“You do realize they are making this up about Iran?”

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I previously posted the video, but here is the transcript from Countdown with Keith Olbermann from Monday night, May 12, 2008:

Number one, you do realize they are making this up about Iran-gate? Major General Kevin Burgener (ph) convened a news conference in Baghdad last Wednesday to list 20,000 items of ammunition, explosives and weapons captured or uncovered by U.S. and Iraqi governmental forces in the last weeks of fighting, 45 rocket propelled grenades, 570 assorted explosive devices, 1,800 mortars and artillery rounds.

The point? This was the big day, this was the day, according to the “L.A. Times,” that the American military was to show the media of the world the conclusive evidence that at least some of the weaponry used by Iraqi insurgents had been supplied by Iran. The U.S. military spokesman confirming to that newspaper that that‘s what the dog and pony show was to include. They were all ready to show off Iran‘s tangible responsibility for some of the haul of the machinery of death, to establish the link between American fatalities and Iran, trademarks or company logos or made in Tehran stickers or something.

When U.S. explosive experts took a second look at all this stuff, they then said, none of this is from Iran. Twenty thousand blowing up things, hard count of those supplied by Iran, zero. Percentage imported from Iran, no percent! Amount of tangible evidence linking Iran to anti-American uprising in Baghdad? None. You do realize they are making this up about Iran?

(Keith was doing his countdown of the top three of the administration‘s 50 running scandals, “Bushed”. This segment was number one.)

I really believe Bush and Cheney will do or say anything to get their war with Iran started before they leave…

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Paul Jamiol
, Jamiol’s World

4 thoughts on ““You do realize they are making this up about Iran?”

  1. One of the things that piss me off the most is the instantaneous price increase at the pump after *any* incling of an increase from OPEC.

    There are millions upon millions of oil stockpiled by these companies, bought at a much cheaper price. There is no reason for the automatic increase in price except to get more $$ from
    John Q Public.
    It’s obscene.

  2. Cheney and his corporate masters will bleed the American public for every dollar they can for the next 9 months.

  3. Perhaps OPEC is putting the pressure on Americans so that we get rid of the likes of the terrorists Bush and Cheney. This administration has done more damage to the stability of the middle east than all other administrations put together. I’ll bet OPEC is looking forward to January 21, 2009 just as much as the American public. Just 250 days.

  4. “”I really believe Bush and Cheney will do or say anything to get their war with Iran started before they leave…””

    they still ride free-rein on this country. people like to talk about holding their feet to the fire, but no one really has the willpower to do anything about them.

    in reality, they deserve the same end as Saddam.

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