Invasion of the Body Snatcher…


From the WSJ:

Ari Fleischer: “Something changed, something happened to Scott the last six months…to put him on a different path.”

Current press secretary Dana Perino said Mr. Bush “is puzzled, and he doesn’t recognize this as the Scott McClellan that he hired and confided in and worked with for so many years; and disappointed that if he had these concerns and these thoughts, he never came to him or anyone else on the staff that we know of.”

Maybe the pod people got to him… How puzzling…

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45 thoughts on “Invasion of the Body Snatcher…

  1. I guess I always thought McClellan quit on his own. But, then again, isn’t how they try and make it look like for all the people they boot out?

    From FOX Noise (oy.. sorry..):

    HEMMER: From what you know when he left that position, was he in good standings with his relationship with the president?

    FLEISCHER: Absolutely. In fact, one of the things the president said to Scott that we talked about yesterday was how the president said he’s looking forward to sitting down on the front porch swinging in Crawford with Scott. I asked him about that yesterday and Scott didn’t sound like he thought he’s ever going to sit on that swing.

    HEMMER: So, no bad blood, huh? At least from the time you understood it.

    FLEISCHER: No. I think Scott was magnanimous when he was asked to leave at a time that was earlier than Scott had intended to leave. And Scott was magnanimous about it, I think. But since then, Scott has a lot of second thoughts.

  2. Interesting.. Keith Olbermann is interviewing McClellan as I type, and McClellan is talking about how he decided to leave, and how he had made that decision earlier than he had intended…

  3. I watched the entire interview. It was good.. Keith asked some direct, tough questions. Scott didn’t flinch and tried to answer every question.

  4. “In a telephone interview, Mr. McClellan’s mother, Mrs. Strayhorn, said the book was Mr. McClellan’s work, and “wasn’t for any big up-front money.” She suggested that writing it helped him get back in touch with his family’s values of making a difference, regardless of personal cost. “I think he got back to his roots in the process of writing that book,” Mrs. Strayhorn said. “He got back to Scott.””

  5. Wow. Did you just see that obnoxious guy on Dan Abrams show? Jonathan Alter was trying to say that the publishing house Snotty dealt with doesn’t give huge advances, and he just shouted him down, and said he didn’t know anything for a fact, etc.

  6. Wow, I am watching Abrams. Altercation!! Jonathan Alterman came back at the conservative whack when he accused McClellan of selling out for big money. Alterman pointed out that the publishing house that Scott had his book published through doesn’t give signing bonuses over $100,000. Ever. F_I_G_H_T!!

    Man, the WH guys are RABID over going after McClellan. John Dean was a guest on Olbermann, and Dean pointed out the Scott will now learn how he has probably lost his friends. He will learn who his REAL friends are..

    What a night..

  7. I saw him on Keith and believe he was sincere. His eyes did not dilate during the entire interview.
    If you watch a Bush speech, pay attention to his eyes. The irises expand with every phrase, It is a sign of deceit.

  8. Walt, I’m glad you said that. I too am upset he waited this long to say anything, but really, I am just glad he is doing it now. The flip side is no one ever lifts that veil… Keith was really gracious to him.

    This guy is going to pay big time, and everyone in the country will get to watch…

  9. I usually read people pretty well.. Always have been able to. I do think this guy is trying to be open and honest. He really seems sincere.

  10. I thought it was a great interview, and I may watch the whole thing again later (40 minutes from now). But for now, Jane and I are going to catch up on a Stargate Adventure. (Yeah, we’re nuts for that show, but it’s so cool!)

    If I don’t see you before bedtime, please have a good night. Oh, and if anyone suggested to 5th Estate to visit my blog, thank you. He did and left some nice comments. You need not correct any delusions I may be having about this. πŸ˜†

  11. Z,
    I was a member of a military interogation team. We did not use torture, just gentle questioning. 90% of the time we got the answers that we were seeking. One of the indicators was the size of the iris. Another was flushing in the cheeks. If those failed, the tips of the ears, flushing nailed them.

  12. Z,
    Humor aside, how is your Mom’s PT going? Get her one of those room bikes. Not the ones with the stress exercises.

  13. She just started today, Walt. Naturally, she’s exhausted.

    I like this place. They have the “inmates” get dressed, have PT three hours a day, and they sit up together for meals. No more “patient” stuff.

    I think it’s an excellent way to transition the thinking, as well as the body.

    They say it might take 12 days, but she wants to work hard and make it shorter than that.

  14. A room bike is a standard bike with the rear wheels suspendended in midair with a brace. It is designed to provide exercise equivalent to walking in an enclosed (read AC) environment. Minus a foot, she would need a block and cushion to use it unless she has a prosthesis.

  15. Z,
    Prednisone helps and it hurts. I get injections about once a year in my left elbow to restore feeling in my little finger and the one next to it. Got a single injection 24 years ago into the cartilage above my ass bone and instant cure.

  16. Z,
    It works two ways – sometimes it cures the problem, others it only extends the term. Modern Medicine?

  17. Without the prednisone, she would have been gone 13 years ago. It’s keeping her alive, but it’s destroying her body. If she stopped taking it, she’d be gone in a matter of days.

    Very frustrating and maddening.

  18. Z,
    You are in a quandary and so am I. My cousin is off til Tuesday. Yesterday, she indicated that prednisone was the brew of last hope. I can only hope that she is incorrect.

  19. If she can avoid it, she certainly should. There are other medications that may be as helpful without the side effects. The body can become dependent on prednisone.

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