Across the Pond – Hello from Europe

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It is far from easy nowadays to stay true to the vow I made to myself, not to cover Hillary Clinton’s campaign anymore. She is so desperately seeking the limelight that her actions amount to the political equivalent of Britney Spears sans underwear.

Nevermind, there are news outside the Democratic primaries that move European readers.

Britain suffers a string of teenager violence which so far cost 14 lives in London alone this year. The most prominent victim, Rob Knox, an aspiring teenage actor, was stabbed to death in a brawl, according to some while trying to protect his younger brother. The latest victim 17 year old Amar Aslan was found beaten to death in a park in Yorkshire. The bank holiday weekend cost three lives and three people are in critical condition. Of the six, five victims are teenagers. The youngsters held by police in the Aslan case are shockingly young and shockingly callous. They allegedly filmed the attack and shared the video.

More violence, this time military. The Dublin talks on the ban of cluster bombs will most probably result in a treaty to be signed by the United Kingdom. This causes upset among US politicians and NATO officials and attempts to subvert the agreement. The Dublin plans include clauses very similar to the landmines ban and makes US-allied soldiers possible targets for criminal prosecution, if they continue to fight along US military who still uses cluster bombs. The British as others, too, are trying to water down the treaty, to allow storage of cluster bombs in the UK and abolish the “assistance clause”. As they are bragging to be a leader in the cluster bomb ban movement, they may have to bite the bullet and accept the full ban, however. Good thing.

(To come back to where I started from: We all know who has voted against a cluster bomb ban in the US Senate and we know who was President in 1997, when the US walked out on the negotiations for a ban on landmines, when it became clear the bloody treaty would be effective after all. Just sayin’.)

High fuel prices fuel protests in Europe: In London and Cardiff hundreds of lorry drivers protested against the rise in petrol prices. The protests fell victim to its own raison d’être in a way and decided to decentralise the effort: “In Wales, hauliers – who had planned to join the London protest but decided the fuel costs would be excessive – drove around 100 lorries to Cardiff to lobby the Welsh assembly.”

In France there were protests by fishermen. The French clashed with police last week and now continued their protests by blocking the Dover straits. They managed to severely slow down traffic in that heavily used waterway and while they were at it blocked access to a Total oil refinery. The lads are not alone. Portugese and Belgian fishermen are protesting, too.

Have a good day all of you. Stay safe and healthy!


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  1. Thanks for the European update. News from other sources are valuable because the US media is driven by whatever the boy Bush and his Chimpletons want the public to know… which is nothing but bullsh*t.

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