For Zooey..

Dixie Chicks – Long Time Gone (just sayin’..)  😀

Cowboy, Take Me Away

I am a HUGE Dixie Chicks fan. I got tickets to see them last year for myself and the boys. Sean got a really bad headache right when they were warming up, and we spent the entire concert out in the lobby with him sitting at with his head on the table, crying and wanting to go home… 😦

My other son got to stay inside and see it. He said it was a fantastic concert…

The two others I am throwing in, you have to watch them at YouTube:

Brad Paisley – Alcohol

Its 5 O’Clock Somewhere..

I’m not crazy about Country Music, but Sean has it running all weekend long (CMT) on the TV, so we have learned to live with it (and memorized most of the songs…)

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