Uncle Sam Says “You’re On Your Own”

\The military recruiters have been beating the streets hard since Bush and Cheney decided to illegally invade a sovereign nation. As a result, our military, an all volunteer military, has been and continues to be willing to fight this war and other wars with pride and honor.

What happens when a solder or sailor or marine or airman retires after 20 years of service? Phillyblues can tell you. He has a story that he would like to share with the world. I’m attaching a link because it is his story not mine and it truly touched me.

When I first graduated from College with my Nursing Degree, I went to work in the VA Hospital because I felt that I needed to give back to the solders, sailors, marines and airmen that went to fight in Vietnam. At that time, the VA Hospital provided excellent care to our veterans. Not anymore. The Bush/Cheney Iraq invasion consumes most of the military budget. There’s little left for the veterans. The Democrats in the Senate are working on a bill to increase veteran benefits. John McCain will not vote yes on this bill. One would think that because John McCain is a veteran that he would care about other veterans. Well, he doesn’t.

Good luck, veterans. Uncle Sam says “You’re on your own”.

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