10 thoughts on “Zooey’s totally whacked out music

  1. Aaaah, this is my music. Goldie Lookin’ Chain are something else. They just take the piss relentlessly.

    I’m never sure if the concept of taking the piss has ever made it properly over the pond. If you like this stuff just let me know – I’m trying to find a relevant celebration for Z so I can send her some GLC music!

  2. Well I need to ask. Every quality British TV show is bought up by a company in the states and the re-done, missing the point of the original. See “The Office” for example.

    How did Ali G go down in the states? Same bloke who did Borak. Ali G got a UK eduction minister to say that getting caned in school did him good. Of course, “getting caned” means getting stoned in the modern parlance


  3. The bloke Ali G was interviewing was one of the most respected politicians in this country for 50 years. It was tops. Highlight of my last year at uni. Me and the Baron nearly voided our bladders laughing at that.

  4. Zooey,

    The video doesn’t finish it’s download, so although I’m a high speed girl (no comments, please) I’m still not able to watch it.

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