Hello from Europe – Some newspaper clips for you! Hillary free (well almost).

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Hello All. The Days of Clinton are history, it seems. The race between Obama and McCain is on and European newspapers are happy to join the fray:

The Times tells Senator Obama what to expect:

“There’s plenty of stuff out there, I’m kinda like in a candy store,” said Floyd Brown, who has been responsible for some of the most negative Republican advertising in previous elections.

One proposed TV advert is said to show a series of Democratic politicians, except for Mr Obama, wearing a Stars and Stripes lapel pin, before a message fills screens asking: “What’s he got against the American flag?”(more…)

The Telegraph is on the lookout for a VP:

Al Gore, also tipped by some observers, is verging on the absurd. Why bother? Done it for eight years, won the Oscar, won the Nobel.

John Edwards is more realistic but there he brings the spectre of failure with him from 2004, and does not represent a swing state.

Bill Richardson too has Clinton-era baggage about him and doubts about whether his personal conduct would withstand the exposure of a White House campaign.(more…)

The Guardian tells about preparations for townhall debates for McCain vs Obama:

With the nomination nearly wrapped up, Axelrod said his camp was in discussions with McCain on the Republican’s proposal for a series of town hall debates. The proposal would potentially match Obama and McCain on several more occasions than the usual schedule of three televised debates for a presidential election.(more…)

The Independent says bye-bye to Hillary and reminds us of Edgar Allan Poe:

But there is a broader aspect to this high political drama, a sense that not merely a campaign but also a political lineage is approaching its end. In Edgar Allan Poe’s macabre masterpiece The Fall of the House of Usher, set in a decaying castle, Roderick Usher’s sister Madeline has been buried alive, consigned to the living dead. In the final moments of the tale she reappears to die, and the castle crumbles, vanishing for ever. As Clinton’s inevitable defeat at the hands of Barack Obama draws closer, we are witnessing its political, albeit less gothic, equivalent – the Fall of the House of Clinton.(more…)

Der Spiegel prints the op-ed by Susan Faludi of their partner newspaper “New York Times“:

Notable in the Indiana and North Carolina primary results (more…) and in many recent polls are signs of a change in the gender weather: white men are warming to Hillary Clinton — at least enough to vote for her. It’s no small shift. These men have historically been her fiercest antagonists. Their conversion may point less to a new kind of male voter than to a new kind of female vote-getter. (more…)

In the last case, I beg to differ. To me the case makes it look more like “racism is a stronger emotion than sexism” in the white Clinton voting male.

10 thoughts on “Hello from Europe – Some newspaper clips for you! Hillary free (well almost).

  1. Good Morning EV, Thank’s for another great post…Off to hug tree’s and plant basket’s before it start’s raining or getting hot as a steam bath here….Blessings to you and your’s

  2. Good post ev!
    Obama is certainly going to be casting for veep, but no public nuttin until after June 1.
    My three cents would have him picking any of ~
    Wesley Clark
    Bill Richarson
    Claire McCaskill
    Or maybe??? Chuck Hagel?

  3. What would even be better than just coming up with a vice presidential candidate is bringin his candidates for defense, state and AG to the fore, so he could run on a change ticket, represented by personalities. While old man McCain is stuck with old-style campaigning.

    The nominees would campaign their respective butts off for Obama. Noone will talk about Hill in three months from now (or so I hope).

  4. I’ve heard about this rumored series of debates, but I can’t believe McCain would actually follow through with it. It seems like bad scouting on the part of the Republicans: one not-so-good debate performance by Obama doesn’t mean he’s not a superb speaker, able to answer off-the-cuff questions. And the visuals alone seem heavily weighted against McCain, looking old, crusty and tedious against a young, vibrant, charismatic man.

    Of course, this could be the strategy: “Vote for me because I’m white. I mean, look at this guy? Would you let him date your daughter?”

  5. Phew muse, this is tough stuff. I hate to say it, but Hillary Clinton has her share of responsibility for all this. Unbelievable I held her in high esteem once.

    This is the lady who wrote “It takes a village”, she was all about healthcare, education and now she licks the boots of that crowd?? There is a great article on dailykos about this and about not giving up on the states, that are predominantly made up of people like the ones above.


  6. I would love to see Kucinich as the running mate. You know it would ensure that no republican nut job put out a hit on Obama, that’s for sure. 😉 I know, my dreams are foolish and naive. lol

  7. The other person I also thought of was Jim Webb. I like him very much and he is tough. His son is serving in Iraq and he is a war veteran himself. He has lots of experience and has a lot of respect in the Senate. I think he would be great and respected by both sides.

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