An inconsistent, lying and condescending politician – Three videos one woman.

When I read the “screw ’em” article (video below)  on Huffington Post, my bile rose again. How come this woman is still a serious contender? Women can do better, a lot! There is no need to vote for someone as condescending, inconsistent and truthbending:

The inconsistent one:

The condescending one:

The liar:

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9 thoughts on “An inconsistent, lying and condescending politician – Three videos one woman.

  1. Clinton did herself no favors in the debate last night. ABC should be ashamed of Gibson and Stephanopolous, who were bent on rehashing old news, inconsequential trivia, and pounding Obama. I thought moderators were supposed to be “moderate” and neutral – not last night. They did not succeed, however, in improving the status of Clinton. Her comment about retaliation in the middle East was too McCain-like for me. Obama’s response was more reasonable.

  2. The latest PA polls are showing a tie between Obama and Clinton.

    After the debate, readers at the Daily Kos starting sending money to the Obama campaign. So if she thought that she had a one-up on him, she may find out that she really did more damage to her image than good.

    As a life-long Democrat, this would be the most difficult general election if Hillary won the nomination. Not only would I need to hold my nose, I would need to bring a barf bag into the voting booth. At one time, I could have easily voted for her. Not anymore. She is sounding more and more like McCain and Rove everyday. Obama stands out… away from these Beltway snobs.

  3. Frankly I hate her so much that if she steals the nomination I feel like I might as well stay home. What’s the difference between her and McCain?

  4. She couldn’t stop smirking throughout the debate, as if she already knew what questions were coming. I used to be a big supporter of Bill but now I’ve lost all respect for both of them. And she’s got the nerve to say that she’d support Obama if he wins the nominations. Well it’s a little late for that byatch. She doesn’t care about the party or the country all she cares about is herself. I have no doubt that if the table were turned and she was leading like Obama is he’d have stepped down.

  5. She? Support Obama? Like she and Bill supported Al Gore. She had the cheek to pick up funds for her Senate campaign from a donor at a Gore fundraiser with Tipper standing next to her.

    If she wants to help him, she’d better take a trip to the Cayman Islands to visit her money.

  6. The internet maybe the death of the politician….when you can post 3 videos side by side, it is so easy to catch them in their lies. Democrats have to make sooooo many special interests groups happy that they go back and forth lying to each one of them that their special interest is the most important. You can only make so many people dependent on the government. Each group feels more entitiled then the next…Videos like this will show the truth.

  7. cruisenow, welcome and thank you for commenting at TheZoo. The internet and blogs have changed the world of politics tremendously. While I am really prepared to forgive anybody, politicians included, a fib now and again, I am really angry if the lying and distorting is used as a means to try and fool voters.

    They are really counting on people watching fox news, or any other news outlet, listen to the soundbites, believe all of it and then go and vote on the experience.

    The internet and blogs are available to almost everybody in the US and Europe these days and, frankly, it’s a kind of quest for me to hunt up videos like the three above to spread what’s going on. And believe me, if Obama had shown the same demeanor as Hillary Clinton, I’d put up each and every video.

    Up to now he has not crossed my threshold yet. He seems to be a man of the 21st century, who has understood that you leave footprints all over the net and you won’t be able to get rid of it anymore. So he is at least careful and if you all (and us Europeans, too) are lucky, even honest.

    Careful is enough, however, because it means the controlling mechanisms of the the web communities are starting to function. That’s what it is all about in the end: Being able to control and hold accountable those who are leading you. If that makes them careful enough not to mess up things too badly, I’m fine.

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