6 thoughts on “Another favorite…

  1. I love all their music. I tried to find “Goodbye Earl”, but the embedding is disabled..

    And “Not Ready To Make Nice”

    This is one of my very favorites..

  2. WOW!!!

    What a storm! I love a big thunderstorm!

    I feel like kind of an idiot, though. I’m standing by the window, watching the show, ando n the teevee they’re talking about the tornado warnings.


  3. Take care Zooey, it’s not like the West where you want to see what’s going on… in the flatlands you try to get even flatter when there’s weather coming….

    (I just figured out my first Friday Night Music post, I’m so happy!)

  4. In the flatlands you’re always the highest point in lightning. 🙂

    Warning is more serious than watch Zooey so you probably shouldn’t go play outside.

  5. I realize that blogging in the basement has distasteful connotations, however we won’t think the less of you if you play it safe…..

  6. Hi, all! That was a hell of a storm! Tornado and golf ball-sized hail! We didn’t have the hail where I am, but there’s a picture in the paper.

    No internets at the motel right now. I’m posting from the hospital. 🙂

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