What IS Your Job, Mr. Gregory?

This has to be one of the most infuriating segments seen on a news program that isn’t Fox.

And if you and your colleagues had broadcast to the American people — in prime time and with as much ferocity as others possessed when reporting about Monica or shark attacks — that the administration’s case was false, most of the American people might have ultimately believed you. So don’t thrust the burden of your failure onto the people with, “If there wasn’t a debate in this country, the American people should think about ‘why not.’…where was public opinion?” Sadly, too many Americans were hysterically-blinded by patriotism and the fog of September 11th at that time. Yes. But it’s the press/media’s responsibility to cut through the hysteria and to present the objective reality — so we don’t eventually have to confront the failure and the guilt. As we all are right now.

Even in 2004 when the President was up for re-election, very few of the so-called “liberal” cable news hosts made the argument that four more years of George Bush meant four more years of war. But, oh well. Senator Kerry was an elitist who asked for Swiss on his cheesesteak, so… No White House for him! Concurrently, no-one seemed to care that the Pentagon was feeding military propagandists to the cable news networks in order to positively spin the war. What about that, Mr. Gregory? Can these trespasses be blamed on the people — the opinion polls?

Much more by Bob Cesca at The Huntington Post.

22 thoughts on “What IS Your Job, Mr. Gregory?

  1. “Can these trespasses be blamed on the people — the opinion polls?”

    the “people” have been clamoring for impeachment for the past several years……no one listens. the people in the whitehouse are criminals….the press has given them a free ride.

  2. Good post Shayne..

    Can I make a request for crazieness in the music dept. tonight.? Would someone please put up Ray Stevens “The streak”….We need more funnie’s, how about it?….Blessings all

  3. Thank’s a bunch pack leader….Have a good day..I’m off to get bait for the resort and then work in the yard….Blessings

  4. I saw this the other day. This is what I was talking about when I said Gregory was defensive.

    Ok, so Scotty makes the same argument a lot of people on the left have made. So? Apparently, that means he’s wrong, or the argument is suspect?

    BTW, thanks for outing yourself as a rightwing shill, Dave.

    That’s right, Dave. Blame the people for being uninformed — after you failed to do your job — which is INFORMING them. Most people watch YOUR kind of news, dipshit.

    Oh yeah, he pulls a “Clinton did it too” defense.

    You didn’t do your job by not challenging the “party line,” Dave. That IS your role.


  5. At the very beginning, Gregory started out asking the right questions and then he folded. He became a “fainting goat”

    and fell over and stopped doing his job. His career took precedence over good journalism.

    And yeah, it is his job to question the president. What a loser.

  6. Fainting Goat Gregory. The name fits like a glove.

    My memory (such as it is) is that Gregory had that ugly confrontation with the president in the Rose Garden, then he got a chance to do a sit-down interview with Bush that seemed way too soft to me. Ever since then, he’s practically become an apologist for the administration’s treatment of reporters and, worse still, their treatment of journalism in general.

    Journalism is NOT about presenting a “fair and balanced” story, no matter what the right wing says. Journalism is about finding out, and reporting, the objective truth. The problem with the “fair and balanced” approach to news delivery is that when there is a conflict, very often one side is completely in the wrong about what they’re doing or saying, and the other side is completely in the right. There is no need, in those cases, to give both sides equal time. (One example I heard was, “Suppose you were doing a story – ‘Hitler: Right or Wrong’, do you need to give both sides equal time?) If it is a fact that the Bush administration said something that is untrue, it is the job of journalists to report that the administration lied again, not simply report what they said and pretend there’s no way to know the truth. Many of us on the left could plainly see the contradictions in the pre-Iraq-War run-up, but peo0ple like Gregory kept reporting their side of it as if it had any validity.

    I also wish Gregory could remember how we (again, mostly on the left) were vilified and had our patriotism questioned simply because we thought the president was lying about the need to go to war in Iraq. I can understand if the media didn’t want to upset businesses (and potential advertisers) by publicly contradicting the president, but their obligation as journalists was to the truth, not the almighty dollar (which, if you haven’t noticed, is not feeling all too mighty these days.) Networks need to stop looking at their news divisions as something to make money off and, instead, view it as the obligation to the public they must fulfill to get and keep their licenses. Not everything should be treated as a “commodity”, to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. News, the search for the truth, should be sacred to them. If it isn’t, then they are in the wrong business. And that includes David Gregory.

  7. Absolutely shameful.
    Blaming the American people for the media’s total acceptance of whatever Herr Bush says.

    Then again, are reporters really independent anymore? How many stories do you think have been squashed by the “powers that be?”

  8. It’s funny, witch 1 and I have a similar vibe for tonight’s videos – a little crazy and funny.

    Great minds, witch!

  9. The White House has had a copy of Scotty’s book for a month. 😆 Talk about selective outrage!

    How much you want to bet they felt so good about Scotty staying loyal, that the book has been propping up a table leg all that time.

  10. How much you want to bet they felt so good about Scotty staying loyal, that the book has been propping up a table leg all that time.

    Or maybe they used the Constitution as a bookmark in it. Oh, and I’m sure they drew a fake mustache on Scottie’s picture. The only question is, is it a Hitler-type mustache or a Snidely Whiplash-type mustache?

  11. Wayne A. Schneider said:

    “The problem with the “fair and balanced” approach to news delivery is that when there is a conflict, very often one side is completely in the wrong about what they’re doing or saying, and the other side is completely in the right.”

    The real problem with “fair and balanced” is that what that means is “opinions,” not two sides seeking the facts.
    Journalism is the pursuit and exposure of facts, in my view. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one but nobody wants to hear about them. And that is why Faux slogan is so revealing of the station and those that populate it.

  12. Happy crap Saturday, all….Just read through all your great post’s, about to hit the yard and any fishermen lurking around..

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