end of the primaries we have a clear picture of which events turned the inevitable candidate into a woman who lost the battle of her lifetime.

Her first campaign stop and probably most damning mistake: Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war. As we are all bitterly aware, in October 2002 the Senate approved Public Law No. 107-243 the use of military force in Iraq and thus midwifed the ultimate catastrophic blunder of the Bush presidency. The war in it’s sixth year now has cost 4’024 soldiers’ lives, many more are maimed physically and mentally, often beyond recuperation, uncounted civilians have succumbed to the terrible bloodletting. The Iraq war has taken the focus from Afghanistan and the hunt for the alleged mastermind of 9/11. The stabilisation of Afghanistan after the ouster of the Taliban led regime has never taken place. The fall of Kabul back into the hands of the Taleban has been predicted for this year. The cost of this war has accelerated, if not triggered, the recent economic crisis in the US, which threatens to spread worldwide and will cost many people their jobs. It is small wonder, that the US and the UK, the most insistent advocates for the attack on Iraq, are hardest hit by the current economic downturn.

There was a choice. Many Senators did not vote for authorizing the war, nobody forced her to authorize the use of military force. There are good indicators, that this vote indeed was cast primarily to further her career and her prospects for a White House bid:

  • Her insistence, that she was prepared to be commander in chief from day one, most prominently in the 3 a.m. ad,
  • Her vote against banning clusterbombs in civilian areas ( Senate Amendment 4882),
  • Her vote for the Kyl/Lieberman Amendment,
  • Her vote for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 and the fact that she never renounced that vote

were strategically planned to show her as a woman who has the necessary clout for commander in chief and to even go to war, if necessary. The consequences of those votes are calculated collateral damage in the pursuit of her own political ambitions.

Subsquently, the blood of too many people sticks to her hands in the mind of many progressive voters and the reputation of an opportunistic, stick-at-nothing, ambitious, power-hungry politician can not be overcome by her.

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9 thoughts on “Project Post Mortem I – The vote for war

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  2. I concur with your analysis. The Most Damning Thing is her refusal to admit that the Force Authorization vote was a mistake.
    We’ve had quite enough experience with the current president not willing to admit to mistakes, we don’t need another president saddled with that deep character flaw.

  3. Hil’s campaign is dead in the water. Now she’s just trying to make sure Obama can’t win the election. She’s a nightmare.

  4. I believe you’re right Z, she wants to battle McCain as the incumbent in 4 years. She doesn’t care what’s best for the country. And it’s not like she really considers herself a Democrat. She’s much too conservative for that.

  5. If I may venture at prophesy: She’s gonna be a very bitter old woman when President Obama bows out in 2016.

    Hey, I liked Feingold most yesterday in the hearings.

  6. Happy hump day critter’s…..The rain stopped on my tiny little corner of the world so I’m gonna be outta here to hug the tree’s, pick up trash that dumb asses left in our parking area and smile at some flower’s and a puppy…

    I, for some odd reason relate everything to lyrics and music I have heard….While reading through the post’s today all I could think of was the melody and word’s to “How long” by the Ace…..1974 circa I think…Know it’s a break up kind of song but for some reason all the word’s came into play….”How long has this been going on”, to which I kept thinking, far to long….All of it has lasted to long for me…..I don’t like one bit what Hil is doing but I’m not happy about any of this coming election any way so guess it doesn’t matter…..What am I gonna do.? Don’t know the answer except for today and that I stated above……Blessings to you all, keep your powder dry and go smell some flower’s if you can..

  7. witch1 – I too relate events and words to lyrics in a song. Just kind of pops into my head. Yeah, “How Long”… guess great minds think alike 🙂

    Just read on my calendar that May 1 is Beltane.

  8. A quick back at ya Cat’s….Yep! Beltane or May Day…Going on since before the christian’s made all our holiday’s their’s..LOL…..Hope you are having a wonderful day…..Blessings

  9. Have any of you heard about the $ 800’000 Bill Clinton reaped to promote the Columbian free trade agreement? The Washington Post Trail says Hillary is distancing herself from Bill. Well who minds a bj, but being a liability for the career. I guess Bill can put an egg in his shoe and beat it. But, she’ll have her revenge on him first.

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