Food for Thought on the General Election

H/T to Willyloman at American Everyman

Endgame: Bush & Cheney’s desperate measures PT. 1
By Mark Crispin Miller

Endgame: Bush & Cheney’s desperate measures PT. 2


6 thoughts on “Food for Thought on the General Election

  1. Forewarned is forearmed though. This guy has a good point. If we ever get through this primary maybe we can start discussing these issues.

  2. You know, I have his last two books on the elections that were stolen, but hadn’t gotten around to reading them yet. I just pulled them out and think I’ll start reading this afternoon.
    I agree we have to wake up and smell the coffee, and beforehand would be much better than waking up to find things are far worse than they’ve been up till now.
    The election fraud of the last two election cycles are some of the most UNDER-reported stories I can think of. That would be up there with 9/11 issues, Sibel Edmonds, and the retired generals/propagandists for the Pentagon…
    But, if its not reported, then it must not have happened..

  3. I posted this on his blog:

    I have been saying this for months. House Directive 51 was signed more than a year ago. Along with the various known and secret executive orders (some of which are just coming to light over torture, etc.) we are going to have a very tough go of it.

    I find myself asking…how do you plan for being physically removed from your home? How do you coordinate against a power this massive? What does the average person do without getting shot? There has to be some kind of coordinated effort to keep Americans from our own flavor of concentration camps.

    The government owns all forms of communication from the internet connections to the land and cellular lines. They own the post office. They own the satellites (which I still say blowing that satellite out of the sky some months ago was a trial to disturb satellite communications). Without communications, how do you do anything?

    I agree with this guy but everytime I bring it up, people look at me (and comment back on blogs) like I have lost my mind.

    I am glad to see others as bothered by all this as I.

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