Hello from Europe – The Obituaries are in

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Hello Everyone, the European commentators are busily writing obituaries on the Clinton campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if they drew back again after West Virginia, this race is crazy, but some of the press coverage is mental.

The Times brings you Daniel Finkelstein’s “endgame”

17.37: Not all superdelegates are making the leap. At least according to Washington Wire:

While four superdelegates jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon Wednesday, handfuls of others said they’re perfectly happy remaining neutral, at least through June 3, when the primary season ends.

17.18: Ben Smith reports on more embarrassment for Clinton as Obama hits the House:

New York Rep. Yvette Clarke, in theory a Clinton superdelegate, asked him to autograph the cover of today’s New York Daily News, with the headling “It’s His Party.” (more…)

The Independent

It was telling that her schedule included a meeting with key campaign donors in Washington, as well as a session with Democrat superdelegates in Congress. The second meeting appeared to be in jeopardy, however, with some superdelegates reluctant to appear with her.(more…)

The Telegraph

Mrs Clinton’s aides revealed that she had now loaned her own campaign $11.4 million (£5.7 million) – more than her earnings from her senate salary and book royalties last year. Howard Wolfson, her spokesman, said that it was a sign of her “commitment to the race”. Democratic strategists, however, said that her dire financial situation might prompt Mrs Clinton to end her presidential bid.(more…)

The Guardian

It is all over, bar the weeping, for Hillary Clinton. With six primaries left to go, she is running out of contests with which to challenge Barack Obama’s lead in pledged delegates and in the popular vote. After a landslide defeat in North Carolina and a narrow win in Indiana her campaign will carry on, but only, one senses, to pick a good moment in which to bow out. If she wanted to end on a high, the next two contests in West Virginia or Kentucky, which she will win, might be the places to do it.(more…)

Germany’s Der Spiegel presents you with their own round-up on their english page.

“Clinton’s last, most poisonous move could be to play the ‘race card.’ Obama was presented as a new kind of candidate, one with the potential to reconcile race and class differences. This image has developed some cracks now that the prejudices of his pastor and longtime supporter Jeremiah Wright have come into the spotlight. Wright’s anti-American and racist statements scared white voters and discredited Obama.”(more…)

I hope we will be able to concentrate on Obama vs McCain from now on. This race is over.


4 thoughts on “Hello from Europe – The Obituaries are in

  1. I know the race is over… you know the race is over… the world knows the race is over… but Hillary?

    One is reminded of chickens at slaughter. These birds are so stupid, even after their heads are chopped off, they continue to run in circles flapping their wings. It takes them awhile to figure out they’re dead.

  2. Obama was presented as a new kind of candidate, one with the potential to reconcile race and class differences.

    Well, can’t have that, now can we?

    Nope, them uppity n-i-double-gurs only count for 2/5 of a vote…it said so in that thar constitution thingy a while back. Why change that now!

    Damned elites!

    Sheesh!! Buh bye, Hils…and we thought we knew ye.

    (BTW, my n-i-double-gur is a take off on Tigger, don’t come huntin’ me down, ‘k?)

  3. Hi Joanne, I sent you a mail!

    I long for the moment when we can get our teeth into McCain. And liveblogging an Obama / McCain debate should be fun, too. Best thing would be we ignore the Clinton and move on.

  4. ev,

    Should we, over here in America, be writing to some of these English-language papers in Europe and pointing out to the people there (though I suspect they may be more aware of this than Americans) that it is the right-wing conservatives who keep bringing up Jeremiah Wright and why he matters so much, but refusing to bring up McCain and his Hagee/Parsley problem with the same zeal?

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