RIP Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman died today, at the age of 81 years.  I first saw Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnett Show in the 70s, and then later in Blazing Saddles (Hedley Lamarr).  He was a comedic genius on his own, and when he teamed up with Tim Conway, all bets were off.  They’d have me laughing until my stomach hurt, and there were tears streaming down my face. 

I’m gonna miss ya, Harvey.

2 thoughts on “RIP Harvey Korman

  1. Hedley Lamarr was one of the funniest roles ever.
    I loved his caressing the statue of the Scales lady, and the infamous punchline, when considering killing the firstborn of every RockRidge family….Nah, too Jewish.

    RIP Harvey.

  2. Now gone from the Blazing Saddles pantheon:

    Cleavon Little
    Slim Pickens
    Harvey Korman
    Madeline Kahn
    Liam Dunn (Rev Johnson)
    Jack Starrett (Gabby Johnson)
    Count Basie (with his band in the desert)
    Ann Bancroft (extra in the church scene)

    Sigh. Farewell Mr. Korman. Thanks for playing Tim Conway’s straight man.

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