US Energy Update

According to Mother Jones in their May-June 2008 issue, our fight for energy “independence” is a losing proposition. Here are some great stats pulled from the article “The seven Myths of Energy Independence” by Paul Roberts.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the article, but I do agree that I don’t think the US will ever see energy “independence” in my lifetime. Some of these tables and charts show some interesting figures.

Check out another informative table here.

Federal Funding for Renewable-Energy R&D
$ millions, in 2005 dollars

Renewable-Energy R&D

Seeing Green
Where the clean-energy money is—and isn’t

Dept. of Energy solar budget, 2008: $168 million

Venture capital investment in solar, 2006: $264 million

Dept. of Energy renewable-energy budget, 2008:$1.7 billion

Venture capital investment in renewable energy, 2006: $2.4 billion

Federal ethanol subsidies, 2006: $6 billion

Federal coal subsidies, 2006: $8 billion

Federal oil and gas subsidies, 2006: $39 billion

Worldwide investment in renewable energy, 2007:$71 billion

How in the heck can we expect energy change when our federal oil and gas subsidies out spend the worldwide investment in renewable energy???

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1 thought on “US Energy Update

  1. Good post, Bluedahlia. Kinda makes you sick to see it laid out like that, huh?

    As long as we have oil men and/or Republicans in charge, nothing will be done. Absolutely nothing.

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