Liz Trotta, ladies and gentlemen. 

UPDATELauren S has the entire segment at DKos.  It really doesn’t help…

H/T to Bilbo Hussein Baggins on ThinkProgress.


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  1. BTW, the polar bear says “hi” to everyone. Says he’s down to about 850 pounds. He’s starving!!

  2. WTF?

    I had to play that twice, because I couldn’t believe my ears the first time through. 8>/

  3. If any, and I mean ANY- democrat said that – there’d be outrage from the Republicans.

    And, on a sad note to this Memorial Day, Miracle Marine

  4. Oh, TB…so sad. I am crying like a baby.

    He is but one who was hurt like this. Men and women (I read of a man in People magazine and several women in one of the galz mags…I don’t remember which). All burn victims resulting from this war. All having superior outlooks on life. All sad stories.

    Tomorrow is a day of remembering and of thanks for their service. What a shameful waste this administration has committed upon all the fine men and women who serve to PROTECT this country…and this was has nothing to do with protection unless you are a rich, greedy fuck like Big Dick or King Georgie. Oh, if I could only give each of them the biggest, most heartfelt Fuck You tomorrow.

  5. Thanks, trueblue. I’d heard of this Marine, but I didn’t know he’d died. That’s really heartbreaking.

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  7. Great. Just F-ing great.

    Now the talking heads are conflating the Osama/Obama bit again, and continuing the call for assassinating a candidate for President.

    The Secret Service should be all over Fox (sic) news. After all, these idiots are putting their agents at risk, too.

  8. How do I get to the place where I can submit a brief bio about my illustrious life as one of the “have not”? :)~

  9. Hello, Jack. That was my grandfather’s name. 🙂

    You can put your bio of the have nots anywhere you like.

    This is the weekend, so there’s not as much posting as usual.

  10. Where in Ohio are you visiting? I live in Central Florida/Cincinnati OH. Will be moving to be with my wife full-time in Cincinnati this summer.

  11. I’m not yet sure how this site is set up. But I figure it will be fun here cuz I enjoy your sense of humor.

  12. Heh. You’ll have to upload an avatar on your WordPress user page. It’s an automatic thing we have so we don’t have to look at a blank box. 🙂

  13. Florida & Ohio — are those your only choices? 😀

    We were heading to Cleveland, but will not be getting there. As soon as my mom gets out of the hospital, we are under doctors orders to get her home ASAP — preferably over as few mountain passes as possible. Yeah, right….

  14. Jack, somewhere you’ll find your user profile. That’s where you put up a bio (if you want) and your avatar.

  15. Gotta have a sense of humor in today’s world, right? Otherwise, we’d spend our time screaming, and that’s totally annoying after 6 or 7 hours.

  16. Yea…when I scream people tend to run in the opposite direction. Is the profile at word press or on this site? I am so confused :)~

  17. I am not talented enough to laugh and cry simultaneously, so I laugh to mostly to not cry 😉

  18. Your user profile is on WordPress. It should be somewhere around your sign in spot. Sorry I’m not much help, but it looks different to Critters than it does to the non-Critters.

  19. I found it and uploaded something. I may hafta log off and log back on for it to take. Thanks for bearing with me and my questions.

  20. It’s fine, Jack. Sometimes it takes a few hours for the avatar to show up. We’ll probably see it next time you log on.

  21. Are you old enough to remember Laugh-In? Sad about Dick Martin. During its run, that show was one that was eagerly looked forward to at my house.

  22. wow…the time stamps of posts sure aren’t EDT :)~
    it’s time for a stint on the couch…thanks for the help 🙂

  23. We’re doing Pacific time for a while.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jack. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Zoo again. And your avatar. 🙂

  24. Z,

    the video has interviews w/West Virginians asking why they voted for Hillery. One said because of race. Another because of “Hussein.”

    Yup. some people are that stupid.

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