What’s Gotten Into Reverend Wright?

Rumor has it that the Clintons have something to do with the erratic behavior of Reverend Wright. Of course The Daily Show has the most entertaining view of Reverend Wright’s behavior:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Errol Louis at the New York Daily News points out that his appearance at the Press Club was orchestrated by avid Clinton supporter, Barbara Reynolds. In fact at this link to his article Barbara Reynolds is shown sitting next to Reverend Wright and speaking to him just before he rose to speak.

In addition, on Morning Joe today Joe Scarborough said to his sidekick Mika Brzezinski something like, “You think the Clintons paid him off don’t you?” Her response was, “Don’t put words in my mouth.”

In light of the unpredictable nature of Jeremiah Wright’s recent comments and the fact that he basically threw long time parishioner Barack Obama under the bus his motivation is certainly in question.

Barack Obama responded today:

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29 thoughts on “What’s Gotten Into Reverend Wright?

  1. Not sure what is problem is. He seems inconsistent. Still, has anyone looked at John McCain’s ‘pastor’ problem in the form of John Hagee? He believes that New Orleans deserved it’s destruction by Hurricane Katrina because a gay pride rally was schedule on the Monday after the hurricane hit.

  2. As long as the “New Britney Spears” Jeremiah Wright can command the media attention, the less the media will focus on the shady dealings of the Clintons and the incompetencies of John McCain.
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.” Ghandi

  3. Is this preacher going to turn into a coulter to sell his book.?.Some people will do anything to make a few buck’s….At least prostitutes are honest….Blessings

  4. Exactly, and everything the Clintons say is off topic is dropped and somebody gets fired but they rail over and over about Obama.

  5. Clinton is going on O’Reilly tonight.

    Which one of you brave souls is going to report on that. I would but I don’t think my stomach could handle it…I would be puking bile for weeks to come.

    THIS is to be a democratic nominee? Just say you’re a fucking gooper and be done with it.

    I. Am. Disgusted.

  6. Whoops, that would be TOMORROW night. My bad.

    This is Fox’s schedule tonight:

    Obama Rejects Wright Comments
    Says pastor doesn’t speak for him, campaign
    Democratic presidential candidate puts distance between his campaign and pastor’s latest statements

    Special Report w/ Brit Hume:
    Fact-checking one of the claims made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    The O’Reilly Factor:
    The comeback of Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    Hannity & Colmes:
    Huckabee’s Take
    Former GOP presidential candidate weighs in on Rev. Wright; McCain’s campaign

    VIDEO: FOX News contributor Michael Steele on the message of Rev. Wright’s media tour

    OPINIONS: Susan Estrich: Who Needs Friends Like the Rev. Wright?

    John Moody: Memo to Rev. Wright: Do Souls Have Colors?

    On the Record w/ Greta:
    Deadly Shark Attack
    Expert explains what led to Great White’s attack on swimmer

  7. Sorry MJ, I can’t break my record of having never watched one episode of O’Reilly. It will be on You Tube the next day though.

  8. OT, sorry……It’s hailing here again….Crap I choose this long damn winter to go away…..Hope you all are warm and dry…The Bear and I are soaked and frozen…Gonna climb under the quilt’s and read a book…Blessings and sunshine…

  9. My 20 lb. Jack Russell is too big for the bed because he has to sleep on my legs all the time so I understand what you mean.

  10. I do think this is hurting Obama, but he says it’s fair game.
    Can you imagine if ANYTHING like this was coming at Hillary? Bill would be crying foul, jacking up the refs, wailing and gnashing teeth.
    Obama is just going to keep pushing it away with dignity and aplomb. I hope the voters see that.

  11. Today on MSNBC they were talking about how Hillary gets away with saying that’s unfair every time they mention some subject she doesn’t like and they drop it. It must be good to be the Queen.

  12. In 2004, we learned that the Vietnam War was still being fought

    In 2008, it looks like the Civil War is still being fought…..

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