Clinton/Obama news roundup

Europeanview has given us the classy British and German newspaper roundup, so here’s my roundup-lite, American style. 🙂

Obama swept North Carolina with 56% of the vote, and Clinton squeaked out a win in Indiana by 1.8%, in Tuesday’s primaries in those states. Here’s a little roundup of related news stories:

According to CNN, Obama now has 1836 delegates, and Clinton has 1681– 2025 delegates are needed to win.

Apparently Hillary has loaned an additional $6.4 million to her campaign, now a total of $11.4 million of her own funds.

Gen Wesley Clark, a Hillary Clinton supporter, has apparently called her, urging her to bow out of the race.

George McGovern has also defected from the Clinton camp, and is calling for Hillary to drop out — he’s now endorsing Barack Obama.

A North Carolina superdelegate reports the Clinton campaign asked her “what it would take to get my vote.”

From Huffington Post How to Lose an Election 101, “You’ve heard the saying ‘the fish rots from the head.’ Well the head of the Democratic National Committee is Howard Dean.” Ouch.

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5 thoughts on “Clinton/Obama news roundup

  1. I posted a diary at kos entitled “Daddy, what is cheating”, if anybody’s interested in my take.

  2. You posted at DKos, but not here?

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    Link it baby, I’ll read it when I’m free of school. 🙂

  3. OK, I hadn’t posted at kos in ages (since September) and it was more of an opinion piece, but I’ll stick my neck out and post it here as well…

  4. Zooey,

    If you need someone for mouth-to-mouth resucitation, I volunteer!

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