House committee asks Rove to testify about Alabama governor

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The House Judiciary Committee is taking Karl Rove up on an offer to testify about claims that he influenced a federal corruption case against former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama.

Calling Rove the “missing link” in its investigation into politicization of the justice department, the committee on Thursday asked the former White House adviser to appear under oath soon. The panel also wants the Justice Department’s inspector general to investigate allegations that political motivations drove the Siegelman case and several other federal prosecutions during the Bush administration.

“There continue to be numerous complaints of selective or politically motivated prosecution since our investigation began last year. The actions we are taking today, including calling Karl Rove to testify, are an effort to get to the bottom of this matter,” Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers said.

“The Justice Department has simply not been forthcoming,” he continued, “and I feel the only way to move this investigation forward is to seek further independent investigation and testimony from Karl Rove, who appears to be the missing link in a chain from the White House to the Justice Department.”

Balls in your court Karl.. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

Or… Time to put your mouth where your money is.. Thanks Walt! 😀

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12 thoughts on “House committee asks Rove to testify about Alabama governor

  1. Correct you are Ms.J…They are all starting to look alike..I wonder often if all these weirdo’s are related..~Blessings~

  2. Unbelievably stupid of her to do something like that. Even worse to blame it on an underling.. They don’t check things on their campaign website?? Right..

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