Edwards to endorse Obama!

Raw Story:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 14 – Former Democratic U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama’s White House bid on Wednesday, a campaign spokeswoman said, giving a big boost to the Illinois senator in his effort to rally the party around his candidacy.

CNN will stream the endorsement live at this link.

Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee, dropped out of the Democratic race in January and was heavily courted by both Obama and rival Hillary Clinton in the past few months. He will make the endorsement at a Grand Rapids rally.

The endorsement comes the day after Clinton defeated Obama by more than 2-to-1 in West Virginia. The loss highlighted Obama’s work to win over the “Hillary Democrats” — white, working-class voters who also supported Edwards in large numbers before he exited the race.


9 thoughts on “Edwards to endorse Obama!

  1. Actually, this is not surprising. During the New Hampshire debates, Edwards and Obama appeared amicable towards each other. They leaned toward each other, away from Hillary who was leaning away from them. Only Richardson sat fully facing the front and even he said he felt like he was in the middle of some covert hostilities.

  2. They said on the news that Obama basically got about 30 new delegates in the last few days. It basically canceled out the 20 that Hillary got from W.V.

    Keith is doing a Special Comment tonight.

  3. I am watching MSNBC, and I just listened to Brian Williams talking to Hillary Clinton (in a clip).
    Do you suppose she actually hears what she is saying..? She said she felt a connection to the millions who voted and she wanted their voices heard and their votes to count. In the next breath, she starts talking about how the delegates aren’t obligated to go along with the voters, that they could still pick her instead. I lost count how many times she used the word “ME”..

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