McCain’s stunning cluelessness

ABC Political Radar:

McCain criticized Obama for not supporting McCain’s plan for a gas tax holiday, which would eliminate the 18 cents per gallon Americans pay for gasoline between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

“Obviously, Sen. Obama does not understand that this would be a nice thing for Americans,” McCain said.

He also sharply criticized Obama for saying that he was open to raising taxes on capital gains, which McCain said would affect the taxes of 100 million Americans who have investments.

“That means he has no understanding of the economy and that he is totally insensitive to the hopes and dreams and ambitions of 100 million Americans who would be affected by his almost doubling of the capital gains tax,” McCain said.

“He is out of touch with the economy.”

Ok, so not the worst things we’ve ever heard from a political rival, but here’s the context: McCain made these statements at an upscale political fundraiser in Coral Gables, Florida, where access to the private reception cost supporters $2300 per person.

Now that’s rich. 😉

10 thoughts on “McCain’s stunning cluelessness

  1. Typical Rovian politics: attack others for your weakest points just like AWOL Bush attacked Kerry on his service record.

    Rove IS McSame’s advisor after all.

  2. It also helps to have big corporate media on your side so that they will never point out the absurdity of his statements.

  3. Sure, the .18 would be ‘nice’, but since gas has gone up well over .18/gallon in less than a month (or is it just a week or so? I’ve lost track)…what the powers that be NEED to do is reign in the outrageous gouge-esque profits big oil is raking in.
    A year ago, when I was moving back out on my own (due to a breakup), I had budgeted a fair amount for fuel to get to work in w/the higher cost of living on one’s own. I moved in August…the cost of a gallon of regular ol’ unleaded (no bling included) has damn near DOUBLED and it’s only 8 months later!?!?!?!
    Sure, .18/gallon reduction would be ‘nice’, but a REAL drop in price and an adjustment to a moderate profit margin would be a damned sight better!
    Hey, McCain, you can take your ‘nice’ and shove it up your anal sphincter w/your c*nt’s sterling silver Tiffany trowel. Solve the problem, not just a symptom.

  4. Wow Elspeth, been saving that up for a while? 😉

    Nice to have you back. What do you think about the fact that he talks about how “out of touch” Obama is, while at a posh fundraiser — $2300 per person?

  5. Actually…no, I have developed gas-cost-related Tourette’s. :*(
    That affliction is compounded by the already present “soaring cost of living” twitch, the “perfidious poltroon (in the WH)” palsy and the ever-present bile from an illegal/immoral and expensive in too many ways war.
    I am sorry for not posting more often. I just get so het up I want to hide away for fear of really losing it. It’s easier to pop out a snarkoleptic comment here and there of candidate’s badly dressed offspring or the lame duck’s latest imbecilic photo – it’s like a pressure valve releasing ‘some’ of the build up. But stuff like McInsane taking Barack Obama to task over a minor gesture that won’t even garner the average gas pump consumer an extra gallon in one visit…?!?!? I mean, c’mon – .18/gallon is what about 5% discount (at 3.50/gallon)?!?!? (forgive my math, I am mad and I am also a Fine Arts Degree holder). That’s not a discount, it’s a flippin’ insult. Maybe if I did indeed have a few million in a safe, interest bearing, tax-free account somewhere, I would be giggling w/glee McCain, but from $27/tank to $40 in less than 8 months…and I KNOW my tank didn’t stretch out…what the unholy f*ck?!?!??

    I just want to hide away and hope and wish that this is all a dream and that Gore HAD been our President (see, I CAN spell it right and capitalize it when I RESPECT the holder of the office).
    We would have BETTER (compared to gutted) environmental protections, BETTER (compared to wraithlike) healthcare, BETTER wars…oh, wait, we wouldn’t be IN THIS BS MESS of a CESSPOOLIAN illegal occupation of Iraq, we would have BETTER alternatives to petroleum, and the computer models would have proven that the ethanol was gonna wreak havoc w/the world food supply and therefore be mitigated and redirected…a scant but still substantial portion of what has cruelly been borrowed against future generations for illegal war could have been funnelled into alternative power/fuel for our country and indeed the world – thereby creating a better world for a much smaller price than an horrific, immoral war that is killing our planet.
    I could go on, however I don’t want to have to go back out to the patio to beat my head against the rocks…I have to be at a meeting tomorrow and the scabbing on my forehead would really derail the conversation…

  6. (aw….shucks….) 😉 Thanks, I needed someone to slap a smile on my mug.
    (having boy issues, too…even just a friend is being a butt and I am about to tell him to feck off – yeah, it’s techie boy at that! why do I even bother?)

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