Will YOU be on the “Let Die” List?

From a Fox News headline “Government Report Answers Who Lives, Who Dies in Flu Pandemic

That’s exactly who I trust to make sure I live…… /sarc

Now, an influential group of physicians has drafted a grimly specific list of recommendations for which patients wouldn’t be treated. They include the very elderly, seriously hurt trauma victims, severely burned patients and those with severe dementia.

The suggested list was compiled by a task force whose members come from prestigious universities, medical groups, the military and government agencies. They include the Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Wow, this is pretty extreme. Doctors do this all the time. It is called triage. The government has no need to “step in” and make guidelines on what doctors do every day. Be wary when the gov’t wants to regulate their way what is already being done.

This same article seems to be passed around all the news circles because I couldn’t find much more than the same article posted all over the web. However, I did find a Canadian news outlet that had a similar article that affects them in the same way. Interesting.

Who dies, who doesn’t: docs decide flu pandemic treatment guidelines

In this article it goes a little further:

The authors suggest hospitals would need a triage officer who would be the ultimate authority. Those people would have to be educated well in advance and would need legal protection to shelter them from the possibility aggrieved relatives might take punitive legal action later, Wax said.

Whether this is not a part of the US guidelines, or is just an omission on the US news agency’s part, I can only speculate. The implications could be horrifying, however. Letting the government pick someone other than a doctor to make these calls in times of disasters. What do you think?

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I am a 30-something woman who is married w/children. We have 3 cats, 2 horses, 2 frogs and a bunch of fish. I recently jump started a pursuit for higher education and have a certification as a CST (Certified Surgical Technician, non-practicing) and am soon to be working on a getting accepted into a graduate school for pharmacy. My husband and children play a very important role in my life. That is why you might not see me too often. My husband and I share a passion for fair play and justice in most everything, and especially politics and governance.

91 thoughts on “Will YOU be on the “Let Die” List?

  1. This article was in my morning paper on page A5..Anything of national importance is alway’s off the front page here…The only front page new’s where I live is about some ol boy building mini rail road’s in his basement or Yurt’s the park dept. is building for camper’s to stay in…..

    I will be in the first round of let die since I have a bum ticker and am over 65….Never thought I would live this long anyway..

    Seem’s to me the present people in power are working over time to figure out way’s to reduce the population all over the world….Create war’s, cut medical, pollute the air and water…..Cutting, drilling and killing seem’s to be the main event’s on their ajenda…Blessings

  2. Hi witch1, at least he’s only building mini railroads in his basements. Must be he is not Austrian.

    Sorry, but our news make me furious, too now and again.

    How are you great Lady? I will write another email soon, when boy is through with exams. He needs me now.


  3. The whole point of this “system” is redundant. Hospitals, military, ect have disaster drills and planning. Triage is already carried out as part of those plans. Emergency rooms do it every day. And triage is not that specific. Doctors make judgement calls when triaging and those don’t have that specific of guidelines. Unless this is meant to put in place a gov’t “trained” triage agent to oversee this kind of thing, it is completely redundant. And that begs the question.

  4. On a serious not: This is the area where I want to see “small government”. When it comes to spying, suppressing even oppressing, the neocons and Republicans are “big government” indeed.

  5. Toss in physically and developmentally disabled, as well.

    And who decides the degree of physical disability? Would my bad hip get me tossed on the pile of corpses? How about my extremely bad vision?

  6. I think the word is Euthanasia. Their release of the AIDS/HIV virus didn’t kill off as many people as they would like, so they are going to release a super flu.

    They have tried a couple of strains already and realize they need something stronger to kill off as many people as they would like.

    Remember these people have perpetrated many crimes against humanity. I would say the United States, but these people do it all over the world. The US is just one country.

    They want the world.

  7. Ah- the unknown (they)…..And as alway’s “they” make it seem there are not enough of “us” to stop the madness..I wonder when and where it will end and the “they” will stop their killing or will we be able to stop “them”….Blessings

  8. I have to agree with Spudge on this one. What better way to keep the disadvantaged from mucking up the scenery. You can’t wait for natural disasters to take care of the problem, ie Katrina. You need some good ole biowarfare to create some real mayhem. As for the guidelines they will only apply to certain types of people, you know the rich aren’t going to be following the guidelines nor will the politically connected. This stuff is just one more step closer to making it “okay” in the minds of the sheeple to justify extermination of the “wrong” types of people, ie Hitler.

  9. #1, it will never stop, but at the same time, “they” will never defeat us. 🙂

    See y’all later!

  10. With this administration, I would put one thing past them, oldwolf, but I’d have to see some evidence.

  11. Spudge, you are right on. This is euthanasia on a mass scale.

    Just as the price of food is now being manipulated by the “markets” and water is being privatized around the world. That’s where this entry came from.

    It’s disgusting to me to see what is happening to those who don’t have. They have virtually no voice. There is no care or concern for living things. We are fodder for those in power (wherever they may be) and for them to do with us what they choose.

    I can’t think of a scarier thing than some Official making life and death decisions. It’s bad enough some insurance company does it now…could you imagine a political tool making those decisions? (shudder)

  12. Remember Lady Z when I wrote about our Gov. using germ warfare in the water supply in Frisco and Hayward, Calif….Lot’s of elderly and babie’s died and no one knew untill it came out in a paper hidden on a back page, year’s later..Everyone was told it was the flu…Yep! it happen’s a lot me think’s…..Blessings. got to get going.

  13. Ment to mention the other day MsJ, great photo, avatar…As pretty as you are am suprised you have the time to post here at all….The male population is missing out big time on a beauty with a great mind…We are Blessed with your presence..Thank you, realy….Blessings…

  14. Excellent points Ms. Joanne and Witch1. Insurance companies are already deciding who can live an die. Treat or not. Is this really so much further? The food/seed debacle is another. All the pieces of this immense/global puzzle need to put together. Greed and power drive it all.

  15. I keep telling you… get those essential plant oils. Humans have been using them for millenia. The bible is filled with recipes. Witch1 – I’m sure you are aware of natural plants remedies. If anyone wants a list, I can provide one.

    Don’t get me started on the food supply. The world food supply is gradually being owned and controlled by Monsanto. Big Ag (Monsanto, Cargil etc…) have a mafia-like grip on our politicians, judges, legislators and seed producers. They terrorize farmers and seed producers and our government allows them to do this.

  16. Excelent post Lady Cat’s….I have some remedie’s, oil’s and earth based thing’s in my book’s, would appreciate any you have to offer…

    You are correct about Monsanto and other’s, been fighting a lot of that stuff for many year’s…The wind and natural selection is going to be a bigger problem since they have introduced their crop’s…Their’s will infect and propagate with the old and ancient seed’s and eliminat them…Realy scary stuff…Gotta run…Blessings.

  17. Thanks Cats, I have some essential oils myself. I like to make bath salts and massage oils. Aromatherapy is wonderful! I would be happy to see your list.

  18. Zooey if you want evidence just look at our history. We have given pox infected blankets to the Indians in order to grab their land. We infected Black people with Syphilis in order to observe the progression of this disease. Drug companies use African nations as testing grounds for new drugs in order to determine if they are viable for market. This current administration has done nothing to improve the situation of those involved in the disaster in New Orleans. They will not tell us about our Water, Meat or Airline industries because the Public doesn’t need to know and wouldn’t understand. The NeoCon’s and their ilk only believe in the “ends justifies the means” policies.

  19. Think it is time for me to stop posting at TP altogether…Twice in as many week’s have been under attack from people that are on the same side of the isle as I am…The latest sounded like a bad mouthing pre teen.Some day’s I should not get out of bed…Sorry for the wineing, rant what ever..I need some cracker’s and cheese to go with my wine…..Blessings

  20. Don’t worry #1 it wasn’t you. That guy was acting just the way Bartlebee/Worfeus always did. Attacking one of his own over a non issue. It must be him.

  21. Hi Cats:
    I worked at the Rodale Fram as a kid. Do you know if they have continued the aquaculture work they were doing at the time? It was mostly Tilapia

  22. Sorry oldwolf, just because something has happened in the past is not evidence that our government has spread HIV to the people.

    The black men in the Tuskegee experiment were not deliberately infected with syphilis, they already had it. The failure was in not informing the men of their condition, not obtaining informed consent, and essentially performing experiments on humans.

    I don’t condone any of this, of course, but I wanted to clear up your misconception about this particular incident.

    Like I said before, I wouldn’t put anything past this administration or others, but I’d rather see the evidence.

  23. I wasn’t there later #1 but I see he got more worked up. He admits he was mistaken when he first attacked you but now he’s pissed. That’s what Bart would do, start over some issue and then he would be unable to back down, ever. If it’s not Bart they share the same personality characteristic. I would think it must be hard for them to keep friends for very long.

  24. Well MizzJ, your dog is snuffley and cute, but you’re cuter.

    I mean that in a totally heterosexual way, of course. 😀

  25. Good lord, please. I am so wholly average. I am enormously flattered, though. Thank you everyone. I love you all (in a heterosexual way 😀 ).

    Now…back to our regularly scheduled program.

  26. Doctors in a triage situation will quickly lose patience with a government appointed official trying to make their decisions for them.
    He or she may soon find themselves on the “Do Not Resuscitate” list…

    The most horrific aspect may be that this is where all the fired, retired and failed Bush flunkies end up working.

  27. Going good, Zooey, I have a few moments here this afternoon to blog.
    The Trigo fire is calming down, wilder weather is in the neighborhood, lightning storms tomorrow, I don’t expect much of a break.

  28. I’ll be here off and on for the local fire season, after the monsoons arrive in July I’ll be heading up north on extended tours.
    We have had no rain here whatsoever, the woods are extremely dry.

  29. I hope Idaho gets a break from fires this year. I’ve seen quite a bit of my favorite valley, the Clearwater, going up in smoke the last few years.

  30. You are certainly due for a respite…
    I was in McCall last summer for two weeks, a lot of forest burned up along the Salmon River.

  31. Today is beautiful. And we had several days of really heavy rain which is a good thing heading into summer. Thanks for asking. Of course the two days that the whole area was covered with rain and storms my husband was fishing down at Kentucky Lake. That’s what he gets for going with his brothers instead of us.

  32. Hey db, how are you going to keep them down on the fram once they’ve seen Paree?

  33. I’d love any aromatherapy information you can give, Cats.
    I have only know “suck it up” and “you had *better* be really sick if I have to take you to the Dr.” type of therapies.

    Ah, families of origin………………

  34. Was never told that one, Z-

    All it took was the “death look” from Dad, and we all stopped whatever we were doing.

  35. cowered may be the more appropriate word.

    These are the same people who spoiled Biscuit rotten while Miniblue and I were in Boston.

  36. Parents are weird.

    They never remember that we’re the ones who will choose their nursing home. 😉

  37. Hi dbadass,

    I don’t know about the fish farm at Rodale Institute. It’s the organic farming that I have been focusing on. Rodale Institute design a cutter/roller that fits on the front of a tractor. This tool cuts and flattens a cover crop and then the seeder which is attached to the back of the tractor pushes seed into the ground. This is used for no-till farming. Every time a farmer tills the ground, CO2 is released into the atmosphere. The no-till practice reduces the amount of CO2 that is released.

  38. LOL..I use to tell the kid’s they had better shape up or I would dress them up and take them to the used kid lot and sell em….I know, that’s evil, but no one’s perfect, even a witch…..Now for the nap…Blessings all

  39. Cats, that must be excellent erosion control. That tends not to be at the top of the list here, since our topsoil is so thick — 20+ feet is not unusual — although preventing erosion helps water quality, air quality, etc.

  40. Miniblue’s dad and I would joke about the “warrantee” on little girls. Whatever her age was, it was always the very next year.
    All in good fun. (nothing like the ‘death look’.)

    Yup, Irish Catholic upbringing, Shanye.

    Sucks to be me!


  41. The men talk about something called the “icky mama face.”

    I have no idea what they’re talking about. 🙂

  42. A real family are made of the friends you choose.

    People like I talk to at The Zoo.


  43. Ha!

    I remember Charley-Horses more than noogies.

    Not that I want one….


  44. You asked about charley-horses. I suspect Zooey and tb are on there way to your house just to show you.

  45. Sorry I disappeared, I was cruising around, looking for MizzJ’s place. 🙂

    A charley horse is when you rap someone’s muscle sharply, causing it to spasm. A truly mean thing to do. Heh.

  46. Back from the nap…Feel way better….Must clarify a couple of thing’s incase some one take’s me wrong..Love ya and admire ya MsJ but not a gay thing…So don’t be embarresed..Not that a gay thing is bad, spent as much time working for gay right’s as I have for all our right’s and have a couple of friend’s that are gay…My best friend that passed a couple of year’s ago was gay…Sure miss him…Just thought you should know you are appreciated for all you do and that you are not ordinary at all.

    Oh and the kid’s never took me serious, it was a game, good thing…I never let them out of my sight untill they were well into their teen’s…Took them every where…I litrely grew up with them..Love kid’s especiely one’s like RUceriou’s daughter, bright and beautiful…I ask people in the market’s all the time if they will trade their kid’s for my truck, motor home, puppy and tell them how cute their kid’s are..Lol…

    Don’t know what the deal was with the MC guy Lady Z…I rechecked my post’s and still don’t know what set him off..Don’t care…Found some of his comment’s extremely offensive and was going to blast him hard but figured he would just feed on it..Do think he has a sick mind….I posted once late today but not going to go there much….Am tired of all the constant Mcnut’s thread’s day after day…Keep remembering year’s ago an old shister polatician was interviewed and told the reporter the reason he got voted in all the time was people remembered his name not the bad he did…Sorry for the length all… Thank you all for being part of my family….Blessings

  47. I am a commando gal, with an occasional thong thrown in.

    A bit tough to give someone a wedgie with a thong.

  48. I didn’t take anyone’s comments as gay, not by any means.

    I just don’t take compliments well.

    So thanks so very much…I am enormously flattered, but ’nuff said. 🙂

  49. How come I always have to be cutting fish when everyone else is talking about thongs?

  50. A thong.?…..Way funny….This old woman spent her whole life keep the creeping short’s in place. Bakini yes, thong no…..LOL..Blessings.

  51. Witch, that’s what I always thought, too, until I tried one. Now, if I wear anything, which is rarely, it’s a thong.

  52. The floor manager is on vacation and since I took time off due to dad I figured I should help out when managment asked. They have this stupid idea that the stoner kids need to be constantly watched by an “adult”

  53. Yah!. Naked alway’s worked for me when I was younger, now not so much….Also lived in remote areas where there was no one around….Loved to sunbathe nude…No line’s…Now I would scare a dozen or more neighbor’s and get arrested for lude behavior…My neighbor’s have no sence of humor…..Blessings

  54. Upon picking up one of their mom’s thongs, one of my girls announced.. “These panties are way too small for you Mommy”. I thought it was hilarious

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