Teach your children

Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1977


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  1. I saw Crosby Stills Nash & Young at an all-day concert at the Oakland Colliseum (with many other bands – though they were the headliner) in 1974 (I think). It could have been 1975.. I can’t remember now. It was amazing. They were my favorite band at the time.

  2. Was that one of the “Day on the Green” concerts?

    My sister was at a couple of those. I didn’t go — couldn’t (and can’t) take the unrelenting sun.

  3. I saw CSN perform at the No Nukes Rally in Battery Park back in 1979,an event my current Congressman, John Hall, helped to organize. Small world.

    Anyway, they performed “Teach Your Children”, and it was great when they got to the chorus the second time (“Don’t you ever ask them why…”), and they “turned it over” the the crowd of 200,000, all of us singing the chorus together! It was great! One of the biggest thrills of my life to be part of something like that.

  4. Well, he has always been good about being against nuclear power because of the dangers in the disposal of its waste products (on account of they tend to kill people exposed to them for prolonged periods.)

    It’s his belief in the necessity of adhering to his constitutional oath of office that concerns me right now. I’m not sure I’m convinced his heart is in it.

  5. What’s his position on the illegal war which tends to kill people when exposed to it for prolonged periods?

  6. He told me he won;t vote for any bill that does not include a timetable for withdrawal which, if he stands firm to that, is at least a start. I want to convince him to not vote for any funding at all. Forget about what Bush might do, and tell him that whatever money he has right now, he better use it to clear out the troops.

    I need to convince him of this: If Bush refuses to withdraw the troops, then you impeach him and remove him. And if you are convinced that this is what he would do even if you denied him funding, then why are you not impeaching him and removing him from office before he can do it?

    If you already know that he won’t follow thelaw (based on his history of not following the law), then you have what you need to remove him now.

    I told Hall that I did not want to see Bush start a war with Iran, so get rid of him now.

    Sorry, but it is late, and I need to get some sleep. I have things to do tomorrow while the places I have to go are open. Have a good night, everyone.

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