Who wasn’t wearing their lapel pin?

And, wow.., what can that possibly mean..?


Flag pins and patriotism — relevant to all the candidates or just Barack Obama?

Obama got the questions last night, yet Hillary Clinton wasn’t wearing a pin last night.

Were George and Charles lacking peripheral vision, because the whole nation could see the irony of trying to nail Obama when Clinton wasn’t wearing a flag pin either? Not that either of them lack patriotism because they weren’t, but why was it just an issue with Obama in Philadelphia? Often Clinton is not wearing a flag pin. We know both of them are patriots, but we also know that George and Charles must be journalistic tabloid wannabes who can’t see what is right in front of them.

Its funny this person pointed that out. I noticed it last night as soon as the question popped out of George Stephanopoulos’s mouth.

So, why was Obama peppered with questions (and insinuations) last night questioning his patriotism once again for not wearing a lapel pin, and yet nobody even noticed Hillary wasn’t wearing on either?? How come she wasn’t questioned about it? Does that mean we need to question her patriotism as well?

Or could it simply mean that the moderators last night were a couple of petty, superficial jackasses..?

Oh, I forgot to mention.. The so-called moderators (being generous here..) weren’t wearing THEIR lapel pins either..

That was the WORST debate I have ever watched. WORST! I almost hate to even refer to it as a debate. Absolute tabloid nonsense with many Right-wing talking points thrown in…

Are there going to be ANY debates this year with substance, the things that Americans are hungry to hear answers to?

Here’s another photo from the BuzzFlash article:

Oops… McCain isn’t wearing a pin either.. Does that mean he isn’t patriotic either?

Does that then mean NONE of the three candidates is worthy to be president, because they all have been photographed not wearing a cheap piece of metal painted like the American flag (and probably made in China)? Is there a secret message here? Does it somehow define their character and belief system?

Or have we as a nation REALLY become that superficial?

10 thoughts on “Who wasn’t wearing their lapel pin?

  1. Another unanswered question: Why didn’t Clinton call these idiots on the question? Any person of conscience who had any real interest in the Democratic party or the future of the country would have done so.

  2. I’m glad the issue of flag pins in still in the news. I’m in the middle of working on a new song about them. I was starting to fear that no one would care any more, until I learned that ABC News cares.

  3. While I’m sick of the GD made in china flag pin’s issue I alway’s look forward to your song’s Wayne…In fact it’s getting so bad out here in assimilate all the political crap world your one of the few high light’s….Keep it up and Thank’s for posting.~Blessings~

  4. I have heard that all of our greatest presidents have worn flag lapel pins (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, to name a few). I have also heard that Benedict Arnold did not wear a flag lapel pin.

    It’s nice to know that there is this very simple method for figuring out who will make the best president. It certainly saves me the trouble of thinking.

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